A Kingdom Divided Against Itself–Satan’s World Crumbling

Satan has a kingdom, and it is coming down, even as we write this.  More banks are failing while more governments are borrowing trillions from central banker thieves, thus putting the people more in bondage.

Satan has a globally connected kingdom–actually many national governments who are enslaving their people through corrupt economic practices.  For the very central bankers who were supposed to “prevent the people’s elected representatives” from making a mess of things, are now the very ones selling us all down the tubes.

But we sons and daughters of God must be “wise as serpents and harmless as doves.”  We must know the “wiles of the devil” as we are admonished by the holy apostles of Christ.

So let us realize and believe what the Holy One Himself said about this present world system.  The “wicked one” and destroyer of men is plotting now through certain rich men how to consolidate his power over all nations (see James 5: 1-6).

Satan has longed for the day when his “one world government” is realized.  It has been many centuries in the making.

Satan’s Kingdom Is the “One World Government” and the “New World Order”

Christ taught us that Satan has his own kingdom.  “If Satan also be divided against himself, how shall his kingdom stand?” (Luke 11: 18).   Earlier we see during the temptations of Christ, Satan saying, “All this power will I give you…for that is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will I give it.”  We see by this statement that the power of this present world system is Satanic and the power thereof is given to men from the wicked one.

Satan is the “god of this world.”  He is in control, for now, of all the power of the governments of men.

But Satan’s kingdom is a divided kingdom.  For instance, the West is at war with the Middle East; Christendom is at war with Islamic fundamentalism; capitalism is at war with communism/socialism; Hindu India vs. Muslim Pakistan; tribe against tribe; culture against culture, ad infinitum.

The United States is going into the One World Government.  Both Republican and Democratic Parties are taking us there through very similar policies.  Ever notice how neither decries the Federal Reserve System’s stranglehold on our economy.  Remember George Bush I’s  speech gloating about the “New World Order”?  What sheer audacity.  And what do the sheeple do?  Nothing.  Not a whimper, not a word.

The Difference in Our Two Parties

Here’s the difference in the two parties.  The conservatives want the USA to be the leading voice in the One World Government.  The Liberals want to weaken her, redistribute her wealth, and strip her of her power and make the USA just another third rate power, like a middle of the road European state.

And it is all heading that way–the way that biblical prophecy has proclaimed it to be.  The world will fall under the spell of a charismatic ruler, the Anti-Christ.  For seven years he will hold sway.  But the phony peace, held together by grey duct tape of lies, will fracture because of all the evil selfish egos, and Satan’s kingdom will disintegrate about the time of Christ’s return to set up His kingdom.

He’ll set it all aright here on earth, establishing a 1,000 year reign of peace.  And He will be using His sons and daughters as His administrators and ambassadors sent to the far-flung corners of the globe, spreading His love, hope, and righteousness.     Kenneth Wayne Hancock


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3 responses to “A Kingdom Divided Against Itself–Satan’s World Crumbling

  1. joysome

    America will never be the one voice, they have already been there and done that. The end time means in effect that the Fathers voice will reign and that his will will be done not mans. To achieve that he must first take back from the enemy that which he stole ie world, peoples, prophecy, healings etc etc and then restore them under his name. The father has honoured man and his ways and sent a (one will come) to restore life here on earth and show man why war is not of him but of mans, for one thing inability to communicate with his fellow man. Many would like a father to avenge their hurts and agonies and this he does not though with a sword for his word was a sword and his spirit a mantel so fine its vibrancy felled the enemy before it could bring man to his knees. America likes so much the sound of its own voice and its own prophets that they have failed to hear the still small voice of love and passion calling them gently to ‘ly down their weapons and take up his. This will be their downfall. Never let it be yours.

  2. joysome


  3. wayneman5

    Thank you, Joysome, for the comments. So true. We must look to “the Rock from whence we are hewn.” America’s government, as well as all world governments, are part of the enemy-of-God’s camp. They are all being controlled by a cartel of “dark, designing knaves”–rich knaves, to quote Washington. God will use a small group of people of His own choosing from all over the world, citizens with the saints. They, like Gideon’s army of 300 will be used by God to confound the wise, that man should not glory in the overthrow of this present world system. America has provided the freedom to worship as we desire, to seek God as we see fit, and to gather together, as we see the day approaching.

    I’ve traveled the world over and no country offers its citizens more opportunities to prosper while still paying less taxes than many of our European brothers.

    While “they” are tightening the noose, we here in the heartland of America are still pretty free–not as free as we were 100 years ago, but freer than most countries. Therein lies America’s greatness. Please do not confuse our federal corrupt gov. with Americans.

    As far as laying down our weapons. On a personal family level, the countries with the most tyranny have no right to bear arms in defense of their spouses and children. On a national level: I hope our government never gets rid of weapons in the defense of our nation. I did not agree with Bush’s decision to act on what was universally bad intelligence about wmd’s in Iraq (although everybody said he had them). Without a strong defense we would be attacked all the time here on our soil. This would not do. The only thing keeping the Israeli state from being annihilated is their nuclear arsenal. It would be the same for America. That’s the real world we face. It is harsh and some maniacs are trying to destroy our way of life. Can’t let that happen. Still need our freedom of worship, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    God bless those in the UK, our dear brothers and sisters, who live in the land of my ancestry. Wayneman

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