We Were with God in the Beginning–Part II

Why This is Hard to Believe

The children of God were with their spiritual Father in the beginning, so declares the holy scriptures {see Feb. 9, 2009 post).  This message is difficult to receive when a person, dwelling on the earth and its pulls, is full and fat, and is “doing great,” and is living high-on-the-hog.

He has need of nothing, he thinks.  But he does not know that as a selfish earthbound mortal, he is really blind to the heavenly way.  He is wretched in his blindness to spiritual matters, for he can never be happy being earthly-minded.  He is poor, for he lacks the Spirit that was in the beginning.  And he is naked, strutting blindly on the earth, willingly ignorant of the truth about what is really happening “on earth as it is in heaven” (Rev. 3: 17).

This is the state of mankind now in this prosperous 21st century.  And the only thing that will wake up God’s people to Him is that He allows the engineering of an economic fall–one that will strip the toys and gadgets from the lost sheep of the House of Israel.

In the Old Testament stories, it was always an economic collapse brought on by crooked politicians that finally pierced through the hard hearts.  When they became destitute, “then they cried unto the LORD (Yahweh).”

And He heard them and came down by making His Presence known to a prophet, who in turn, led His people away from the moral and spiritual abyss and led them back “to the beginning”–back to the pastures of the Father’s heart.

How to Get Back to the Beginning with Him

We will be restored back to what we had with Him in the beginning.  How?  We believe that we receive His Spirit–after we surrender our old self on the cross and let it die with Christ, who was the sin sacrifice (Romans 6: 1-6).  This is the first step.  Then through just believing God and His love granting us a new life, heart, and spirit, we begin to walk in this new life–His Life now incarnated in us.

We believe that His Spirit within us now cauterizes eventually all connections to our earthly past.  And then by faith (belief), we leave the bars and chains of earthly thinking with its negative demands, and we begin to walk in the Spirit, in the spiritual state that we already “had with Him before the world began.”

The Truth

For the truth is that we were with Him in the beginning.  The “We”  here is the portion of His Spirit that we are now, not our earthly body.

For after receiving Christ, anything we are is “new” to our current earthly reality, but “old” in that our new existence in Christ is one we shared with Him before time as we know it began.

A person instructed in the Kingdom of God will, consequently, “bring forth out of his treasure things new and old” (Matt. 13: 52).  The “old” is our spiritual relationship we had with Him before our earthly sojourn began.  The “things new” is living now through His Spirit within our hearts–right now here on earth.

This sin-free spiritual walk in Christ is “new” and rare, for few have been priveleged to glimpse this; few have been given the eyesalve to anoint the earthen eyes that they may see.    Kenneth Wayne Hancock



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7 responses to “We Were with God in the Beginning–Part II

  1. yuman

    I enjoyed reading a few of your posts until this one, & the first part of this.

    You sound like a mormon, that God was Adam & he had many wives & we all existed as spirit babie with God & Mother God in heaven before coming to earth to be born.

    Is this what you believe?


    • wayneman5

      Yuman–These things are difficult to wrap our minds around…But, No, I am not Mormon, for you will never hear a mormon talk about surrendering their old self to the cross and letting it die with Christ, the way I quoted the apostle Paul in Romans 6:6. You are the one that said, “that God was Adam and he had many wives and we all existed as spirit babie with God and Mother God in heaven before coming to the earth to be born.” You said this; I didn’t write that. Adam being God?? You said that; I have written that Adam was a created human being a la the Genesis account. Please do not superimpose these mormon doctrines on me. Thanks for commenting…Wayneman

  2. yuman

    I am new to your site, so I haven’t read all of your blogs.
    I am trying to figure out what you are trying to teach in these 2 blogs that I have read.
    You still didn’t answer exactly what you are trying to say.
    Do you believe that there is a “god” & “mother god” producing spiritual babies that come into flesh when we are born?
    You Know, just a tiny miniscule amount of leaven or false teaching will ruin or taint all of your or my, total beliefs.
    EVERYTHING is ruined by a little leaven.
    I am a seeker of truth through the teachings of Jesus Christ & His teachings alone.
    After 28 years I been shown by the Holy Spirit how corrupted and tainted by doctrines of demons how many of our “Christian Doctrines” are.
    I believe you are extremely sincere by other blogs I have read of yours, but these two really scare me.
    I have had extensive contact with a former Mormon missionary, a very sincere, devout & decent man, who would put 99% of Christians to shame in his study of the Bible & “Christian values.” But he is totally decieved in his sincerity & blinded by satan in his beliefs.
    What EXACTLY are you trying to say?
    That is my question.

    By the way, “those that are led by the Holy Spirit are Children of God!” So by that verse AFTER

  3. yuman

    Sorry I got cut off,

    So by that verse AFTER we accept Jesus Christ of Nazareth as our Lord & Savior & are filled with the Holy Spirit & then IF we are LED by the Holy Spirit THEN we become Children of God.

