“Though Our Outward Man Perish”–On Becoming Older in the Kingdom of God

In the world of men, the older one becomes, the less valuable they become–especially in American culture.  For only the outward appearance is esteemed.  But in the kingdom of God, as our earthly bodies age, it ofttimes yields a needed wisdom on the inside.  And with wisdom, one finds much spiritual treasure.

A Sense of Our Own Mortality

As our earthly body begins its corruption through aging, we begin to get a sense of our own mortality.  When we were young, we never thought that one day we would expire–that one day we would have breathed our last breath of earth’s good air.  We careened through youthful roads with a reckless abandon, never contemplating the delicate balance between life and death.

And then one day, we wake up and realize that we cannot do the physical feats we did in our youth.  And if we are blessed, we will then turn to the inward spiritual country, a land prepared by the Master Surveyor, laid out for those of us who will seek that rare realm.  This great land of the heart is called “the Kingdom of God” and it “is within you.”

Feeling the Need for the Spiritual

And as we turn to go there, we begin to feel the need for the spiritual food to sustain on our journey.  We see the futility of clamoring after things for just our earthly bodies, and we begin to respect and reverence the Spirit that fathered us anc created and placed us down here on earth.

Becoming older brings wisdom, for the dreams and schemes of youth have run their race cars into a wall of disillusionment.  Survivors of the crash walk more circumspectly, more grateful for more time to now think about the eternal things of God. It takes time’s erosion of our earthly strength to help us realize that God has an eternal purpose in all our trials, temptations, and tears.

The Fisher of Men

God allows us spools of line as a fisherman does a giant, fighting fish.  And with that extra line and time, the fish flips and flashes and flaps and flails until all his dreams and schemes of his own vainglory are surrendered to the will of the Great Fisherman.

And so it is with us.  He gives us great latitude to pursue our own way of non-surrender.  As the years pass, some will work so hard to wrestle free from God, that He allows them to throw off the hook.

But a chosen few will realize that they are destined for greater things, spiritual things, “things kept secret from the foundation of the world,” and they will surrender to His will.  They will see that “though the outward man perish, yet the inward man is renewed day by day.”  And because of this, these few will not look at the outward appearance, which shows the mere temporary things, but they will look on the invisible, into that dimension which is eternal (II Corinthians 4: 16-18).

And thus God brings them into His ship, into His heart, giving them a new spirit and a new in life–His life.

So becoming older can mean becoming wiser.  For with age comes spiritual clarity and more reverence for the Great Fisherman.  Youth are more likely to trust in the “arm of flesh,” which never has the strength to carry us down the road to immortality.   Kenneth Wayne Hancock

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