TV Series “KINGS” Based on Bible’s King David and Saul Story

Those  watching the TV series Kings are witnessing a rare event–a series based on a story in the Bible.

Kings chronicles the downfall of an evil king and the rise of a young man of humble origins, destined to ascend to that very throne. Of course, this is the story of Saul and David, found in the book of   I Samuel.

I couldn’t help but wonder just how close the writers of the show were following the story.  They have Rev. Samuels taking the prophet Samuel’s part in the story.  King Saul has become King Silas, who is an ex-general like Saul was.

David, the shepherd king, has become David Shepherd, a young man in the army who takes out an enemy tank named “Goliath” and becomes a national hero.  This earns him, like in the Bible, a spot in the king’s court.  Instead of playing the harp to soothe the king, David is a pianist.  He falls in love with Michelle, the king’s daughter, whose character parallels Michal, Saul’s daughter.

I certainly don’t blame the series’ producers for wanting to adopt this story.  The rise of King David is a wonderful story.  I would hope that it will prompt viewers to go back and read the original story in the Bible.  There is so much revelatory truth to be received.

Setting the Scene in  I Samuel

In I Samuel, we find the children of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob already in the Promised Land of Canaan, being persecuted by the Philistines around 1060 B.C.  God has allowed this because of their sins.

Instead of loving and reverencing the LORD (Yahweh), they ask His prophet Samuel to anoint for them a king, like the other nations around them.  Here the people want to have one of their own rule them as king and not hearken to the prophet of God, who had been guiding them for decades.

The LORD (Yahweh) speaks to Samuel, Do what the people want.  They have rejected Me–not you.  But warn them from Me as to what their new king will do to them (I Samuel 8: 5-9).

So Samuel told the people: King Saul will “take your sons” and put them in his army to fight foreign wars.  He’ll have you fabricating “instruments of war.”  He will “take your fields” and tax you and “give it to his servants.”  He will, in other words, redistribute your wealth.  He’ll make you his servants (8: 10-18).  Sounds eerily familiar, as in what President Obama is doing and will do.

But the people loved their new king, and rejected the man of God’s warning.  And so, Samuel anoints Saul to be king of the 12 tribes of Israel.  Saul was a “choice young man,” standing taller than most.  But he did evil in the sight of the LORD, fulfilling all that was prophesied of him.

This Speaks to Our Day

The parallels are striking.  By studying divinely inspired writings, we may clearly see our own time.  For the scriptures are applicable for us in the latter days.

Our current President is like King Saul.  He carries himself like a king.  He is popular, trusted, and well-spoken, but he serves the interests of men who are against the principles of our forefathers, as Saul did.

Like Saul, his origins are tainted.  I think of Barack Obama sitting in Jeremiah Wright’s church, soaking in those spewings of hate, prejudice, and resentment for twenty years.  Whatever a man joins himself to, that he becomes.  For “how can two walk together except they be agreed?”  And yet, the sheeple still follow blindly this new “anointed” king Obama.

Oh, how America has fallen from the precepts of our ancestors.  And we, like they of old, will pay the price.

But out of the ashes will arise the spiritual sons and daughters of God, who will help Him usher in His Kingdom that will supplant the current puppet-masters’ world government scheme.

So, yes, study the story in I Samuel.  For it speaks to our day, of a new King coming, of which David, the shepherd king, is a type.  Christ, the Anointed One, shall return.


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5 responses to “TV Series “KINGS” Based on Bible’s King David and Saul Story

  1. Eric

    Really? Obama got us into war? he’s making instruments of war?
    The precepts of our ancestors, for whom slavery and matrimonial rape was fine? Really?
    That might be the silliest thing I’ve ever heard. You’re welcome to dislike the president, but have at least some inkling of reality behind it….
    unless the voices in your head told you that. I’d hate to argue with them. They’re probably God.

    • Eric, I didn’t say that Obama got us into war…Eric, until you realize who all presidents are puppets for, none of what I have written will make any sense to you. I said that “King Saul will take your young men and send them into foreign wars.” And redistribute your wealth. And make “instruments of war.” Both Bush and Obama are following in King Saul’s shoes. Then I said, “And that is what Obama is doing or will do.” His economics of wealth redistribution he is doing right now! Also, in the last six months, many soldiers have been rotated to both Iraq and Afghanistan. That is a fact. And the war material still flows there abundantly. Period. That is fact. Yes, Obama inherited those wars. That also is a fact. But where is the fulfillment of his promise to end the wars?? It is not happening. In fact, under his watch it is spreading into Pakistan…He will continue the wars because his puppet masters want the wars, just like they controlled Bush, so shall they control him. Dig deep, Eric…

      “The borrower is servant to the lender,” the scripture of truth states. The Federal Gov. has borrowed and now is borrowing TRILLIONS AND TRILLIONS of dollars. Don’t you know that the “Masters of War” are the lenders and will have a say as to what the Federal Government’s President and Congress do with all that money? Even Bob Dylan at 22 years old knew that back in the early 1960’s when he wrote that song. Come on, man. Wayneman

  2. Woody

    It’ll be awesome if Dr. King’s dream will be fulfilled by a “David” to succeed our “Saul”! If there is one, “David” will probably hafta dodge Obama’s “spears” of slander out of Obama’s own sheer jealousy.
    Just for fun & with a bit of exaggeration, I’ll imagine what would happen after Colin Powell’s death: Obama temporarily resurrects him by hand of a witch! Haha, Obama wouldn’t consult any witches. Well, I *hope* not!
    All humor aside, only God holds the future. All we can do is pray for the best!

  3. Thanks, Woody, for the comment. It will be very interesting to follow the movements of those in power. God will “put it into their hearts to fulfill His will”–so says the scriptures of truth. God is sovereign and He is coming back to set up His government of true peace as King. That is good news; that is the gospel.

  4. Woody

    Just to add another Samuel character to today’s news, I parallel the Clintons to the House of Eli. I can’t imagine a Clinton gaining office anymore.

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