“Overcome Evil With Good”–Forgiving One Another

     Been betrayed lately?  Lied to?  Cheated on?  Robbed?  Beaten up?  Victimized?  Abused mentally or physically?  

     Have you ever wondered, Why do good-hearted people suffer at the hands of evil ones?  It is the age old question explored in the Book of Job in the Bible.  Why do the righteous suffer?

     The short answer: God allows it.  For a very good reason.  He wants us to be like Him, but to be like Him, we must have something to forgive.  If this does not make much sense, we need to remember that “HIs ways are not our ways, His thoughts not our thoughts.”  We must look through His eyes to comprehend the answer to this one. 

     His eternal purpose is what He is about from the very beginning before time as we know it.  And it is this: He is in the process of reproducing Himself.  He is the Seed, the Word, and He is multiplying Himself in us. 

He Is the Forgiver

     We receive His Spirit within our hearts and begin to grow.  One of His major traits that He is keen on passing on to us is that He is the Forgiver.  “To forgive a wrong” is an attribute of God, for only He can do it; only He has a heart big enough for it. 

     We, in order to be His sons and daughters, should now forgive.  The English poet Alexander Pope wrote, “To err is human; to forgive is divine.” 

     But it is not in the old nature of man to forgive.  We hold on to things that people do to us.  We hold grudges and forge weapons of revenge, or harbor little agonies about wrongs committed aganist us.  

     And since forgiveness is not a natural human trait, we then are forced to go to God and ask Him for His Spirit-of-forgiveness to be channeled through us to the one who wronged us.

     This has a powerful impact on both the forgiver (us) and the forgiven (them).   We will have contacted God and witnessed His Spirit of forgiveness flowing through us, and the forgiven knows now that something greater than a victim stands there–in peace.

     This is how we are delivered from the evil done to us by others–when we forgive their sins toward us.  We have that power with God.  In fact, He wants us to forgive others, for it shows the world that we are His offspring.

     We are to “be partakers of the divine nature” (II Peter 1:4).  By forgiving, we show His godly nature in us.  This gives God glory.

     Forgiving will not put an end to “people hurting people.”  The old nature will sin against others. But we can transcend this lower, earthy, devilish cycle of hurt-for-hurt and an eye-for-an-eye.  With God’s help, this we can do to end the cycle of sin.  We forgive and thereby join the ranks of God’s princes and princesses who have now partaken of His divine nature–the nature of forgiving.



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6 responses to ““Overcome Evil With Good”–Forgiving One Another

  1. elijahsmantle

    good point as well as good post . As a Christian I thought at one time most all Christians held to the doing of what you have written boy!!was I wrong and shocked ,when I became the recipient of treachery !! I don’t think I would have took it so hard ,if it had of been perpetrated by a non-Christians . I spent several years trying to figure out why ? I finally decided that God is our only worthy judge . And he knows my hearts intent and he knows that not everyone claiming that they are Christian really are , and those are the ones who really hurt others as well they do allot of damage to others faith. I place my faith in Gods word ,not in some person who pretended to be a real christian pastor teacher …etc…your right on “To err is human; to forgive is divine.” I forgive those who trespass against me ,even when they rejected it ,and never did a single gesture of real christian ..” let me say ” ” bearing fruit” I ended the cycle of their hurt for hurt by understanding some Christians do in fact thrive off of hurting others . what can I say hurting people hurt people . I just wish they would stop hiding behind the name christian . That is how I feel about Christians who do commit to spiritual abuse . I daily commit to prayer and asking Jesus to be the great interpreter .

  2. wayneman5

    Thank you for the comment. I, too, was very hurt by “fellow Christians,” and I wandered for many years trying to understand it. God allows this so that we will have something to forgive, as He has had all of us humans to forgive throughout the centuries. Thanks again, Elijahsmantle. KWHancock

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