YAHSHUA–In His Name–What Does It Mean?

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     One of the most trite and worn-out expressions in the English language is “in His name.”  We are to “do all in His name,” but what does that really mean?  We have uttered that phrase or a variation of it like, “In Jesus’ name” or “In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.”  But is that all there is to it? Just to use that phrase as an incantation or magic words to get answers to our prayers?

     No.  Profound meaning is hidden in this phrase; we must dig deep to find it. Now let us investigate and study these three words in a new light.  “In His name…” We’ve got to go in, inside, within the true name.  He is pointing us to go into His name, but it has to be into His Hebrew name, Yahshua, and extract the meaning from it.

    His name Yahshua means, “Yah is salvation” or “Yah is Savior.”  But to all who received him, who believed in His name, He gave power to become the children of God. John 1:12, RSV. Here, “receiving Him” and “believing in His name” are synonymous.

A Message in His Name to Be Believed


    “Believing in His name” implies that there is a message to be believed, a truth inherent in His name. We have seen that Hebrew names are prophetical. We have seen that the Savior was named Yahshua because “He shall save His people from their sins.”  And Yahshua means “Yah is Savior.”  So what is the message contained within His name?  That message is “Yah is the Savior.”

     “Believing in His name…”  The children receive the Spirit by believing in what His name means (by believing in His name).  We believe the meaning of His name—that Yahweh or Yah, the Eternal Spirit, came down to earth and poured His essence into a specially set apart human form who would become the sacrifice for the sins of mankind—so that mankind could take on His spiritual nature.

     Listen to the Spirit speak through the prophet Isaiah: For I am Yahweh thy God, the Holy One of Israel, thy Saviour…I, I am Yahweh, and besides Me there is no savior…Verily thou art a God that hidest thyself, O God of Israel, the Saviour. Isa. 43:3, 11; 45:15.

     Yes, Yah did hide Himself well in a flesh body some 2,000 years ago.  But He makes it very clear from the above passages in Isaiah that He, Yahweh, is the Savior; He is the Creator.  The apostle John makes it very clear that the Spirit-filled human flesh body that he had walked with for three and a half years did the creating.  In the beginning was the Word…All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made…He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not…And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us…John 1:1, 3, 10, 14.

Believing What His Name Means

There is no contradiction here.  Yah did the creating, the forming, the redeeming and the saving.  And Yah, clothed in human flesh, took the name “Yahshua,” Yah-Is-Savior.  The very name of the Messiah points to the fact that it is the Father Yahweh who is doing the saving.  Yah was in that vessel, the Messiah, “reconciling the world unto Himself.”  The Spirit, Yah, pours Himself into His temple and works out of it to the world.  Yahweh in Yahshua of Nazareth is the Son.

    When a person believes in the name of Yahshua, he is believing what that name means—that Yah is the Savior in human form.  In fact, the act of believing in the name of Yahshua is a miniature of the Creator’s plan of kingdom redemption.

     If one has really received Him, that person will have believed in His name, which is to say, will have believed that the Father Yah was in human form, and that combination, Yahshua, is bringing salvation to the world.

Believing in Him Is Believing in His Name

     He who believes in Him is not condemned; he who does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only Son of God. John 3:18. When one does not believe in the Messiah, he is not believing in the meaning of His name.  For He said, “He that rejects Me, rejects Him that sent Me.”  If you reject the Son, you are rejecting the Father that dwells within the Son, for that is exactly where the Father Yahweh is.  “Know ye not that I am in the Father and the Father is in me?” He asked.

     The unbeliever in the Messiah is already judged for one reason: he has not believed in the name of Yahshua, which is saying that Yah was not in him, saving mankind through His death, burial, and resurrection.  Not believing in Messiah’s name, then, is equal to not receiving the Spirit of the Creator.

Not believing in the meaning of the name of Yahshua is equal to rejecting the light that is come into the world, and cleaving unto darkness, saying, I have no need for Yah in human form to save me (see John 3:19).

    The phrase “in the name,” then, has profound meaning and carries a weighty message.  First, we cannot believe  in  His  name  if we do not know His name.  If we seek, He will reveal to us His true name.  This knowledge, in turn, is an important key that will unlock the door that is keeping us from continuing our journey down the road to immortality.

