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The Manifestation of the Sons of God–What the World Needs Now

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This world has one major need right now at the beginning of the 21st Century.  The world doesn’t need another politician telling the people what they want to hear.  The world doesn’t need a steady robust economy to help it through the hard times that have been prophesied upon it.  No.  The world needs the sons of God to arrive on the scene.  They must come forth for these last days.

The whole creation, the apostle Paul wrote, (whether it knows it or not), is anxiously awaiting the sons of God to come upon the world stage.  For the sons of God will have something that all mortals walking the face of the earth must have.  They will have the key that will set the whole creation free from the chains of a certain physical death.  These children of the Most High are God’s elect, His sons made in His image, and they are what this world needs.  They are the ones who will have cut through all of the deception and vice in this world system.  They alone will see the Spirit and walk in the Spirit and be filled with the Spirit of the living Yahweh.  They will build the old waste places and build the spiritual walls to the heavenly city.

Why the World Needs the Sons of God

The creation has purposely been subjected to mortality by its Creator God. The impending gloom of a certain death is no accident or aberration of God’s  original  plan.  It  has  been  His  will  all  along  for  death  to  come to all living.  And then, a few mortals will be brought by Him to an awareness of the abiding power of His spiritual presence and will become His actual spiritual children. He will change them and will engulf them with immortality one day soon.   And it is through them that the whole creation will finally come to know this glorious liberty from a certain physical death. The creation waits in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed.  For the creation was subjected to frustration, not by its own choice, but by the will of the one who subjected it, in hope that the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the glorious freedom of the children of God. Romans 8:19-21, NIV. 

     Every living thing on this planet will die; the whole creation will decay and go back to dust.  And we, this earthly creation, are “in bondage of corruption,” as it says in the King James Version.

The word “corruption” is translated from the Greek word phthora, #5356 in Strong’s.  It means “decay.”  Its root comes from #5351 phthio, to waste, shrivel, or wither.  We, the creation, are bound to become decaying matter someday.  And all of us, be we religious or not, are groaning under the impending physical doom that awaits us.

All of us have a built in desire to live forever.  Every ancient culture, without exception, was concerned with this impending gloom of an early exit from life.  All the ancient religions were concerned about how to secure immortality  for  the  mortal.   And  so  it  is  with religions today.  Man keeps on waiting, waiting, waiting for something real that will happen in order to deliver them from a certain death.

The creation is like the wife of the Creator, who is in the  deep  pains  of childbirth.  She is struggling to deliver her  children,  the  sons  of God.  For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now.  And not only they, but ourselves also, which have the firstfruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of our body. Romans 8: 22-23, KJV.

The whole creation is anxiously awaiting the arrival of the sons of God because they are the first ones who will be released from mortality’s chains.  They will be the first ones who will not have to taste death.  And then after they are made known, the creation can look forward to its redemption.  That is how important the sons of God are.  When they are adopted or placed as sons, then a new era begins—an era where immortals will stride the earth, showing forth God’s way.

We Who Have Some Truth Also Desperately Need the Sons of God

Just look around us.  What do we see in every corner?  We see lurid trash in political high places, filthy-minded  movies and TV.  There is no shame to the world system.  And it is not getting any better.  So we try to lock in on the word of God.  We endeavor to glimpse a truth here, a truth there.  Some of us are trying to lead a holy life, but we “see through a glass darkly.”  We know, or should know that we are not walking in all truth.  For if we were, we would be bearing the same spiritual fruit as the prophets and apostles of God.  And we can’t seem to get in agreement and one accord with other sincere followers of Christ.

As  a  large  body  of  people,  we  can’t  see  eye  to   eye enough to get together.  Divisions abound.  We, if we are blessed, have a place to meet with a few other people who share some of our own beliefs, but something is dras-tically missing.  The unity of the Spirit is only a dream, for one group does not see eye to eye with another.  We are to be in one mind and one accord, and yet, who is to say just what that one mind is?  Who has the authority to say for sure anything?  Who has a sure word? There are several thousand “Christian” denominations, and they are growing exponentially daily.  There is probably a different concept of God and His plan for every one of His professing followers.

