God’s Faith Once Delivered to the Saints

Faith is extremely important but often misunderstood.  It is not us believing in something.  That is not the true faith of God.   No.  The true faith of God comes from Him to us, not from us about Him.  It is His belief in Himself that He gives to us.

Faith Is Not Something We Have to Muster Up

It is the “faith once delivered to the saints” (Jude 3).  Faith is a spiritual commodity from God that has been delivered to the people of God.  Who delivered it?  The Creator Yahweh did.  Faith is not something that has to be mustered up by His people.  We rather must receive it from Him.  It is something that originates from out of His nature and is given to us.  “For every good and perfect gift comes down from the Father of lights.” That includes faith.


It is His faith that is transplanted into our hearts.  It is not something we muster up and finally believe about Him.  His faith in us is the first part of His divine nature to enter into the human heart.  But what is it exactly?  Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1.

God Has Assurance in the Things that He Hopes For

“Things hoped for…”  Because we are naturally egocentric, we think that it is the things we hope for.  No.  What does God hope for?  What are the desires of His heart?  What has He purposed?   Long  before  we were ever born, He saw us in our down-trodden state of sin and misery.  He also saw us rise with Him by His Spirit to vanquish sin and death in our lives.  He believed that this was a reality—that this was substance—having not yet seen it come to pass.  He believed and so therefore spoke and said that it was so.  He believed the best about us and His plan—not having seen the evidence yet of its fruition.  We as changed individuals are evidence that the invisible Supreme Being is real.  We are His witnesses that He is God.  And if He believes in His work in us before it comes to full fruition, then we should, too.  He is our example.


His divine nature is positive, full of faith and power.  All of His promises are “yes.”  Nothing negative flows from His heart.  He is positive; His attitude is positive.  In fact, He calls those things that are not, that do not exist as yet, as though they did exist.  He said that He will be all in all eventually.  We should then, right now, begin to walk around as if He already is all in you and me.  This will take belief that “it is no longer I that lives but Christ that lives in me.”

He is positive, giving “life to the dead and calls that which does not exist as existing.”  This is He.  This is how He thinks.  He is positive about His capabilities.  He has absolutely no doubt about His reserves and His resolve to get done what He wants done.  And what He wants done is the multiplication, the reproduction of Himself, within His creation.  He is an invisible Spirit; He wants to see Himself in action in human form.  This is the witness that He talks about in Isaiah.  We are to be His witnesses that He is the invisible Spirit/God.  His faith believes that not only we can change, but that we will change—that we are changed!  He seeks people to worship Him in this spirit and attitude and in this truth.  He needs people to worship Him in this way—to believe the way He believes.  

And it is to this faith, His faith, that we are to add several more  spiritual qualities as outlined by the apostle Peter (II Peter 1: 5-8).  These are the more advanced facets that the Holy Spirit gives to those going “unto perfection,” which is full maturity in Christ.                Kenneth Wayne Hancock

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{This is an excerpt from my book The Unveiling of the Sons of God, which you can read here:  YahwehIsTheSavior.com/sonsch19.htm }.





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6 responses to “God’s Faith Once Delivered to the Saints

  1. Stacey Hansen

    Okay, this is my last comment–I’m very happy to have found this web site.

    THIS is PRECISELY what I was needing to read!!! This is PRECISELY what I was talking to God about last night and this morning, so this article feels like a miracle, a direct answer to prayer.

    Here is the part that I needed to read the most right now:

    “…It is His faith that is transplanted into our hearts. It is not something we muster up and finally believe about Him…”


  2. wayneman5

    Stacey, you are very welcome. I am so glad that these articles have met a need. I believe that the truth, the TRUTH will definitely make us free from the fears and anxieties “flesh is heir to.”
    Thank you for taking the time to comment. Your comment is extremely important in the context I write about. For “where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst,” Christ said. And it is according “to the power that works within us.” We who are “the called according to His purpose”–we need each other, for we are His very body in the earth. Thank you again. Your comments are very welcome. And thanks for the encouragement. It helps. Wayneman

  3. Hi, Wayne!
    This post is very enlightening in that it drives home the point that every time we pray to the Father, we are basically reinforcing the truth in our faith that “Thy will be done,” and that whatever we ask of Him we always await in His time. The only true faith is His faith living in our hearts.
    Keep on writing, take care and GOD Bless you always, Wayne!

    • wayneman5

      Jose, thank you for your comment and your encouragement! “His faith living in our hearts.” That says it all. Thanks again and God bless you richly. Wayneman

  4. Mitzi

    I’m reading the complete works of St. John of the Cross & though I’m not Catholic, I like to read about all who have spent their lives following after Jesus. There’s a lot in the book that I don’t believe in or even understand but it helped me tremendously in examining faith in me. He calls faith a dark light. Upon examining it for me it’s not unlike a couple of children putting a string between tin cans and talking to each other. It’s easy to miss what’s being said because there’s so much that sullies our hearing. The more pure & focused the spirit, the clearer the understanding. That’s why Paul said we see through a dark glass, we have to struggle to make out what we’re seeing or hearing. That’s why unbelievers can’t comprehend it, they don’t have it at all! His sheep hear His voice through faith speaking directly to the heart. I’m going to read your book soon.

    • wayneman5

      Thank you, Mitzi, for the comment. Yes, the masses that He has not enlightened yet, “see, but do not perceive.” They hear the words, but the understanding is not there. I love what our Savior said next: “But blessed are your eyes for they see, and your ears for they hear.” Without His eyesalve, we would be groping in the darkness. Wayneman

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