We Were with God in the Beginning*

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When we partake of His Spirit, we are drinking into what we had with Him in the beginning.

His Spirit in us transforms us day by day into what we were when we were with Him back then.  We are restored by faith, back to that relationship we had with Him before the worlds were ever formed.  Before the earth was ever made, before the seven day creation week, before the sabbath day was instituted–we, His children were there with him in spirit.

For what are we really without Him?  Our bodies without His presence within are so much earth and dust.  When we receive a portion of His Spirit, we receive into these earthly shells a spark of the divine One.

He who was from the beginning now takes up His abode in our earthly bodies, and the only “I” now is His Anointed One (Christ) in us.  For after our own cross experience with Him, it is no longer the old  selfish “I” that lives, “but it is Christ that lives in me.”

As we continue to walk this way, we can pray as Christ prayed, “Father, glorify me with the glory I had with You before the world ever began” (John 17:5).

We Must Go Back

But we must go back, back, back into time–before the temporal, before the temporary shackles of our earthen bodies, before the clamor of the flesh’s demands and desires, before the worlds were ever slung into their ethereal pinnings–when we sat around with our Father, rejoicing with Him about the beauty of His plan, “when the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy” (Job 38: 7).

We must go back there, before Satan was ever commissioned by the Father to be the “accuser of the brethren.”   Before Satan became the prince and power of the air, sent down to try us and force us ultimately back to our Father for deliverance.

For we have all strayed like sheep away from our Shepherd.  We have strayed from the spiritual pastures we had with Him before He created the pastures of earth.

When we return and let Him gather us and restore us back into His heavenly-minded fold, then we will know what it means to have “our conversation in heaven.”

Passing the Test

When we walk in this truth–that we were with Him in the beginning–then we have passed the test–the test to see if we will believe the lie that we are only animal and not children of God, or believe the truth that we are only temporarily in a mortal state before our change to immortality comes.

This is the crux of the matter.  When we are stripped of everything and reduced to our lowest state, do we believe that we are His spiritual children, with all the rights and responsibilities or do we believe the lie?

For this lie must be refuted by our walk on earth.  Others must see “our good works and glorify the Father.”  They will see that, yes, there is a God, for only God can shine the light of joy and love through a person like that.               Kenneth Wayne Hancock

*{“…and your old men shall dream dreams…”  Received in a dream, Feb. 8, 2009}


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