The Heavenly Vision of Sonship–Not of This Earth

     The origin of the sons and daughters of God transcends any place here on earth.  These soon to be revealed princes and princesses of God are actually strangers to earth.  Earth is not their home.  They are sojourners and pilgrims during their earthbound travels.  Their roots go back to the beginning, locked deep down in their Father’s heart.  They are not earthlings.  They are not of this earth.

     For God’s true offspring, life on earth is not really about earthly things.  Invisible spiritual, heavenly things are driving what is happening for God’s offspring while here on earth.

     But most of God’s sons and daughters do not know their destiny as of now.   Their main problem is that they do not know how to walk in the heavenly calling that they are called to.

     Their problem is that they are thinking from a fleshly, earthly point of view.  We all are first natural and then later some become spiritual creatures.  In our first unregenerated state, we see everything from an earthly point of view.  Everything is seen and judged from what is perceived from the five carnal senses.  If it cannot be seen with the eyes or heard with the ears, or touched with the fingertips, or tasted with the tongue, or smelled with the nose, then it must not exist!  That is how a human with old nature thinks.  But a man much wiser than you or I once wrote: Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered the heart of man, the things that God hath prepared for those who love Him.  So then, what is happening on earth from God’s perspective is not just about things on earth.  This earth is about heavenly, spiritual, and invisible things.

     We, then, are created for a higher heavenly purpose.  We humans are created to house God Himself!  To live for any other worldly purpose just does not satisfy us.  “All is vanity and vexation of spirit,” so said the prophet in Ecclesiastes.  Why is everything vain and unprofitable?  Because earthly things cannot fulfill a being designed for a spiritual destiny.  

     The human being, a spiritual being, created by God to house Him fully, in vain tries to live a fulfilling life by the acquisition of earthly things.  But earthly things cannot suffice a human being, a being created in the image of God and for God’s glory.  Yet humans slug on in the slop of misguided desires and lusts.  But these passions are for things that will not satisfy nor endure.

     But God’s offspring will see through this.  They will answer the “heavenly calling.” They will come to realize that they are not of this earth.    Kenneth Wayne Hancock     {This excerpt taken from my book The Unveiling of the Sons of God.  You may read the entire chapter at}  If this post has been helpful, leave a comment and/or pass it on to someone}


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