“The Lost Sheep of the House of Israel”–Entering the “Mind of Christ”

     We are told to “let this mind be in you”–the mind of Christ (Phil. 2:5).  We are to have His thoughts, to think the way He does, to meditate on subjects that fill His mind.  After all, He is the King, and if He is truly our Master, then we will strive to think His thoughts and to have His mind.

     So, then, how can we know His thoughts?  What is He thinking right now?  He is the “same yesterday, today, and forever,” so His thoughts 2,000 years ago are still in His mind today.  What are they? 

     The answer lies in the words He spoke.  Whatever thoughts were in His heart and mind, that is what came out of His mouth.  And one of those things was His concern for “the lost sheep of the House of Israel.”  

     A Canaanite woman, who was not of Israelite stock, came to Him and wanted Him to heal her daughter.  But He said nothing.  She cried for mercy.  And kept on so much so that His disciples said to Him, “Send her away for she keeps crying out after us.”  Instead of sending her away, Christ says something very curious.  “I was sent only to the lost sheep of the House of Israel.”  He was saying, First, I’ve got my people who need Me, and they don’t know who they are.  They are like sheep without a shepherd, and I need to help them.

     Then “the woman came and knelt before Him.  Lord, help me!”  

     And then He replied, “It is not right to take the children’s bread and toss it to their dogs.”  This bread is for the children, the children of Israel, He was saying.  These spiritual gifts are for them primarily.

      Then she said, “Yes, Lord, but even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their masters’ table.”  This touched Him, and so He praised her faith and healed her daughter (Mt. 15:22-28, NIV). 

      The point: Christ made it very clear who He was thinking about.  It was the lost sheep first.  That was His primary mission.  He was compassionate and honored the faith of the Gentile woman and blessed her.  But His main mission was to gather “the outcasts of Israel.” 

     To solve this mystery of who they are, we must keep an open mind.  Hopefully we now have a reason to study a bit of Biblical history in order to unravel the strands.  These “lost sheep of the House of Israel” are extremely important to Christ, and now to us.  “Finding” these “lost sheep” will uncover one of the secrets of the ages.  More later.    Kenneth Wayne Hancock


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4 responses to ““The Lost Sheep of the House of Israel”–Entering the “Mind of Christ”

  1. Bruno

    Hi, my name is Bruno. I’m a christian who believes I might be an israelite. Sounds crazy right? Even my fiancee’ thinks I’m nuts! Over the past 7 years the Lord’s been talking to me about many things. One of those things was Ephraim. I just couldn’t get it ou of my mind. So I started to search, first I bought a hebrew/greek Bible then, a concordance and some books on history of the israelites(12 tribes). Then I combed the Old Testament and finally found out about the 10 lost tribes and Ephraim(whether the singular tribe) or (house of Israel) (10 tribes). Have you noticed that the newer translation of the Bible( new century,message and others version almost completely removed the term “House of Israel” . Then I read matt 15 and matt 10. Wow! Even more amazing is when I related it to when God first spoke to me about my calling. Ezekiel 33. I have made you a watchman for the “House of Israel”(10 tribes, northern kingdom). So here I am! I also would like to comment that the Lord revealed these things to me Before I ever began to search online for others with the same beliefs. I always ask God first,,,,,,,then search the Word for myself. The Lord has blessed me to see the false teachers and false prophets in the church, sooooooooo I always study for myself.

    I’m glad to be the first to comment
    Feel free to email me(please doooo)
    Maybe we could talk some more.

  2. wayneman5

    Hey, Bruno. Fabulous comment. God “has not cast away His people whom He foreknew…” The lost tribes of Israel are definitely in the earth today. All the types and shadows of Genesis and Exodus are being acted out by real live people as players on the stage of this earth. And it is exciting to be a part of it. Like you, I just want the truth about everything…Yes, make no mistake about it, God is reeling you in to His mind and will, and, as you know, it has little to do with what the vast majority of denominational church-houses teach. I really do not know what scriptures they are reading. You said something important: “To search online for others with the same beliefs…” Very important. God has impressed me to publish this blog as a place where those who are like-minded may come and share with each other and the world their own experiences and reflections. So thank you for your comment. You are not crazy! I’ll be in touch, my brother. Wayneman

  3. Just a quick question…to determine if I should bother reading on. Bottom line, are you claiming in any way the ‘gospel’ is ‘only’ for certain people (i.e. ‘lost sheep’, etc) now today or not? This question is direct so please be as forthcoming and direct. Thanks…and may God bless!

    • Lynne, thanks for the question. Short answer: the “gospel of the kingdom of God” coming soon to this earth is for “whomsoever will may come.” He opened up salvation for all, including the Gentile “nations” of the earth, as Paul wrote extensively about. The key to this mystery lies in the explanation of the Parable of the Sower. The Seed, the Word, yields three distinct levels of fruit production there in Matthew 13–30 fold, 60 fold, and 100 fold production. This corresponds to “children, young men and fathers”–the spiritual growth that the apostle John wrote about in II John. I have written about this extensively on my blog and in my books. To find articles on this, type into the search box on my blog the words “parable” or “Matthew 13” or “parable of the sower.” This will give you a collection of many articles that expound these little known truths…Every human being (except those “natural brute beasts” and sociopaths mentioned in the book of Jude and II Peter–ie, the “blasphemors of the Holy Spirit”) can become a 30 fold child of God. Some will grow up into 60 fold young men, and then, there are those who will be very strong and do great exploits in the land–the 100 folders. These are the elect manifested sons of God, who will–well, read all about them and what they will do in these latter days in Rev. 7 and Rev. 14. Notice especially that these chosen ones come from the 12 tribes of Israel, which are lost. A few thousand of them will come out of these lost tribes and will grow up to do the “greater works” that Christ said they would do. Yes, greater than what He did! That is why Christ was so adamant about finding “the lost sheep of the House of Israel.” They are the ones who are prophesied to give God great glory in the latter days. But there will be many millions of 30 and 60 fold Christians trodding the earth as well. Hope this helps. Kenneth Wayne Hancock

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