“Our Conversation Is in Heaven”–The Fruit of a New Heart and New Mind

The sons and daughters of God, His princes and princesses, those born of Him–they will have a new conversation.  They will not speak of the things of their old natural life, for now their “conversation is in heaven” (1).  They are like seedlings freshly regenerated from a once hardened seed; they transcend the earthy grave and reach for heaven’s light.  These children of the most High are “risen with Christ” and now “seek those things which are above” (2).

And they realize that their old life is now dead and that their new life is “hid with Christ in God.”  Their old nature and old self dies with Christ on the cross.  And with it dies “whatever belongs to your earthly nature: sexual immorality, impurity, lust, evil desires and greed.”  They begin to see themselves changing, being “transformed by the renewing of their minds” (3). 

“The Mind” Is the Key

Our conversation is determined by the thoughts rattling around in our mind.  Whatever we are thinking about–that is what comes out of our mouth.  But what determines our thoughts?  Christ said that a person’s heart will dictate their thoughts.  “Those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart…evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies” (4).  Those things proceed, of course, from an old heart.  So then, a new heart, infused by the Spirit of God will issue forth thoughts of love, peace, harmony, truth, sharing, and giving.  And these new thoughts will manifest themselves in our new conversation.

Based on Faith and Belief

The new heart of love creates in us new thoughts, which in turn, creates a new conversation.  Our spiritual change then hinges on the new heart He has given us.  And it can only come by our belief  that He has given us it.  Faith is the key (5).  Our new heart, our new center core of being, now renews our mind with truth about God, about who He is, what He is doing, and how we fit into that plan.

This is the fertile bed of truth from which our new mind grows.  Our minds are nourished by the truth.  Falsehoods and misconceptions about God choke out the  seedling minds, and they are left to wither and finally decay for lack of real spiritual food and water.  This is why we are admonished to “purge out the old leaven that the lump may be holy” (6).  This is why we are admonished to beware of false prophets and teachers who will bring in “damnable heresies” (7).   Kenneth Wayne Hancock

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2 responses to ““Our Conversation Is in Heaven”–The Fruit of a New Heart and New Mind

  1. This is a true and good post… Yet one thing I would add… We have an adversary the devil who fights and wars against our minds. Therefore we aren’t just going to have new thoughts because we want them, but because we fight against those thoughts which are not in keeping with our new heart and new mind and bring them into subjection 2 Corinthians 10:5

    So the Christian, who is renewed as he consecrates himself to God and makes an effort to think on those things Philippians 4:8.

  2. Very true, Calledsoldiers. Yes, we must fight the good fight of faith, putting on “the whole armor of God,” who is Truth and Spirit. Infusing our minds with THE TRUTH is paramount in fighting against the “wiles of the devil.” And therein ‘lies the rub.’ There is a famine in the land. The truth is precious and a rare commodity in these present evil last days. We all must pant after it as the hart does for the spring of water that refreshes him while he is being stalked by the roaring lion.

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