Conversations with the Seer–Heirs of God and Joint-heirs With Christ

(Formerly in Israel, if a man went to inquire of God, he would say, “Come, let us go to the seer,” because the prophet of today used to be called a Seer. I Samuel 9: 9)

I asked the Seer, the Teacher of Righteousness, “The Scriptures say that we are now heirs of God and joint-heirs with Christ (1).  How do we become that?”

“It is all in Him.  For in the end He will be all in all (2).  We must decrease; He must increase in us to the point that He is all (3).  At that time it will only be Yahweh in His fullness walking around in us here on earth.  There will no longer be any more ‘us’ involved.”

“We will cease to exist?”

“In essence, yes.  For we now have the same testimony as the early apostles when we say, ‘It is no longer I that lives, but Christ that lives in me’ (4).  We now live by His Spirit of the anointed truth dwelling within our new hearts.”

“How does this happen?”

The Seer looked into my eyes and on down into my heart, searching for sincerity.  Having found it, he answered, “It is by faith.  By believing, having not seen as yet.”

“How do we step out in faith?”

“We must reckon it so.  We must count it as done (5).  The Creator has revealed His truth to us.  He has said that our old sinful lives are a thing of the past.  They are crucified with Christ on the cross.  We must reckon it so by faith in what He said, even if we don’t understand it fully.  The understanding and comprehension of how it happens takes place after we reckon it done.”

“You mean, Just like that!  Reckon it so and it is done?”

“When we reckon the truth of God accomplished in our lives, we are merely doing  what God has already done.  For He had faith first in His own plan and ability to accomplish it in our pathetic little earthly lives (6).  He gave us this destiny before of old, before we ever came forth from our mother’s womb.  He knew us and pre-destined us for this very purpose: to work out a glorious future in our lives, guided by His very Spirit” (7).

“So we count it done in our lives?”

“Whatever He said in His word concerning our walk with Him on this earth–we have merely to believe it by reckoning it done by His Spirit, not by our own power.  And He will, like He did for Abraham, account it unto us for righteousness.”

“Abraham, the father of our faith.”

“Yes.  But why was he the father of our faith?  Because he believed God, and it was accounted unto him for righteousness by God (8).  God said that He could live a righteous life right here on earth, and Abraham just believed Him, and it was so.  Many promises are made by God to His people, but they don’t believe it, and therefore, it never happens.”

“Like what?”

“Man’s wisdom teaches that a person cannot stop sinning, but the Spirit spoke through His apostles and taught the opposite.  The truth says, Whosoever is born of God does not commit sin (9).  Man limits God’s power through his unbelief in what God said.  They have no faith.  They believe what fearful and unbelieving man says and not what God says.  They believe that man is still a sinner because they teach that natural man with his old Adamic heart retains that old heart after his ‘conversion.’  They never get to the root of the problem.  They never get old Adam to the cross where their old heart can die with Christ.”

“But they say that they believe God.”

“Yes, but their words betray them, for they only say, and do not.  They do not believe the simplest of His words, ‘With man it is impossible.  But with God all things are possible’ (10).  Even to live a righteous life.  For you see, we must realize that Christ was made to be sin for us (11) so that we could recieve His Spirit and walk with Him.  They don’t teach the truth of how we must identify our old sinful heart with Christ that day, die, and through faith in the operation of God that raised up Christ from the dead, walk in a newness of life–new in that it is a life that is free from sin and sinning (12).  When He died, our old self died and the sinful core of our being with it.

“Since they never teach the truth that old man Adam dies out at the cross, then they can’t fathom a person living without sin in their lives.  When actually it is no longer our original sinning self that lives, but now the Spirit of Christ that lives in these mortal bodies!  This is what they don’t believe.”

“So then, those that don’t believe this first principle cannot be the heirs of God?”

The Seer looked at me and smiled.  “Precisely.  A vessel cannot inherit God while still thrashing selfishly about the earth, interested only in pumping up their own ego.”

“The heirs of God, then, reach that spiritual plateau through humility.”

“Precisely,” said the Seer.      KWH

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3 responses to “Conversations with the Seer–Heirs of God and Joint-heirs With Christ

  1. Sara

    Can you outline exactly what constitutes a “sin”? If you have already tackled this in one of your posts, can you direct me to it?
    Love your posts! Keep it up…I know your wisdom from God is enlightening many.

  2. Hello, Sara. Excellent question that, it seems, few have the answer to. What is sin? The biblical definition is “sin is the transgression of the law” (I John 3- 4). Which law? In short, The Ten Commandments. Read more here: and I hope this helps. KWH

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