     The Savior’s name is Yahshua, Yah-Is-Savior.  To believe in His name is to believe what His name actually means: Yahweh, the self-existent One that cried through Isaiah, who appeared and spoke to Noah, Abraham, Moses, and many others, offered up His perfect human incarnation and became the Author of eternal salvation for His people.     Kenneth Wayne Hancock

{This is an excerpt from my book Yah Is Savior: The Road to Immortality, ch. 9.  You can read more, just click ebook at top of homepage}



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53 responses to “YAHSHUA–In His Name–What Does It Mean?

  1. Shalom!

    That was great to read! Thank You!

    I am keeping my Finnish blog called Israelinhuone Blogi. Maybe you are interested… but it’s of cource written in Finnish language…sorry…

    G-d Bless!

  2. Richard

    Hi Yahshua is not in the Hebrew scriptures, i read Hebrew have read the Torah in Hebrew many times. Yahshua is not a Hebrew word. Its a figment of the church of god ministers imagination. There is no-one ever who read the Torah in any synagogue on earth that would read out Yahshua. Its a lie by some preachers in the USA. If it was a Hebrew word it would mean Yah cries out for help anyway. stop living in a fantasy get real! Learn Torah in Hebrew
    From a Hebrew

    • Thanks, Richard, for your comment. The Savior’s name was basically the same as the patriarch Joshua’s. To be sure, I, nor I dare say you, as well, have not heard a most excellent voice from heaven speak in His original Hebrew tongue the Savior’s name. So, it is, at best, an educated guess. Whether it is pronounced Yehoshua or Yahshuah, who is to say. But it sounds like you have a larger problem. It sounds to me like you have a disagreement with the inspired writer, Saul of Tarsus (Paul) who wrote: “God (YHWH) was in Christ (the man), reconciling the world unto Himself.” Also he wrote: “The fulness of the Godhead dwelt bodily in Christ…” You obviously do not agree that YAH strode this earth in human form some 2,000 years ago. That is a gigantic stone of stumbling for someone like yourself….”For they stumbled at that stumblingstone Christ…”
      You wrote: “There is no one ever who read the Torah in any synagogue on earth that would read out Yahshua.” Of course not, Richard, for the Jews rejected Him from the get go; they would not even pronounce the name of YHWH, for God’s sake! When all the way through the “Old Testament” the Spirit of God implores His people to “praise Him by His name Yah” (Psalm 68:4, as just one example). I’ll let you argue with Paul and Peter and John.

    • Hi Richard,
      Just now found this post. Y’shua (English transliteration) is most certainly found throughout Torah, beginning in Genesis. Time after time, YHWH declares that HE will be our Y’shua. If you can see this link to a lexicon, it will show you how many times the Almighty declared this: http://www.blueletterbible.org/lang/lexicon/lexicon.cfm?Strongs=H3444&t=KJV. I will write out a few because I’m not sure if this blog allows links.

      “I have waited for Your Y’shua, YHWH.” Genesis 49:18

      “YHWH is my strength and song, HE is become my Y’shua.” Exodus 15:2

      “YHWH is their strength and the Y’shua strength of His anointed.” Psalm 28:8

      “Because they believed not in God, and trusted not in His Y’shua.” Psalm 78:22

      “Behold, God is my Y’shua. I till trust and not be afraid. For Yah YHWH is my strength and song. He also is become my Y’shua.” Isaiah 12:2

      “And He said, It is a light thing that you should be my servant to raise up the tribes of Jacob and to restore the preserved of Y’srael. I will also give you as a light to the Gentiles that you may be my Y’shua unto the end of the earth.” Isaiah 49:6

      “YHWH has made bare his holy arm in the eyes of all the nations, and all the ends of the earth shall see the Y’shua of our God.” Isaiah 52:10

      “I will sacrifice unto You with the voice of thanksgiving. I will pay what I have vowed. Y’shua is of YHWH.” Jonah 2:9

      Read these scriptures in Hebrew and you will see Y’shua is clearly prophesied.

      “Therefore, the Lord Himself will give a sign. Behold a virgin shall bear a son and call his name, Immanuel.” Isaiah 7:14

      Just ask the Almighty about it. Let Him alone be your Shepherd to lead and guide you. I also suggest fasting to seek Him and to serve Him by. Isaiah 58 is an excellent resource to guide you in fasting.

