Be Still, Be Patient–Waiting for God in the Telecommunication Age

Tweets, tiny phones, and instant electronic mail producing photos of friends’ faces in vibrant color–friends you’ve been longing to see and couldn’t until the seeming miracle of telecommunications in the 21st Century happens upon you.  It’s intoxicating to ride this speeding bullet we now call our life,  careening now down through time at the speed of light.

The Still Small Voice

But for many of us there’s that “still, small voice” inside that whispers to us, “Be still, and know that I am God” (1).

And we begin to realize that there comes a time when we need to take stock, when we need to get up early in the morning while the stars are still out, a cup of something hot in hand, and look out at the endless blanket of star dust thrown over us, and ponder the One who put it there.

Somebody must leave “the cares of this life” for a moment and think deeply on why we are here, on His purpose for us on the planet, and on what is actually happening on earth.

But that takes a seeking heart, a humble spirit, a hungry soul.  And He will take that heart and create a gnawing need to know the truth–the truth as to why we are here.  And since there is a Creator (just look up at those stars), He must have a specific purpose for all the human vessels that He has created.  I mean, He’s even got a specific purpose for the tiny digestive tract of a flatworm.  How much more for our existence–us whose lives He redeemed when He gave Himself for us.

No.  This is no accident–our lives here on this terrestrial globe, floating serenely as it were through the late spring air.

Waiting for God

The truth as to our destiny to be His actual immortal sons and daughters–the truth as to the evil forces hindering His plan for us–the truth about how we enter into this new walk of awareness–there’s so much to learn.

But we must stop and get off this speed-of-light train long enough to contemplate and savor the things God has for us.  For “blessed are all they that wait for Him” (2).

We have to wait for Him.  “God is light,” but He does not necessarily travel at the speed of light.  We have to wait for Him, for He will check us out to see if we are fit to be a ruler in His new government He’s bringing to earth shortly.  He will prove us and try us to see if we are of the right stuff to be His princes and princesses.  We are children of the King, aren’t we?

And this checking us out involves sufferings and trials and tribulations both in our personal lives and on a worldwide arena.  So it takes patience.

The Crux of the Matter

So the question is this: Are we one of those He calls to love Him enough to endure to the end with Him and His glorious purpose for our lives?  That’s the question we need to ponder under the stars or under the green universe of that giant oak tree, teeming with ring-necked doves and inquisitive squirrels who wonder when we are going to wake up and become what we are supposed to be.

Will we stride forth in the power of the Spirit, or will we strut our stuff, hoping our shaky little world holds up?  Are we a contender or a pretender?  A conqueror or a slave?

So this is what this website is about.  Click on a “Category” of interest to you in the right hand column and read and ponder and, yes, electronically send it to someone you love who needs these words–words that are a distillment of four decades of study and life.

And those who patiently wait for Him have the Father’s promise: “I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you” (3).     Kenneth Wayne Hancock

  1. Psm 46: 10
  2. Isa 30: 18 & 64: 4
  3. John 14: 18 NKJV


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4 responses to “Be Still, Be Patient–Waiting for God in the Telecommunication Age

  1. Hannah

    Thank you so much for your thoughtful words. You inpire me to connect more fully to my creator and live a more purpose driven life. Hey, if the flatworm can, why can’t I? I enjoy reading your posts, and I’m thankful to have a father that cares about deeper, more meaningful things. Your efforts are needed and appreciated.


  2. nice article
    it is englighthing


  3. Thank you, nadahima, for the encouraging words, and thank you for passing this article on to someone you love. God bless. Wayneman

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