And it appears that the enemy is gaining ground, and we, the body of Christ, because of our disagreements and lack of unity, are seemingly losing ground as far as any “great move of truth” is concerned.

So what is the answer to this dilemma?  It is as if Yahweh Himself is needed to come down and just flat appear to His select few, whoever they are!  That would clear up the dim vision of those He has chosen.  They would definitely “get on the same page” after that shared glorious experience.  In the light of His own countenance and glow filling the room each would be in, He would straighten out off-concepts, purge out old leaven, old hypocrisies, and false concepts of Himself.  There would be no self-delusion if the King Himself came down to a handful!

Then a fire would well up from out of their bones!  Then they would cry to His people in His stead.  They would be His voice with his word welling up and out as springs gush out making rivers where dry land once was.

That is what we all need.  We need a sure word.  We need the Captain of our faith Himself to get a cadre of His brothers to catch on fire and, in turn, ignite the world.  We need a group of people baptized with the Spirit and with fire.   We need them!   We groan within ourselves, longing for someone to stand in the gap between God and the world.

That is the only thing that will ever turn this world upside down—if the people of the world were ready and knew they had a need for God in human form, had a need for the sons of the living God.

This whole creation is crying and groaning looking for someone sincere and true to believe in.  The heroes are gone; the people run to their idols of music and movies.  Those are their gods—gods who cannot see or hear them and their longings and needs, for their gods can see no one but themselves.  The whole creation does not know it, but they are groaning and longing for the manifestation of the sons of God.  And these sons will walk with the Lamb wherever He goes, for they shall be like Him.  These are they who will do the greater works that the Master spoke of.

It All Hinges on the Sons, But Do They Know Who They Are?

Yes, the manifestation of the sons of God is of extreme importance in God’s plan, but do they know who they are?  Do they realize their calling that He has placed on them?   Do  they  know  that  He  knew  them  long  before their earthly sojourn began?  Do they at present realize that  He  has  already  given  them  a  glorious   destiny—a destiny that has them justified from sin, set apart for this special work, and also glorified from heaven?  Does God’s elect, His chosen ones, know these things?

Have they called on His name and restored their heart back to Him?  But if they haven’t believed on Him, then how are they to call on Him?  And how can they believe on this God if they have never heard Him, never heard His Spirit, never heard Him who is the Word?  They are going to have to hear Him being spoken out of the mouth of another son in order to believe on Him.  And how shall these prospective sons hear unless there be a preacher?  And who is really going to be effective as a preacher?  The world is full of preachers.  Anyone who thinks they have heard from God calls himself a preacher.  The future sons will be reached by those who proclaim the truth.  And these proclaimers will be sentFor whosoever shall call upon the name of Yahweh shall be saved.  How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher?  And how shall they preach, except they be sent?  

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Conversations with the Seer–Heirs of God and Joint-heirs With Christ

(Formerly in Israel, if a man went to inquire of God, he would say, “Come, let us go to the seer,” because the prophet of today used to be called a Seer. I Samuel 9: 9)

I asked the Seer, the Teacher of Righteousness, “The Scriptures say that we are now heirs of God and joint-heirs with Christ (1).  How do we become that?”

“It is all in Him.  For in the end He will be all in all (2).  We must decrease; He must increase in us to the point that He is all (3).  At that time it will only be Yahweh in His fullness walking around in us here on earth.  There will no longer be any more ‘us’ involved.”

“We will cease to exist?”

“In essence, yes.  For we now have the same testimony as the early apostles when we say, ‘It is no longer I that lives, but Christ that lives in me’ (4).  We now live by His Spirit of the anointed truth dwelling within our new hearts.”

“How does this happen?”

The Seer looked into my eyes and on down into my heart, searching for sincerity.  Having found it, he answered, “It is by faith.  By believing, having not seen as yet.”

“How do we step out in faith?”