  3. Paul quipones

    i im not a perfect to speak in english but i tried. to say that one thing.. i believe the real name of our saviour is YAHshua.. thats what i feel realy.. i am come to my fathers name.. said in the bible… so it yes for Yah” shalom”

    • Brother Paul, I believe the same thing–that our Savior’s name is YAHshua. The Son came in His Father’s name. We must remember what the apostle said: “God (Yahweh) was in Christ reconciling the world unto Himself.” And, “I am come in my Father’s name,” which is YHWH, or Yahweh. Thanks for your comments. And come back and comment again! Wayne

  4. alfe

    hi i believe yahshua is a sacred name and the only name whereby me must be save,do you agree that christ is the hidden name of 666 or chi xi stigma and the harlot in revelation is the christian religion

    • Hey, Alfe. I believe, too, that Yahshua is the Savior’s name. “Christ” is a title meaning ‘anointed one.’ The harlot in Rev. is the apostate Roman Catholic Church and her daughters, the organized Protestant denominations.

  5. hi im also a sacred name believer…what can you say about the word messiah? are they similar with the word christ? which one is an appropriate to be use.? i think christ is for christian and christian are those who believe in jesus.

    • Hi, Kristine. “Messiah” is from the Hebrew, and it means anointed one. “Christ” is from the Greek and it means the anointed one. They are not names per se, but they are some of His titles. Some will not use the Greek derived “Christ,” but I still use it so that others will know who I am talking about.

  6. hendrik


    • Hendrik. The Father and the Son are not the Holy Two of Israel. The Father, the Son said, was the Spirit and lived inside of Him. Christ, the Son of God is the “expressed image of the invisible” Father. The Father Yahweh “was in Christ, reconciling the world unto Himself.” You must get these concepts first before you go off on your last comment. “If you have seen Me, you have seen the Father,” Christ said.

  7. Vic Lowe

    Brother Wayneman. May Yahweh bless you. After reading your post, it has opened a whole new avenue of spiritual enlightment for me. Amazing, to simply understand the correct name (not title) of Yahweh/Yashua, one moves closer to understanding the “deep things of God,” as the Apostle Paul prayed in the book of Ephesians.

    Vic Lowe

  8. Vanessa Gates

    I was just out walking and praying with one of my prayer partners and the I heard the Lord say Yashua. I heard the word confident. I heard him say battle ax and shield. I came home to look it up on the internet. I wasn’t sure how to spell it so I played with it. I then heard the scripture in I John 5:14. And this the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask any thing according to his will he heareth us…………. I thank God for your comments. They were a blessing to me and brought me more clarity to what the Lord was saying to me. Thank you again and the peace of God be with you.

  9. christian

    i do have experiencing many times power of God The Unity of spirits entering our flesh through our words acceptance and believe of God and admitting the Domenom powers of Almighty and you receive this power if you are really the Son of God…you have clean hearth you face the contradiction with your sin… cause is the one reason and you must repent…by Saying the words SHADDAI ABBA YASHUA Omen

  10. Nickel

    please let me solve this….I believe that YHWH is God and Yashua is the son of God and our messiah and only by believing in His death sacrifice we get eternal salvation and yes YHWH s spirit was on his son yashua and yashua did many miracles because YHWHs spirit was in him …..what i hate is when u people talk about reincarnation….the bible never uses the word reincarnation….u people say yashua is yahwehs flesh form thats rubbish…yashua is the son of God and yhwh is God and yhwhs spirit was inside yashua and thats the fact …..u people say yashua was a God man and yahua is nothing but yahweh in flesh that is rubbish…yashua was Gods sent messiah and was annointed by yhwhs spirit …bottom line is yashua isnt yhwh …yhwh is almighty God no one can be Yhwh …Yashua had yahwehs spirit and he represented his father Yahweh and yahwehs spirit was in yashua but yashua isnt yahwehs flesh form …Yahweh is God and he is a spirit he doesnt have a flesh form he can only pour out his spirit to his son yashua…neverthe less yashua is the only way to salvation and we must believe in his sacrifice only then we can be saved

  11. Nickel

    yahweh and yashua are spiritually one not literally one….yashua also said that we too can become one as they are one john17verse 21…clearly says father and son is in union and we also can be in union with them that doesnt mean that we human beings can be yhwh or yashua it means being spiritually one not being one beings…

