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Nature Teaches God’s Plan of Reproducing Himself

     God’s will, desire, plan, and purpose from eternity is to reproduce Himself in a group of sons and daughters here on earth.  This is the great mystery that has been hidden for ages, but now is being revealed.  We can look around at His creation and perceive just what He is doing (Romans 1:20).

     What do we see?  We see Nature.  We see the grass grow, come to maturity, produce seed, and reproduce itself.  We see animals of all shapes and sizes, and we see them grow, come to maturity, and reproduce themselves.  And we see human beings do the same thing.  Humans are looking for their mate–looking for the one that they are supposed to be with and do what humans do–procreate.

     It is built into every living thing–this striving to reproduce itself.  And every living thing reproduces another that very closely resembles itself.  Oak trees and their acorns produce oak saplings.  Basset hounds give birth to litters of long-eared pups, and humans give birth to humans.  “Each seed bears its own kind” (Genesis 1:11,24).

     And this urge is strong.  It was strong enough to get me into my VW Beetle in 1969 and drive non-stop from California to Missouri with $25 in my pocket, so that I could be with Linda Kay, my mate. 

     The Creator made everything strive to reproduce itself, patterning Nature after His own purpose.  He has created the natural world to mirror His desire to have offspring as well.  He did it so that human beings, His crowning creation, could look out and see Him in the creation.  But humans get confused and become in awe of Nature instead of God who created the earth. 

     As He has made procreation a strong instinct in nature, so is His longing to multiply Himelf.  It is the business that He is about.  The heavens and the earth are merely the environment that He created to reproduce Himself in.  He is the Seed and He has sown Himself into a special garden here on earth.  And that garden is the hearts of certain human beings that He has chosen to place the Seed into that it may grow up unto Him.  “Each seed bears its own kind.”  And “the seed is the word of God” (Luke 8:11).    The parables will reveal more on these secrets and mysteries.  Kenneth Wayne Hancock    

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