Not Many Mighty, Not Many Noble Are Called

This world system, Babylon the Great, is sick and evil.  Let’s call a spade a spade.  The vision put forth in the Holy Bible lines out the fall and demise of Satan’s kingdom–our present, corrupt world system.  It then is replaced with the Kingdom of God, headed by the King Himself, Jesus (Yahshua in Hebrew).

Before the world system falls and before Christ comes back to set up His Kingdom and 1,000 year Reign, there will be great move of God.  He has always come down, literally to this earth and visited somone and called them out to deliver His people.

He did not use mega-church pastors that preach “get all that you can get from God” or “Be a better you!”  No.  He chose out, as the apostle Paul said, people who knew they were weak and God was strong–people who were in awe of Him and His righteousness and glory.  “Not many mighty are called, not many noble” (I Cor. 1- 26).  He gives grace to the humble.  He will reveal Himself to those that are in awe of Him.

“That which has been is now…The things that happened to the tribes of Israel are written for our admonition upon whom the ends of the world are come…”  We read the Old Testament stories to see how God will work in our day.  “Past is prologue…”  “God requires the past…”

Take Gideon in the book of Judges.  Here was a young man, the youngest son in his family.  Yahweh appeared unto him and spoke to him and told him that God would deliver His people who were enslaved by the Midianites.  He addressed Gideon, “Thou mighty man of valour.”  While almost all of Israel worshiped Baal in the groves, he remained faithful, and then Yahweh appeared to him.  And the “army” that God allowed for the deliverance were 300 of His own choosing, not the 32,000 initial volunteers.  It was a small group doing it God’s way, which is not how man imagines God to work.  To see it today, just turn on religious programs; they are full of preachers and how they imagine God will work in our day.

Take David as a young boy.  He was zealous for Yahweh when no one else believed that they could defeat the Philistines.  He alone of all the armies of God’s people believed that Yahweh would deliver them.  And did He ever.  Later God would commune with David and called him to be king over His people.

Serious followers in this Way should pray for a move from God and prepare ourselves by worshiping Him in Spirit and in truth.  Just being a sensitive spiritual type person is not enough.  We must have the truth.  We must know Him, “as the scriptures has said”–not the tainted knowledge of some mega-evangelist who imagines God wants a new you.  God wants the sinful heart to die on the cross with Christ bringing repentance from sin and become a totally  new creation in Christ, where it is no longer you that lives, but Christ that lives in you.    For more on these things check out my books found here:                 Kenneth Wayne Hancock


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