    • Nickel, thank you for taking the time to express your thoughts. You then are saying that there are two beings sitting up there in heaven. “Hear, O Israel, Yahweh our God is two beings”–not going to happen. I can’t make you see the oneness of God, Nickel. If I could, I would. You said, “Yahweh and Yahshua are spiritually one and not literally one.” Where, pray tell, does it say that in the scriptures? kwh

  12. Nickel

    even prophets like Elijah performed miracles because Gods spirit was working in them the prophets didnt become yhwh did they?they were one with yhwh spiritually

  13. Nickel

    If u have seen me u have seen the father is not to be taken literally because jesus had a hand ,eyes ,nose Yhwh is a spirit he doesnt have hands and legs …..or a nose….he is a spirit…when jesus said if u have seen me u have seen the father it means since he had yhwhs spirit people can feel or experience Yhwh through him because he represented yhwhs ways here on earth and he was yhwhs annointed son …so who ever accepts jesus as our messaiah and believes in his sacrifice have favour with YHWH but that doesnt make jesus almighty God ….the bible speaks about the son of God yashua it doesnt speak about God the Son or som trinity or some reincarnation

    • Nickel, you wrote, “he represented yhwhs ways here on earth.” The scriptures do not say that. Christ does say, “The Father is in me.” Yahweh, the Father, is invisible, dwelling in His temple, His body, with Christ the Head and we the rest of the body, where God will be all in all. I appreciate your sincerity but…you said, “so who ever accepts jesus as our messaiah and believes in his sacrifice have favour with YHWH but that doesnt make jesus almighty God.” The scriptures of truth say, “In the beginning was the Word (Logos)…and the Word was God…and the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us.” Now, Nickel, I am not going to try to explain away this. It is pretty plain in any language. “The Word was God,” “and we beheld His glory…” Christ is our King. kwh

  14. troymcbrayer06@yahoo.com

    That was a great read…I’ve believed in the name for decades and use it all the time. Glad to see there’s the Light of understanding and hope in the world…Keep it up

  15. "iron" Crutch Li

    Is YHWH a demon?

  16. thelma

    hi im thelma for me Yahshua and Jesus is not the same because name cannot be translate but it could be transliterated.transliterated means bringing one alphabet to another alphabet with same phoenitics sound.im a sacred name believer.

    • Hi, Thelma. Thanks for the comment; I agree with you. Next we must believe in the message of what His name Yahshua means, and that is this: Yahweh Is the Savior (Isa. 45: 21). See my reply to Roel. That was the message of this article. kwh

  17. roel

    HI Im roel there is no other name given from heaven and that name is YAHSHUA not Jesus christ because angel gabriel did not bring name JESUS because there is no letter J in hebrew alphabet until now, so i prefer to believe YAHSHUA than JESUS,.,.

    • Roel, thanks for the comment. I agree with you. After knowing what His true name is, then the important thing is to believe its meaning–which is this: Yahweh is the Savior(Isa. 45: 21). The great Spirit Yahweh “was in Christ reconciling the world unto Himself.” Yahweh is the Savior, but there is no contradiction, if you will remember Yahshua’s statement, “I and my Father are one…if you have seen me you have seen the Father.” Beautiful.

  18. Great article, really close but perhaps not quite there. Great comments, also, but I must share what I know to be the greater understanding.
    As I re-read this article, especially the first paragraphs I am excited to find a greater understanding out there.

    I read an article on the net last year, written by a revered Messianic Rabbi. I can’t remember the Rabbi’s name and I can’t find that article.
    The article was quite long and fascinating and I learned things that I had not quite understood before. Then at the end, when the Rabbi revealed ‘the name”, I actually cried out and frightened my family.
    I now understand and both wince and wink at the foolish arguments over law or grace, old earth or young creation, which day is the Sabbath, etc, …..and the debate on his actual name.

    Jesus never argued or debated. He just invoked the name and that was sufficient. Paul referred to the name it in all of his writings. The name is written, but we are unable to see it until we know it.
    I now know the name and I am able to place it it in every scripture that refers to ‘His name’ for a perfect understanding. It is not any of the names that I see in the well intended or the prideful debates.
    My life has been incredibly blessed since the revelation. Psalms 91:14 -16
    “..because he (the man) knows my (God) name”
    Because I know His name, I am protected, delivered, honored and will enjoy a long life.
    ….and my house Acts 16:31.
    It has been a very exciting year for us.