  4. wayneman5

    Yuman, thanks for the followup. Yes, after we receive the Spirit of God (Jesus Christ) as our Lord and Savior, we then “receive power to become the sons and daughters of God.” We humans in our first state are worms, weak vessels with old hearts that sin (breaking 10 commandments).

    We through Christ can put our old hearts on the cross and let it die with Him (the sin sacrifice), be buried with Him (the baptism symbol of a watery tomb; and by belief in the “operation of God that raised up Christ from the dead, we too now walk in a newness of life” (Colosians). “Old things are passed away, behold all things are become new.”

    Yuman, I had this experience many years ago and it transformed a pathetic cruel and selfish existence into a loving kind-hearted servant of others. I am my own greatest witness. I will let the fruit bear it out in my life. Love, joy and peace now resides here where strife and debate once couched.

    We were the “first man” Adam in a sinning selfish state. But now we are a new creature. The “second man is the Lord from heaven.” The “second man” now resides within me because of His Spirit abiding. I am growing from one degree of glory unto another. We are now fellow citizens with the saints in light and look forward to “the glory that shall be revealed in us.”

    Since the “manifestation of the sons of God” does not come from beneath nor from the earthly sphere, then this glorious future that the Word speaks of must come from above…you know, as Christ prayed in John 17: “I pray for them…and I am glorified in them (v. 9-10)…they are not of the world, even as I am not of the world (v. 14) {We then, He and “them that the Father has given Him” (v. 2), the sons of God, we then must be from above…Ie. the Spirit we are of is not from this world or of this earth; it is heavenly…Yuman, if we indeed are “in Him” then we are one of these Christ spoke of in this prayer of John 17–right?}

    Bottom line: “That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us…” (17: 21) And He gives us the glory that the Father gave Him–that we may be one, as He and the Father are one (v. 22).

    So, Yuman, I have written all this to come to this point that you asked about: Jesus Christ pre-existed in a glorified human-looking form; He is the proto-type for humans, for man was created in God’s image. If we do believe that Christ’s own prayers are answered where He said above, “That they may be one, even as we are one”–if we believe in the oneness of God and His sons, then we must believe that we spiritually pre-existed with Christ in the beginning.

    There must have been some discussion of this because after Peter’s miraculous deliverance from being chained in prison in Acts, the young sister at the door believed that the individual knocking on the door was “Peter’s angel.” For it could not have been Peter, she reasoned, for he was chained up and nobody gets out of chains of a Roman prison.

    Evidently the apostles and elders spoke of our “spiritual bodies”–you know the ones Paul the apostle spoke of in II Cor. 5: 1: “For we know that, if the earthly house (earthly body) of this tabernacle were dissolved (molding in the grave), we have a building of God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.” He expresses how he is yearning to be clothed with our new spiritual body, our immortal spiritual body…

    Don’t you know that there are “celestial bodies”? After so many years of study, why should you be scared of the knowledge that Paul and Peter and John had? There are also “terrestrial bodies.” We at present reside in an earthly terrestrial body, which cannot make it into the soon-coming kingdom of God. That is why we must be changed. “Mortality (our mortal body) shall be swallowed up of life” (I Cor. 15).

    Our earthly body is the “old wineskin” that can’t take the “new wine”–the immortality that He has promised us. It will take our “new wineskin” from on high to handle the new wine.

    No, Yuman, I did not recieve any of this teaching from the Mormons. I have never spoken to a Mormon, nor have I studied their doctrines. But the above I learned from the Spirit opening my eyes through study of the scriptures.

    I hope this helps. And yes, please read more articles and especially my two books, which you can read free here: Go to blogroll to your right column, and click on “My Books on line.” God bless. Wayneman

  5. yuman


    Thank you for an in depth answer to my question.

    I believe you to be truly sincere and a fellow Brother in Christ.

    But I fear you are treading on the very, very thin ice.

    If this teaching is making you more Christlike, as in , healing the sick, raising the dead, casting out demons, & preaching the Good News with God confirming His Word with signs, wonders & miracles following after you, & walking in the Fruit of the Spirit, THEN I will believe this if of God.

    I do not believe in coincidences, that this teaching is very, very similar to Mormon teaching, almost IDENTICAL in fact.

    I beg you to pray & fast & do not add anything to the Scriptures.

    I will continue to read your works for now & pray that God will give you wisdom & discernment.



  6. wayneman5

    Thank you, Yuman, for your thoughts and caring enough to comment. One thing we all should remember in our search–“Even the devils believe there is one God and tremble” and Satan was there with all the sons of God in the beginning as in Job 1. He is a fallen archangel and knew many of the secrets. Is it a big stretch to acknowledge that the devil just might pass on some knowledge on, to further cause confusion, of which he is the author (with God’s permission, of course)? After all, does not the devil “transform himself into an angel of light”? Most denominational movements were based on a “sliver of truth.” This is probably this case…But as you say, let the fruit bear it out. I can’t fight the love that comes down to me and now, down and through me. Thanks again for caring and commenting. Wayneman

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