Victory Over Sin and Sinning, Confirms Andrew Murray

I’ve written about the cross experience–how putting our old ego, our old self on the cross and letting it die with Christ, puts an end to our old nature and its sinful ways.  And then by His in-dwelling Spirit, through our belief in His resurrection, we “walk in a newness of life,” where the old life is “passed away” and His new life in us continues each day*.

Sometimes it helps to hear it from somebody else.  Here is a quote from Andrew Murray, a 19th century Scottish minister:

“The question often arises how it is, with so much church-going, Bible-reading, and prayer, that the Christian fails to live the life of complete victory over sin and lacks the love and joy of the Lord. One of the most important answers, undoubtedly, is that he does not know what it is to die to himself and to the world. Yet without this, God’s love and holiness cannot have their dwelling-place in his heart. He has repented of some sins, but knows not what it is to turn, not only from sin, but from his old nature and self-will.

“Yet this is what the Lord Jesus taught. He said to the disciples that if any man would come after Him, he must hate and lose his own life. He taught them to take up the cross. That meant they were to consider their life as sinful and under sentence of death. They must give up themselves, their own will and power, and any goodness of their own. When their Lord had died on the cross, they would learn what it was to die to themselves and the world, and to live their life in the fullness of God.

Our Lord used the Apostle Paul to put this still more clearly. Paul did not know Christ after the flesh, but through the Holy Spirit Christ was revealed in his heart, and he could testify: ‘I am crucified with Christ; I live no longer; Christ liveth in me.’ In more than one of his Epistles the truth is made clear that we are dead to sin, with Christ, and receive and experience the power of the new life through the continual working of God’s Spirit in us each day”         ( ).

Let it be established in the mouth of two or three witnesses.   KWH

*{For more see  or click the “Category” link  “Death of Self”  in the right hand column}.

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