The Prosperity Doctrine–A “Damnable Heresy”

The true men of God never taught the “prosperity doctrine.”  They never taught that if you give money to the preacher, that God would give you more money back, more than in your wildest dreams.

The true apostles and prophets of God taught self-denial.  They taught that we should seek the spiritual things of God, and then God would take care of our material needs (Matt. 6: 33).

A “Damnable Heresy”

The apostle Peter warns us of these false teachers and prophets–how they will “bring in damnable heresies” that lead the hearers into denying Christ.  For if a person is in the “Get-all-you-can-get-from-God” mode, then their hearts will be unable to take in the Spirit of Christ (II Pet. 2: 1).

These false preachers are teaching this heresy.  They come in sheep’s clothing.  They speak about Christ, but Christ’s Spirit does not speak through them!  “And many shall follow their pernicious ways” (v. 2).  “Pernicious ways” is from the Greek word apoleia, meaning “perdition, destruction, and ruin.”  The “prosperity doctrine” is destroying people’s souls.

Give Us Your Money and You’ll Be Blessed

They promise their millions of followers prosperity.  They say, “Give money to our ministry and God will bless you with a hundred-fold more more than what you gave. Send us your tithes and offerings, and God will solve your financial problems.”  When in reality, they use the money to live lavishly as they feed off the baser human instinct to covet after earthly riches.  “And through covetousness (sin) shall they make merchandise of you” (v. 3).

Instead of caring for their flocks’ souls, these evil shepherds look for devious ways of extracting more money from them.

They “cannot cease from sin,” and they teach that very doctrine–that no one can ever truly be delivered from sin and sinning (II Pet. 2: 14).  Yet Christ tells us, as He told the prostitute, “Go and sin no more.”   Impossible command?  I don’t believe so, for He also said, “With God all things are possible.”

It’s All About the Love of Money

Peter says that they have followed  in the false prophet Balaam’s way, “who loved the wages of unrighteousness” (2: 15).   They get paid money for teaching this error!

What did this false prophet Balaam do?  He loved money and accepted it from Balak, the king of Moab, in payment for “putting a curse on the children of Israel.”  Balak presented to Balaam “the rewards of divination”–money, fame, honor from men–if he would curse the children of Israel.  But he could not curse whom God had blessed (Numbers 22: 7).

Balaam is the quintessential false prophet, a corrupt and weak lover of money.  Modern day prosperity preachers are hirelings who teach God’s people things that will “curse” them and lead them to destruction and perdition!

We Are Admonished to Flee from Them

The apostle Paul, likewise,  warns Timothy that they are “perverse…supposing that gain is godliness; from such withdraw thyself” (I Tim. 6: 5).

Likewise, the message to us: Get away from any preacher who speaks about money all the time, who promises that God will shower down finances to those who give money to their ministry.  Flee from them!

For true gain is “godliness with contentment” (v. 6).  Godliness is being like God–a spiritual existence with Him where material things no longer have a hold on us, where seeking wealth and riches and dwelling on material goods are not distractions any more.  “For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out” (v. 7).  All we really need is “food and raiment” and the Spirit of God in our hearts.  He’ll add anything else we need.

And then the stern warning: “But they that will be rich (they that even want to be rich) fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition” (v. 8-9).

For make no mistake.  These false teachers, which include many televangelists–they love money.  It is their lifeblood, for without it, they are washed up.  They are off the air, and their lavish lifestyles go to rags over night.

“For the love of money is the root of all evil” (I Tim. 6: 10).  This very famous passage of scripture is used in this warning to us about these false teachers and preachers.  Those who covet after money and what it will buy them “have erred from the faith.”

There it is in the mouth of two witnesses–Peter and Paul.  They knew about this damnable heresy of going after the money, for they had the “prosperity doctrine” back in the day.  And they warn us, who have eyes to see, to flee from this doctrine and those who teach it.  And run into the arms of the true Shepherd.  For He is all we really need.                        KWH

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16 responses to “The Prosperity Doctrine–A “Damnable Heresy”

  1. You have taught us correctly. But I cannot remember where I contacted you, and I am on your mailing list. So, I have a question for you. I would like to know what your thoughts are about my blog entry about false teachers and false preachers.

    Galatians 1:8 But even if we, or an angel from heaven, should preach to you a gospel contrary to what we have preached to you, he is to be accursed! 9 As we have said before, so I say again now, if any man is preaching to you a gospel contrary to what you received, he is to be accursed!

    James 2:1-13

    Thank you for listening,

  2. wayneman5

    Thank you, Denny. What do I think about your articles? I say this in love to help you, for I sense a heart that wants to do God’s will in these last days…To be truthful, I would desire more explanations about the scriptures. Most of what you write is just quoting the scriptures, which have come down to us in the English tongue. The people already have hundreds of millions of Bibles that they do not understand, for it is spiritually discerned. But Denny, the people of today need somebody to use the gift of the Spirit, “the interpretation of tongues,” to explain what those scriptures mean. Explaining plainly “that a child should not err therein” is what we need. And only God can give that gift through His people to others. Seek Him for this ability–to be able to teach others His precepts and truths–that they may comprehend the depths of His truth. I hope this helps. Please receive it as from a sincere heart who does love the future sons of the living God. Wayneman

  3. Leon

    For those who would use the gospel to gain riches they have this scripture to their shame. “Behold, these are the ungodly, who prosper in the world: they increase in riches.” Especially if they have fallen from the truth and use the gospel to greedily run after the error of Balaam for reward.