    • Hey, Ellery, thanks for the comment. Pray and see if God wants you to share the “greater understanding” about His name. Would love to hear it. God bless you. Wayneman

      • Thank you for your kind response, Wayneman. Also for your curiosity about the name. Usually no one asks what the name is. I would wonder and ask, even suspecting that it might be something far out or false.
        The journey is more important than the revelation. It is what the Rabbi did and I do wish I could find that article again. In my search I did find this lesson. It is a good start on the journey. This writer comes very close, but doesn’t quite make it there.

      • But, then, Ellery, how are we to “extol Him by His name Yah”? [Psalm 68:4]

      • Yah, I believe, is another one of those that are transliterated, as most are. I read that it is a merely contraction of Yahweh. Every name guessed as ‘the one’ has a question of pronunciation.
        His name is also ‘A Strong Tower’.
        Proverbs 18:10 King James Version (KJV)
        10 The name of the Lord is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe.
        But the name to extol Him is the name Jesus used in every situation from Mary’s boy, teaching in temple, to the cross.
        Also the name is used by all the writers, old and new testament.
        I am now seeing it everywhere in scripture. It fits into all the places that mention ‘His name’ but does not identify which name.

  19. The people believe that they are not allowed to say God’s name, but as I read about it, it is more like this quip from a Narazene church I once attended.
    Why does God not allow Nazarenes to dance?
    Oh, He didn’t say you are not allowed to dance. He saw you dance, laughed, and said, “Nazarenes can’t dance”.
    It is not that we are not allowed to utter His name. It is that we are not capable. That was my first realization when the name was revealed.

  20. Roz Stroud

    I enjoyed read this message today, as I pray and give thanks to my Savior

  21. Edward Esteban

    In Asian countries like Malaysia & Indonesia we pronounce ‘Yesus’ (Jesus Christ). It sounds like ‘Yahshua’.

    • Thanks, Edward, for your comment. Very interesting. Not a big stretch to go to Yahshua, then. Wayne

    • So many names and so many puffed up thinking they have the exclusive. How do we know that were are pronouncing it correctly or if that even matters? There is only one name by which you may be saved. He revealed the intended name in every situation. He did not argue, condemn, or debate. He spoke, used the name. It is written in our Bibles but we can’t see it until we know it.
      It was always unsettling to me, in protestant fellowships, to end all prayer with the phrase ‘In Jesus Name’. It did not seem that is what is intended. Now I know His name and use it in the prayer and close with it at the end.
      I see the name throughout the Old and New Testament and knowing it answers many contentious questions, such as which day is the Sabbath.
      I was excited to see that the intended name was used to introduce and validate John 3:16
      I love this simple song.

  22. Brother Wayne, hello Sir. I have read quite a few of your articles over the past few days and have benefitted from them. Praise YHWH for this. However, with this article, I have to say something that bothers me about ALL the people who prefer to call Jesus by his ancient name YAHshua, which I do at times too.

    Friend, what do we say about the billions of people who never knew the name of Yahshua, they just identified him as Jesus Christ. Are we to believe that our Father will show them less favor than us for using the correct name? Another Question that I wrestle with about Jesus being YHWH is this; the devil tempted Jesus.

    Point blank we read this a few times in the Bible. Scriptures make it clear that YHWH cannot be tempted. This has always bothered me. Also, Jesus says the Father is greater than I. JESUS says why do you call me good, only the Father is good. Jesus sits at the right hand of Almighty YHWH Father. Then in 1st Corinthians, we see where Jesus gives back the power to YHWH. 1st Corinthians 15:23-28

    It’s as if YHWH said here Son, I’ll give you this authority to fulfill my will, then when you have accomplished the mission; you are to return it and take your place alongside me. Why are we referred to as the brethren of Jesus as Jesus being the first fruits? I have heard many learned men refer to YAHshua as our big brother. Sir, I am always open to learning.

