The Lost Sheep of the House of Israel–A Short History

     Christ speaks a lot about “the lost sheep of the House of Israel.”  But who are they?  A short history will help unravel the mystery.  

     God chose him out a people to work through and manifest Himself in.  They were direct descendants of Adam, on through Noah, Shem, on through to Abraham, to whom He made exceeding wonderful promises.  God literally visited Abraham and told him that if he would believe Him and love Him and walk in HIs ways, that Abraham and his children would inherit the world (Rom. 4: 13). 

     God (Yahweh) also told Abraham, “Thou shalt be a father of many nations” (Gen. 17: 4).  In fact, God changed his name to Abraham, which means in Hebrew, “father of a great multitude.”  God makes a covenant with this man and tells him, “I will make nations of thee, and kings shall come out of thee…”  It is an “everlasting covenant, to be a God unto thee, and to thy seed after thee” (v. 5-7).

     Please note that he is the father of “many nations.”  This could not be the modern day Jewish nation of Israelis, for they are only one nation, have never been many nations, and have always been small in number–and that without a king.

      Picking up the story, Abraham and Sarah had the miracle “son of promise” Isaac, who had Jacob, whose name was changed to Israel.  Jacob/Israel had twelve sons, and they became twelve tribes.  We all know the story of them being enslaved in Egypt for 400 years and how they came out of bondage led by the prophet Moses into the “Promised Land”–the land promised to their forefather Abraham. 

     Eventually they became the Kingdom of Israel under the illustrious King David about 1000 B.C.  They had been warned  by God through Moses that they would be blessed beyond measure if they loved God and kept His commandments, and they would be punished if they forgot God and worshipped other gods.  “And the LORD (Yahweh) shall scatter you among all people” (Deut. 28: 64). 

     David’s son, King Solomon, sinned against God in worshipping other gods.  “Forasmuch as thou hast not kept my covenant {going all the way to his forefather Abraham}, I will surely rend the kingdom from thee, and will give it to thy servant” (I Kings 11: 11). 

     After Solomons death about 975 B.C., a civil war ensued and ten of the northernmost tribes broke away and set up the Kingdom of Israel with Samaria as its capital.  The remaining two tribes, Judah and Benjamin (with a few of Levi), became the Kingdom of Judah. 

     From then on these two distinct kingdoms are referred to as the Kingdom of Israel and the Kingdom of Judah.  They have two different king lines, but both are admonished by the true prophets of God. 

     They told both kingdoms that although their sins would eventually lead them into captivity, that God in the last days would regather all twelve tribes and restore them back to the land of promise.  God will have compassion and “will gather thee from all the nations” where you have been scattered (Deut. 30: 3; Jer. 30: 11). 

     In about 721 B.C. the Kingdom of Israel is taken captive by the Kingdom of Assyria.  Their identity is lost to most historians.  These are the “lost sheep of the House of Israel.”  The Kingdom of Judah was conquered by Babylonia around 600 B.C.  They were scattered but they maintained their identity.  The Jews, then, are not these lost Israelites; they were called Judahites and later Jews. 

     Christ, with Yahweh’s compassionate Spirit inside, was always doing His Father’s business in finding and regathering them.  But who are they, and what are these many nations that they became?  Many proofs point that they are the Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Scandanavian peoples of the world.  They are the only countries that can fulfill all the prophecies given over the ancient House of Israel (Gen. 49: 22-26).  {A library of information on this vital subject can be found here: }.

     One need only use the search engines to see thousands of websites devoted to proving all this.  We need to prove all things to ourselves as His future rulers in His kingdom.   Kenneth Wayne Hancock

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