The Manifested Sons of God–Overcoming the Law of Sin and Death

The scriptures speak of a special destiny for certain human beings who overcome the pitfalls of their carnal mind.  And the world is waiting breathlessly, waiting for these rare individuals to appear on the scene (1).

They are called the sons and daughters of God, for God is their spiritual Father–not in word only, but in power.  For they will have changed at their core; “old things are passed away” in their new shining life.  They will have picked up The Book and just believed it and walked in it, and they will change history.

The End of the Carnal Mind

The apostle Paul saw their day, which all signs tell us is our day–the latter days.  He saw a group of individuals who through faith would walk the way Christ walked this earth–in purity of purpose, in honor and integrity.  The way they would do this is by receiving a new spirit–God’s Spirit into their hearts.  God’s Spirit will lead and guide them.  Consequently, they will be called the true children of God, for those “who are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God” (2).

These offspring of the Most High, who dwell on earth today, will overcome being carnally minded, which is death.  For “the wages of sin is death” (3).  Therefore, the carnal mind stems from a heart that sins.

The Old Heart

This old heart is the spiritual condition that a person is born with.  It is the core center of natural man Adam and all his earthly offspring.  This old heart is the well from which the mind draws up evil selfish thoughts by the bucket fulls.

Without a spiritual heart transplant, one will continue sinning.  Temptation arises, and like a bull led by a nose ring, the natural carnal minded man and woman succumbs to the temptation.

The Law of Sin and Death

And hereby hangs a law, as inexorable as the law of gravity.  It is called “the law of sin and death.”  It is quite simple to understand.  If you continue in sin and sinning, you will die.

But someone will say, “Well, we are all going to die eventually anyway, so what is the difference?”

Yes, “it is appointed unto man once to die.”  The first death will come for the vast majority–the death of our physical bodies (unless we are alive in Christ when He returns and we are changed).  But it is the “second death” that we need to be concerned with.  For it is the snuffing out of any memory of us and the hope of life in the next dimension–the era of the immortal ones walking on this earth.

So natural man is strapped with his old sinful nature, and try as he might, he cannot rid himself of it in his own strength.

But God has provided a way to escape this hellish condition–a way to be freed from the inevitability of this “law of sin and death” (4).

There is another Law that negates the sin and death law.  It is called “The Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus.”  Receiving His Spirit “makes us free from the law of sin and death” (5).

The children of God will go through the “cross experience” whereby the old heart we are born with will be surrendered up.  A spiritual death will occur as they identify their old self with Christ, who was sent “in the likeness of sinful flesh, and for sin,” through which God “condemned sin in the flesh” (6).

And all this is done in us when we just believe it.  This spiritual state of being “right with God” is when He dwells in us and keeps His own laws in us.  When we walk in accordance with His Spirit, we do not break His Ten Commandment Law (7).

A chosen few, the future manifested sons and daughters of God, called the elect, will experience the above.  They will go deep and answer the “high calling” and make their election sure (8).

These are the sons of God, shining as lights in a dark and “crooked and perverse nation.”  Again, we must ask ourselves, Are we one of them?   Kenneth Wayne Hancock

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3 responses to “The Manifested Sons of God–Overcoming the Law of Sin and Death

  1. Troy

    Holy spirit help us to be sons and daughters of the most high GOD!!!

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