    Sir, I do not claim to have all the answers. I am lowly and humble. I just created a website named YAHWAHFATHER.COM. I am still in the process of putting all the content on the site. I still pray daily for wisdom and understanding. Forgive me if I have written to much. Sincerely, Robert Hall

    • Robert, great comment and great questions, which shows a honest and seeking heart. I will try to answer a few of the questions…Re: “The billions of people who never knew the name of Yahshua, they just identified him as Jesus Christ. Are we to believe that our Father will show them less favor than us for using the correct name?” These words come to mind: “To whom much is given, much is required.” God is just. He will not put on us more than we can bear. He will only hold us responsible for the light given in our era. He is God of the living. His followers will live again and will learn and grow in grace later…
      On “Jesus being YHWH”: YHWH was in the man Christ. The incarnate Son of God was the vessel that contained the fullness of the Godhead bodily. The incarnate Son’s flesh was not Yahweh. Yahweh is the invisible Spirit who was inside the Son of God. Yahweh is the Savior according to Isaiah (43:11; 45:21; Hos. 13:4). Robert, we are talking about mysteries here that have been kept secret since the foundation of the world. There are many articles on my website that address this issue. The devil was tempting the man Jesus Christ (Yahshua). He was tempted in all points as we.

      You are wrestling with the oneness of God issue. And it is huge. The old leaven teachings on this are very deceptive. They lead a Christian into conceiving God to be three different persons sitting on three thrones? or just the two? But think about this. All the way through the scriptures God proclaims that He is one God. Hear, O Israel…He is One. He makes a big deal out of this, as you know. But Yahweh is an invisible Spirit that takes up residence in vessels from time to time, appearing in olden times, for example on the plains of Mamre to Abraham, in the form of three men. So many other examples. But in these last days He has appeared in His Son. Yahweh was in Christ reconciling the world unto Himself–Yahweh. Great is the mystery of godliness…

      Let’s look at it this way. I would much rather be corrected on judgment day having believed that there was only one God Yahweh, an invisible Spirit poured into the glorified form of His Son…much better that to be asked by God: “I said that I was One God. Why did you presume to make me three Gods, sitting on three thrones?” Robert, if I am completely wrong in what I have said concerning this, I believe that He will forgive my infirmity of clarity because of what the scriptures said about Him being only one God… There is so much more on this. Read ch. 11-14 of my book found here: https://immortalityroad.wordpress.com/book-yah-is-savior-the-road-to-immortality/ God bless you, Robert. Hope this helps. kwh

  23. Sandra Paul

    Researching truth!!

  24. Micha'el

    The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. These are the eternal constituents of YHWH. The Human has Soul, body, and spirit, and the human is created in the form of YHWH. Behold, the God of Genesis creation(YHWH) was deemed in the plurality-elohim(>2). YHWH has a soul, the central controller/”will”er-The Father, has a body/image/form, and has spirit. The soul(Father) is greater than the body(Son) who is greater than the spirit(Holy Spirit). Take this illustration..
    You want to open a door. You must first take the will, think about it(that’s the causer of all actions-soul), then you open it with your hand(body) with your power/strength(spirit).
    If you could search, YHWH said in OT ‘thou shalt look upon ‘me’ whom ye have pierced.
    Then search the NT, ‘to confirm his death,… pierced him(Yahshua)..
    YHWH sacrificed his body, Son to save the universe.
    Are you perplexed, you think how could Yahshua be Yahweh? Read Phillipians 2:5-11 to understand that Yahshua sacrificed his being Yahweh to save us. He came so low that you’d doubt(ed) that He is God. Blessings.

    Forgive my noncourtesy

  25. Elder Kipp Benjamin

    This was awesome, Revelation. Can you send me more , searching the word for better understanding of the torah, Yahweh, Yahshua names that are significant, I’ve been a believer many years but I only knew Jesus Christ.
    I didn’t know about the true historical hebrew backround and it’s importance to get the revelation of why Understanding the proper name of the savior before all of the processes has broken down the original Name and why it needs to be restored. Who gave anyone the right to change his heaven sent name.

    Thankyou for explaining the word.
    Grace and Peace

    • Hey, Kipp. Thinking about you. Go here on my website and you’ll have many articles on this subject. Also, read my book Yah Is Savior. Just hit the link at the top of the homepage. Yahweh bless you richly. Kenneth Wayne Hancock

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