Is Christ Divided?

     There’s something like 2600 flavors of Christendom at last count.  This fact points us to a biblical question: “Is Christ divided?” I heard last week, “Well, the black church says things on Sunday from the pulpit that the white church don’t say.”

     Is this what we’ve come to–an “us” and “them” mentality?  (Just insert your affliliation for “us” and another’s denomination for “them.”)  And it is not just a black and white thing; the problem is spiritual, and it is 2,000 years old.  For since the days of the early church, the apostles have been addressing the problem.

     For true followers of Christ, it is not “us” and “them.”  It is Him.  It is God, the one Spirit, dwelling in His one spiritual body of believers.  Anything else is division, and that is not of God, according to the apostles.

     Like a physical body has hands and feet and eyes among its many members, so also does the spiritual body of Christ.  “For by one Spirit are we all baptized into one body…and have been all made to drink into one Spirit” (I Cor. 12:13).  We have been immersed into His death when our old spirit (heart) has died and through His resurrection (and our belief in it), we have received a new spirit, a new heart, whereby He has given us of His Spirit (Romans 6:3-11). 

     Because of this stupendous transformation, we should now look at each other as members of His spiritual body, members one of another, members of Him, for His Spirit now flows through His followers.  We all should care for each other and respect each other as we look on each other after the Spirit, in accordance with the way our Father looks at us.  For it is He that has “set the members every one of them in the body, as it hath pleased Him” (I Cor. 12:18).  We are to honor each other “that there should be no schism (division) in the body of Christ (v. 25), “till Christ be formed in you.” 

     And in this spiritual body, some members will be used to teach and help others see what the Head sees.  Hey, if I’m a foot way down here, and you are an eye in Christ’s body, hey, man, could you tell me what you’re seeing up there?  Could you help a brother out?  And then the eye shares with the foot, and then the foot walks on helping the rest of the body get done what God wants done. 

     “Come on, people now, smile on your brother, everybody get together try to love one another right now.”  A good line that even The Youngbloods had back in the day.  And this sentiment needs to be embraced by Christ’s followers and applied.  But it won’t be by our might, will, or power, “but by My Spirit, saith the LORD.”

      Is Christ divided?  No.  Christ and those with His Spirit aren’t divided.


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  1. Sara

    Thank is you for this blog. You are right on.

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