A Simple, Sincere Prayer Away from “The Answer”

This world is in trouble.  America is bankrupt.  It is all teetering on the brink of destruction.  Families and homes are being wrecked through unemployment, brought on by insidious, covert forces.  And yet, all of us earth-dwellers are a whisper away from receiving real answers to our problems.

Humankind is one simple sincere prayer away from contacting The Answer, who is the Author of the Book of Life.  One simple, sincere communique to the Great One.  Just one prayer, one humble request based in true knowledge would yield a release from the stresses and fears plaguing us.

But which god?  “For there are gods many.”  We need to ask the one true God.  But we are to “ask in faith–nothing wavering…Ask, believe, and you shall receive.”  That is the scriptural Rx for answers.  But the catch is that we cannot ask God for things for our self, “to consume it upon our on lusts (desires).”  He doesn’t hear the prayers of the selfish or prideful.

The Renunciation of Self

First, then, there must be a renunciation of our own selfish desires, and then we are to ask the Father and petition Him with our “simple, sincere prayer.”

But man is so full of himself that one of two things happen as he stands so close to receiving The Answer to Life’s Problems.  He either is consumed with his own ego (old self), or he would pray to another god or another concept of the true God, which cannot give him The Answer.

Only One Religion Gets Rid of the Old Self

Only true Christianity–not Churchianity, not the watered-down pablum of Christendom–provides a way for a person to get rid of the old selfish heart we are all born with.  It is done at the cross, which is not taught anymore in denominational churches like it once was 100-200 years ago.

At the cross, we surrender up to God in revelation our old self, identifying its sinful ways with Christ, who took our sins upon Him and actually died as a lost man that day at Calvary.  When He died, our old self died; when He was buried, our old life was buried; when the Spirit entered into Him and raised Him from the dead, we, too, were “raised to walk in a newness of life” by His faith now entered into our new heart.

Now It Is All About Him

And now, after this experience, we communicate with that God, who walked fully in the man Christ.  We call on Him with a simple, sincere prayer, asking for more light that He may reveal to us how better we may serve Him, how better we may be of help to Him as He fashions His earth and the people in it.

We then in our simple, sincere prayer seek to help Him bring in His government  into this old earth.  His soon-coming kingdom–this is His plan and purpose, which is contained in His book, that He, the Author, has already written.

We, then, are a simple, sincere prayer away from touching the heart of the very Creator of this entire universe!  He knows our “frame is dust.”  He knows we are weak and have great needs that only He can fill.  And He is only a simple, sincere whisper away from us.  We need only to take that first step.  Kenneth Wayne Hancock

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