“We must reckon it so.  We must count it as done (5).  The Creator has revealed His truth to us.  He has said that our old sinful lives are a thing of the past.  They are crucified with Christ on the cross.  We must reckon it so by faith in what He said, even if we don’t understand it fully.  The understanding and comprehension of how it happens takes place after we reckon it done.”

“You mean, Just like that!  Reckon it so and it is done?”

“When we reckon the truth of God accomplished in our lives, we are merely doing  what God has already done.  For He had faith first in His own plan and ability to accomplish it in our pathetic little earthly lives (6).  He gave us this destiny before of old, before we ever came forth from our mother’s womb.  He knew us and pre-destined us for this very purpose: to work out a glorious future in our lives, guided by His very Spirit” (7).

“So we count it done in our lives?”

“Whatever He said in His word concerning our walk with Him on this earth–we have merely to believe it by reckoning it done by His Spirit, not by our own power.  And He will, like He did for Abraham, account it unto us for righteousness.”

“Abraham, the father of our faith.”

“Yes.  But why was he the father of our faith?  Because he believed God, and it was accounted unto him for righteousness by God (8).  God said that He could live a righteous life right here on earth, and Abraham just believed Him, and it was so.  Many promises are made by God to His people, but they don’t believe it, and therefore, it never happens.”

“Like what?”

“Man’s wisdom teaches that a person cannot stop sinning, but the Spirit spoke through His apostles and taught the opposite.  The truth says, Whosoever is born of God does not commit sin (9).  Man limits God’s power through his unbelief in what God said.  They have no faith.  They believe what fearful and unbelieving man says and not what God says.  They believe that man is still a sinner because they teach that natural man with his old Adamic heart retains that old heart after his ‘conversion.’  They never get to the root of the problem.  They never get old Adam to the cross where their old heart can die with Christ.”

“But they say that they believe God.”

“Yes, but their words betray them, for they only say, and do not.  They do not believe the simplest of His words, ‘With man it is impossible.  But with God all things are possible’ (10).  Even to live a righteous life.  For you see, we must realize that Christ was made to be sin for us (11) so that we could recieve His Spirit and walk with Him.  They don’t teach the truth of how we must identify our old sinful heart with Christ that day, die, and through faith in the operation of God that raised up Christ from the dead, walk in a newness of life–new in that it is a life that is free from sin and sinning (12).  When He died, our old self died and the sinful core of our being with it.

“Since they never teach the truth that old man Adam dies out at the cross, then they can’t fathom a person living without sin in their lives.  When actually it is no longer our original sinning self that lives, but now the Spirit of Christ that lives in these mortal bodies!  This is what they don’t believe.”

“So then, those that don’t believe this first principle cannot be the heirs of God?”

The Seer looked at me and smiled.  “Precisely.  A vessel cannot inherit God while still thrashing selfishly about the earth, interested only in pumping up their own ego.”

“The heirs of God, then, reach that spiritual plateau through humility.”

“Precisely,” said the Seer.      KWH

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Receiving Immortality and Overcoming Death, Our “Last Enemy”

The saddest, darkest, and most hopeless day is to believe that when we and our loved ones die, then that’s it; there’s no tomorrow.  Death is our “last enemy.”  And Death stalks us, and our minds scurry away from it.  Our mortal condition haunts us and causes us to at times run and hide from having to think about Death.

But God has made a promise–that all those who believe in the Savior will be rewarded in receiving immortality.  This is our hope (1).    Our day of adoption into this immortal realm is when we receive our immortal spiritual bodies in the future on a certain date (2).

Many of His followers will have to face the fact that their earthly bodies will expire before that glorious date comes (3).  The encouraging part is that He has given a portion of His Spirit to them.  They carry His Spirit within their mortal bodies.  And with it, they not only “put to death” old deeds of the flesh, but also bear spiritual gifts to the unenlightened–to help them enter into the truth.

For His promise to us is that even if we die this earthly death before that certain date in the future, He will grant unto us a new immortal body and with it everlasting life.  So whether we die or whether we live on till He come back, we are assured in our hearts, when we believe that He will do what He said He will do in granting us immortality.