  4. wayneman5

    Yes, Leon, so true. Greed causes one to fall from the truth because it is against Christ’s nature to be selfish and greedy. But that’s hirelings for you. WH

  5. Jean

    That is very true. The enemy is indeed out to devour whoever he will. Most of the preachers you see on tv are only con men out for the money.
    Through out the Bible God does say He will prosper those that give to Him. He even says to test Him on it. God has Blessed me many times. Not always with money but giving me what I need. However, it must be to the ones that ARE doing His truth and Will. One must study the Bible for onesself to know the truth. Do not take anyone else’s word for it. God gave us His word so we would know Him, and know the time for Him. He will come soon. Even so, Lord Jesus, come.

  6. wayneman5

    Thanks, Jean. Very true. He said He would take care of those who are in reverential awe of Him {fear Him}. He leads His flock by that still small voice. KWH

  7. Stacey Hansen

    This article is very important. As a friend of mine said recently, “God does care (about our needs). But His response to our prayers may be puzzling to us because we see through the world’s eyes, and in the world’s eyes, our level of comfort is important to what they call ‘quality of life’. But the fact is, God cares, but God is much more interested in our CHARACTER than in our comfort.” This friend is currently battling cancer, and she takes great strength from looking at her hardships as a gift, a lesson, an opportunity to let Him shape her character.

    I LOVE that. It’s helping me through a scary time of unemployment, with very few jobs out there and those that are out there have dropped their pay rates in my field.

    I COULD have a lot more sleepless nights if I listened to those “prosperity preachers” and struggled to understand why God did not “reward” me, as my bank account falls.

    INSTEAD—I REJOICE in the fact that this is a time of PRIVATE LESSONS from my God on letting go of worry, of letting go of what I THINK I really need. Of letting Him dance me into a time of deepening faith and inner peace.

    Private lessons from God in character. I’d say that’s an honor, an enormous and sacred privilege. Very few saints I know of were adherents to the “prosperity” doctrine. It seems a bit cruel to preach like that, especially in these times.

    So THANKS, Wayneman! God bless you.

  8. wayneman5

    Thank you so much, Stacey, for those thoughts. His ways are definitely not how we would do it in our own brand of wisdom. But that is what makes Him God and us, the created ones. And yet, it is the experiences through the lean times that forges His very character in our hearts. He partook of flesh and blood so that He could exhibit the “greatest love”–“laying down one’s life for his friends.” That’s the love He wants to express through us, His sons and daughters {Read “Back to the Father’s Heart”from my book: } Thanks again for your warm and insightful comment. Wayneman

  9. Eugene

    Hi Wayne,
    The lack of discernment will also cause people to believe the prosperity preachers.
    True Sons recognizes the voice of Messiah and follow Him
    This type of ministry that these so called preachers have is the Christian Lotto system of Babylon
    He who has the Son Has Life and life Abundantly
    Eugene Liebenberg
    Kingdom Life
    South Africa

    • wayneman5

      So true, Eugene. He said that those of us with His Spirit of truth would be led into all truth. The masses, wanting something for themselves, are snared into their own covetousness and ego. Would they would come to the cross and leave the old self lifeless there. I appreciate hearing from you. Keep up the good work. Wayne

  10. THe truth

    sowing and reaping, they say?
    but i say, sow covetousness and reap hell fire!

  11. Mitzi

    I never go without necessities but I’m by no means rich by todays standards. I do know this though for sure, He has got His hand on my life, I’ve never missed a meal from poverty & I’ve never been homeless, but if I were I know He would give me the grace to take the lesson from it He intends.

    I had a remarkable incident recently where my husband & I were stuck in that great snow storm in Colorado recently just a couple of days after I had to bury my Father. We were trying to get back home from the funeral. The storm was so severe we could barely see the road. We rolled into Springfield Co & stopped at a Love’s. To our amazement, our truck wouldn’t start when we started to leave. We have a relatively new truck & were astonished that it wouldn’t start. The lady in the store happened to be married to the police officer on duty who promptly secured us a room at the “nicest” hotel in town across the street, this was around midnight. There also happened to be an auto-parts store immediately across the street. A young man pulled up & gave us a ride across the street so I wouldn’t have to try to walk over there in the blizzard. I’m an older woman & I had on a skirt. The roads were closed for two days & we got to spend a lovely two days in this quaint little antique hotel and meet several wonderful people. It was only our battery but we realized if we had continued we may have been stalled in the middle of nowhere in a horrible blizzard. I had the distinct impression dury all of this that we were being cared for like little canaries & all I had to do was relax & do what was before me. I didn’t even have to trudge through the snow at all! That was a month ago.

    I can’t describe what a peace it is to know without a doubt that He is interested in the tiniest details of each of our lives & He is very interested in the choices we’re making & the paths we are walking. Why should I lust after worldly riches when I am rich in faith? We are cared for like little birds,no worries. We are also extremely rich in love & lead blessed lives. Now according to the world we’re probably not too attractive, kind of poor looking & easily ignored, but we’re very rich. This is the true prosperity.

    • wayneman5

      Mitzi, I love this story of God’s care shown to you. Your comment, “This is true prosperity,” is right on the mark. Thank you for your comments and sharings. Wayneman

  12. Solomon

    Thank you so much Wayneman for your clear analysis of this doctrine. The churches instill so much fear in the congregants that do not give money. They create a “guity conscience” to those that cant part with their little cash. Please mail me more of your articles.

    • Thanks, Solomon, for your encouraging comment and for stopping by. There is an index to many articles on many subjects on right column of Feel free to stop by anytime and continue making comments. kwh

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