The Rise of the Sons and Daughters of God–The Last Shall Be First, and the First Shall Be Last

During the destruction of the Satanic One World Government coming soon to this earth, God shall debut His crowning creation–His sons and daughters (See “Time of the End…” posted June 13, 2009).

The prophets of old and all the apostles spoke of their time, which now is our time in the earth.  They are the fulfillment of God’s eternal purpose in reproducing Himself in the laboratory called earth.  They saw into our time, when God would bestow immortality to a select few (1).

Seeing into the Future

They saw into the future and saw the chosen ones destined for completeness in Christ, perfected because of His Spirit dwelling fully in them.  The apostle Paul said that, aware of it or not, the entire created realm here on earth is “waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God” (2).  The world is groaning for heroes to arrive on the scene.  You can see it in popular culture, books, and movies.  We all want someone to look up to, to lead us out of the political confusion and economic morass we find ourselves in.

All the prophets and apostles saw our day, saw our era when our Father would end the evil reign of our adversay and usher in the return of the King Jesus (Yahshua) along with the princes and princesses of God.  For we must remember that He has promised us that we will sit on thrones as judges in His kingdom.  The overcomers “will sit with Him on His throne” (3).

These overcomers will stride forth, rising like a phoenix out of the ashes of what is left after the Great Tribulation and bring glad tidings of real peace to the remaining inhabitants of the earth after tribulation.

“The Last Shall Be First” and “The First Shall Be Last”

God has saved the best for last.  “The first shall be last,” said the Master.  And these sons and daughters are the first who were in the Father’s heart before the worlds were ever created.  They were in His heart before the Play ever started here on earth and are the end product of His plan to reproduce Himself.  They will come forth during the last act of The Play.  Their entrance onto the world stage has been reserved for our present time–the “last” days.  These also will be the first to “not taste of death”–mortal death.  For their bodies will be changed “in a twinkling of an eye, at the last trump” (4).

And “the last shall be first.”  These glorious offspring of God will be the last on the present scene here on earth.  They will come forth during our present era of time.  They shall be the first to “not taste of death.”  They’ll be the first to be fully manifested, fully matured with the Spirit of God dwelling in them in its fullness.

We now must all pull together to nurture each other, for who knows?  Your brother or sister in Christ just may be one of these future princes or princesses of God.  I should be our goal in life to be yoke-fellows with Christ to help implement God’s plan in the earth.  For these sons and daughters of God will be called out of their present sinful condition, and thr0ugh many growing pains, they shall walk with Him in white.

Kenneth Wayne Hancock

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