From “Highway to Hell” to “Immortality Road”


      Hello, and welcome to my blog.  My name is Kenneth Wayne Hancock.  My friends call me Wayne or “Wayneman.”  I am living proof that God still works miracles because 40 years ago I was a self-destructive druggie rocking on down the highway to hell, long before AC-DC coined the phrase.  And my wife and child were choking to death in my dust and smoke.  But that selfish young man no longer lives.  That guy with that old sinful heart was crucified and put to death on the cross with Christ, and now a new man walks the earth in that earthly body. 


     Yes, He put my feet on a right path that’s heading to that Immortal City.  So that’s why I’m calling my blog “Immortality Road” because as children of the King, His chief promise to us is immortality.  The desire to “live on” is in our human genes.  Philosophers, prophets, and kings have “desired to look into” these “exceeding great and precious promises” that lead us on down this road to immortality.


     For those of us who are called to walk with Christ, we seek a path not trodden by many.  He has given us an “earnest,” a downpayment of His Spirit, and He commands us to walk in His Spirit.  And now we find ourselves on a pilgrimage, following the Great Invisible Shepherd by faith. 



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