Don’t Let “The Cares of This Life” Choke Out God’s Vision of Sonship

With so many things screaming at us today–unemployment, recession, depression, the stock market collapse, mortgage crisis, layoffs, bills, family problems–no wonder it is difficult to keep the center of our thoughts on God’s plan and purpose.

Most do not know His eternal purpose, but even if they did, that knowledge would be drowned out by the “cares of this life” (Matt. 13: 22-23).  And His vision for us on earth is choked out by fears.

But His eternal purpose remains steadfast.  We must keep reminding the sheep of His pasture of their calling as His heirs–His sons and daughters. For His eternal purpose is that He is “bringing many sons unto glory.”

For if we keep His thoughts in mind, we shall never fall to the evil conspiracy that runs amok on every level of earthly existence.

You Shall Know the Truth

But our adversary, the devil, does not want us to glimpse the truth, for he knows it will make us free of the fear that is flung into every heart on this earth.  Still Christ’s own promise is this: “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (John 8: 32).

What truth is He talking about?  He said, “I am the truth.”  So let’s examine Christ (the Truth) a moment so that we can know just what truth really is.  Yes, He is the Son of God, but He promised that we, too, would be His sons and daughters.  “But as many as received Him, to them gave He power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His name (John 1: 12).

Two points here that we must keep in mind in order to overcome the negative onslaughts that undermine us.  First, God will give power to those who receive Christ–power to become just like Him, a son and daughter of God.  Second, these will believe on His name.  Very important.  His original Hebrew name is Yahshua (like the patriarch’s English name “Joshua”).  And this name has a specific meaning–a meaning that we need to believe!

The Meaning of the Savior’s Hebrew Name

“Yahshua” means, “The Eternal Self-Existent One (YAH) is the Savior (SHUA).  The “Truth” is this:  Yahweh dwelt in and walked around in the man known as Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  And He, Yahweh, is the Savior (II Cor. 5: 19; Isa 43: 11).

They are one.  And that is exactly what Christ said.  “I and my Father (Yahweh) are one.”  The Father resided in the body of the Son.  Now we are the Son’s body, and by the Spirit’s presence, the Father now resides in us.

This is how “The Truth,” Christ, is being multiplied in a body of many people.  The apostle Paul said that we will be glorified, and that this whole earth is waiting for this very event–“the manifestation of the sons of God” (Romans 8: 18).

Heirs of God, Joint Heirs with Christ

The vision that we shall be His heirs in His kingdom, clothed with a new spiritual body like Christ’s–this is the great theme of Paul and the other apostles’ writings.  Some will become like Christ!  There–I said it.

So the question then becomes this:  Who of all the six billion on earth will answer this “holy calling” of sonship?  Who will “lay their hands to the plow and not look back?  Who will “sell all they have” in order to make their “calling and election sure”?  Who will tell Him, “It is I, Lord, send me”?  Who will “study to show themselves approved”?  Who will be feeding His lambs and sheep the true spiritual food when He comes back to earth to establish His government?  Who will “stand in the gap” and lay it on the line, unafraid of what man can do to them?  Who will be found worthy in the end to do the “greater works” that Christ spoke of?

The future sons and daughters of God are in the earth today.  The last question we need to answer is this: Am I going to be one of them?                 Kenneth Wayne Hancock



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3 responses to “Don’t Let “The Cares of This Life” Choke Out God’s Vision of Sonship

  1. Stacey Hansen

    Another awesome and INSPIRING article!! These articles are helping me remain centered and serene in what can be a scary world at times. We can all feel so lost and alone from time to time; it’s natural. It comes with the territory of being human. Staying focused on God’s purposes, and our part in it, His loving acceptance of us, can keep our serenity–and JOY–in tact! Thanks!

    Favorite line for me is this: “…But His eternal purpose remains steadfast. We must keep reminding the sheep of His pasture of their calling as His heirs–His sons and daughters. For His eternal purpose is that He is “bringing many sons unto glory.”

    For if we keep His thoughts in mind, we shall never fall to the evil conspiracy that runs amok on every level of earthly existence.”

  2. wayneman5

    Stacey, thank you for your very encouraging comment! It energizes me to keep writing, to keep His words about His purpose and plan flowing. Please make more comments. If you would like to email me my address is God bless. Wayneman

  3. William

    The Truth…
    I believe God is everything His Word says He is and the nature of His glorious creation declares He is. Just as I believe we are what His Word says we are…lost sinners, totally unable by anything we can do to save ourselves…and it is because of His Love; His Grace; His Mercy as well as His plan to save those who will turn to Him in faith and accept what He did to save us. Not what we do, but what He did…and it is those who trust in Him and what He did…in the person of His Son… to show us not only how merciful He is but how perfectly we would have had to live for us to live with Him in eternity… show us how utterly hopeless it is for us to try and do something He alone can and did do…and for those who are the recipients of this hope…will be those who place their hope in His Son…not only that He is who He says He is in His Word, but that He did all that was required of God for man to live with God…where we learn from His Word that we who receive His Son and believe in Him…for who He said He was and all He did to save us…God will no longer see us and our frailties and our faults and our failings…but His Son who we put on and who becomes then our “righteousness.”
    “Eye has not seen nor ear heard nor has entered into the heart of man the things God has prepared for them that love Him.”1 Cor. 2:9
    There is no one who will ever outsmart God…nor will there ever be any act of man that God declares sin where Gods enemy will have succeeded in tempting man to imbibe where man will never be able to be saved…if man comes to His senses before it is everlastingly too late or before he dies.
    As God has a plan to save man where they can live eternally with God in heaven…so Satan’s plan is to take as many as he can with him to hell…and those he succeeds in getting them to follow him by getting them to think they can do what God says they cannot do…love that which God tells us not to love, and persuades them to not trust in God nor believe His Word…these are the ones hell is prepared for…for those who do not love God or who do not want to live His Way…these are the ones who have chosen their end. Just as those who heaven is promised to and have chosen Gods Perfect Promises, who are trusting in His unfailing promises…these are the ones who will live with Him in eternity…these are the ones who love God.
    So those who choose not to believe they are lost; that they are lost and headed for a Christ less eternity if they remained outside the arch of salvation that God provided to save them…who chose to believe anything that contradicts or replaces or in any way perverts the truth of His TRUTH pertaining to what he did these are the ones who will die lost. These are the ones who do not love God and do not want Him to direct their lives…while those who see what they have done with their lives when they directed their own lives(like the prodigal)…and the mess it got them into and the lies they believed because they looked elsewhere for the truth…and wound up in trouble…and turned from their ways…these are the ones God will save…because these are the ones who will listen and who want Him to be their God.
    I believe we have been given life that from it we may chose who we wish to serve…God or mammon?
    I believe Gods Word clearly points out why Satan was kicked out of heaven…he wanted to run things and get the glory only belonging to God.
    I believe we are all allowed the right to chose who we will serve…while I believe God knows who we will serve…(for He is ‘all knowing”-“Omniscient”…not only knowing all that we do, (FOR ALL WE DO IS RECORDED). Yes He knows why we do what we do or our true motives…(things that others do not know that WE GIVE FOR WHAT WE DO WHERE THESE REASONS WE GIVE OTHERS ARE NOT THE TRUE REASONS…he knows the true reasons…no one fools God)…and yet we have all lived in such a way…big or small where we have rejected Gods Will and gone after other Gods…where God has no reason but to disown us…He planned a plan from the beginning to save those who see the error of their way and who see the hope and wonder of letting God direct our lives.
    Thank You Jesus

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