He grants unto us His mortal believers His Spirit, which is a down payment, a kind of spiritual earnest “money,” if you will, until that day (4).   We then wield the Spirit as a sword, cutting off every thought of minds that come against the truth.  Every grudge, every insincere gesture, every fear do we deal a death blow.  In so doing, we shall have an abundant door provided unto us to enter His Kingdom of the Immortals (5).       Kenneth Wayne Hancock

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Ten Reasons You Should Own Gold For “The Last Days”

For 6,000 years, Adam and his descendants have used gold as the ultimate store of value.  Gold is real money; it is biblical and has been  the “money that answers all things”  that pertains to the earthly portion of our spiritual sojourn.

A wise man once said, “That which has been is now, and that which is to be has already been, and God requires the things of the past” (Ecclesiastes 3: 15).  Gold “has been” real money in the past, and it is “now” real money.   And God is requiring us, His children, to wake up to the fact that gold will play a huge part in our survival for these last days.

Confirmation as to gold’s importance to us comes from these secular sources provided by Aurum Advisors:

  1. The Stimulus Effect: Including $1 trillion in cash infusions, the stimulus plan will pump $9.7 trillion into the economy, according to Bloomberg. As the Globe & Mail reports flatly, “Many believe that the monetary stimulus efforts will cause a spike in inflation,” driving gold higher.
  2. COMEX Traders Predict $1,600 Gold… by December: If gold trades at or above $1,600 by December, some 100,000 call option contracts will be “in the money.” Big-money players Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan are reportedly helping to drive the action, ahead of a huge purchase of gold futures contracts.
  3. “Big Money” Inflows: In 2008, NYC-based hedge fund Paulson & Co’s flagship fund returned 37%, as the world markets burned. Paulson’s bullish on gold, big time, including the Mar. 17 purchase of 39.9 million shares of AngloGold, worth $1.28 billion. Other major hedge funds are piling into gold, too, including Eton Park Capital, Green light Capital and Hayman Advisors.
  4. China’s Doubling Down! China just revealed that it has doubled its gold holdings to 1,054 tons. Yet that still only equals 1.6% of its overall reserves. As China moves out of U.S. Treasuries and into gold, this will help fuel the next leg of the run-up.
  5. Demand Building across the Board: Worldwide demand for gold jumped by $29.7 billion in the first quarter, a 36% bolt, according to the World Gold Council. Demand for gold ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) rocketed 540%… another trigger for the coming gold boom.
  6. The Paper Dollar’s 30% Drop: Since 2001, the U.S. Dollar Index has tanked 30%… while gold has risen 300%. With all the downward pressure on the dollar, and inflation on the way, this trend is about to pick up steam.
  7. Gold/Dow Ratio Signals $8,000 Gold: During major gold bull markets (and corresponding equity bears), gold and the Dow converge at a 1-to-1 ratio. During the last gold bull, the Dow sank to 850 and gold rose to $850. The Dow is now over 8,000… But even if it fell to 4,000, we could see $4,000 gold before this bull run is over!
  8. U.S. Treasury Dept. Signals $5,468 Gold: Currently, the U.S. government holds about 286.9 million ounces of gold. It has printed about $1.569 trillion worth of paper dollars. If each dollar were backed by gold, that would put the price at $5,468.80 an ounce.
  9. Riding the “Commodity Super Cycle”: Jim Rogers expects the Commodity Super Cycle to drive commodity prices higher for another eight years… including gold. And he’s stockpiling the yellow metal by the day. Every pullback, says Rogers, is another buying opportunity. Considering he’s been dead right on every major trend of the past 40 years, we wouldn’t bet against him.
  10. Historic Model Predicts $6,214 Gold: During the last gold bull, the yellow metal ran from $35 an ounce to $850, a 24-fold increase. This bull started with gold at $255.95, meaning that if historic trends hold, the price target would be $6,214 an ounce [ ].

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