The Manifestation of the Sons of God–What the World Needs Now

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This world has one major need right now at the beginning of the 21st Century.  The world doesn’t need another politician telling the people what they want to hear.  The world doesn’t need a steady robust economy to help it through the hard times that have been prophesied upon it.  No.  The world needs the sons of God to arrive on the scene.  They must come forth for these last days.

The whole creation, the apostle Paul wrote, (whether it knows it or not), is anxiously awaiting the sons of God to come upon the world stage.  For the sons of God will have something that all mortals walking the face of the earth must have.  They will have the key that will set the whole creation free from the chains of a certain physical death.  These children of the Most High are God’s elect, His sons made in His image, and they are what this world needs.  They are the ones who will have cut through all of the deception and vice in this world system.  They alone will see the Spirit and walk in the Spirit and be filled with the Spirit of the living Yahweh.  They will build the old waste places and build the spiritual walls to the heavenly city.

Why the World Needs the Sons of God

The creation has purposely been subjected to mortality by its Creator God. The impending gloom of a certain death is no accident or aberration of God’s  original  plan.  It  has  been  His  will  all  along  for  death  to  come to all living.  And then, a few mortals will be brought by Him to an awareness of the abiding power of His spiritual presence and will become His actual spiritual children. He will change them and will engulf them with immortality one day soon.   And it is through them that the whole creation will finally come to know this glorious liberty from a certain physical death. The creation waits in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed.  For the creation was subjected to frustration, not by its own choice, but by the will of the one who subjected it, in hope that the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the glorious freedom of the children of God. Romans 8:19-21, NIV. 

     Every living thing on this planet will die; the whole creation will decay and go back to dust.  And we, this earthly creation, are “in bondage of corruption,” as it says in the King James Version.

The word “corruption” is translated from the Greek word phthora, #5356 in Strong’s.  It means “decay.”  Its root comes from #5351 phthio, to waste, shrivel, or wither.  We, the creation, are bound to become decaying matter someday.  And all of us, be we religious or not, are groaning under the impending physical doom that awaits us.

All of us have a built in desire to live forever.  Every ancient culture, without exception, was concerned with this impending gloom of an early exit from life.  All the ancient religions were concerned about how to secure immortality  for  the  mortal.   And  so  it  is  with religions today.  Man keeps on waiting, waiting, waiting for something real that will happen in order to deliver them from a certain death.

The creation is like the wife of the Creator, who is in the  deep  pains  of childbirth.  She is struggling to deliver her  children,  the  sons  of God.  For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now.  And not only they, but ourselves also, which have the firstfruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of our body. Romans 8: 22-23, KJV.

The whole creation is anxiously awaiting the arrival of the sons of God because they are the first ones who will be released from mortality’s chains.  They will be the first ones who will not have to taste death.  And then after they are made known, the creation can look forward to its redemption.  That is how important the sons of God are.  When they are adopted or placed as sons, then a new era begins—an era where immortals will stride the earth, showing forth God’s way.

We Who Have Some Truth Also Desperately Need the Sons of God

Just look around us.  What do we see in every corner?  We see lurid trash in political high places, filthy-minded  movies and TV.  There is no shame to the world system.  And it is not getting any better.  So we try to lock in on the word of God.  We endeavor to glimpse a truth here, a truth there.  Some of us are trying to lead a holy life, but we “see through a glass darkly.”  We know, or should know that we are not walking in all truth.  For if we were, we would be bearing the same spiritual fruit as the prophets and apostles of God.  And we can’t seem to get in agreement and one accord with other sincere followers of Christ.

As  a  large  body  of  people,  we  can’t  see  eye  to   eye enough to get together.  Divisions abound.  We, if we are blessed, have a place to meet with a few other people who share some of our own beliefs, but something is dras-tically missing.  The unity of the Spirit is only a dream, for one group does not see eye to eye with another.  We are to be in one mind and one accord, and yet, who is to say just what that one mind is?  Who has the authority to say for sure anything?  Who has a sure word? There are several thousand “Christian” denominations, and they are growing exponentially daily.  There is probably a different concept of God and His plan for every one of His professing followers.

And it appears that the enemy is gaining ground, and we, the body of Christ, because of our disagreements and lack of unity, are seemingly losing ground as far as any “great move of truth” is concerned.

So what is the answer to this dilemma?  It is as if Yahweh Himself is needed to come down and just flat appear to His select few, whoever they are!  That would clear up the dim vision of those He has chosen.  They would definitely “get on the same page” after that shared glorious experience.  In the light of His own countenance and glow filling the room each would be in, He would straighten out off-concepts, purge out old leaven, old hypocrisies, and false concepts of Himself.  There would be no self-delusion if the King Himself came down to a handful!

Then a fire would well up from out of their bones!  Then they would cry to His people in His stead.  They would be His voice with his word welling up and out as springs gush out making rivers where dry land once was.

That is what we all need.  We need a sure word.  We need the Captain of our faith Himself to get a cadre of His brothers to catch on fire and, in turn, ignite the world.  We need a group of people baptized with the Spirit and with fire.   We need them!   We groan within ourselves, longing for someone to stand in the gap between God and the world.

That is the only thing that will ever turn this world upside down—if the people of the world were ready and knew they had a need for God in human form, had a need for the sons of the living God.

This whole creation is crying and groaning looking for someone sincere and true to believe in.  The heroes are gone; the people run to their idols of music and movies.  Those are their gods—gods who cannot see or hear them and their longings and needs, for their gods can see no one but themselves.  The whole creation does not know it, but they are groaning and longing for the manifestation of the sons of God.  And these sons will walk with the Lamb wherever He goes, for they shall be like Him.  These are they who will do the greater works that the Master spoke of.

It All Hinges on the Sons, But Do They Know Who They Are?

Yes, the manifestation of the sons of God is of extreme importance in God’s plan, but do they know who they are?  Do they realize their calling that He has placed on them?   Do  they  know  that  He  knew  them  long  before their earthly sojourn began?  Do they at present realize that  He  has  already  given  them  a  glorious   destiny—a destiny that has them justified from sin, set apart for this special work, and also glorified from heaven?  Does God’s elect, His chosen ones, know these things?

Have they called on His name and restored their heart back to Him?  But if they haven’t believed on Him, then how are they to call on Him?  And how can they believe on this God if they have never heard Him, never heard His Spirit, never heard Him who is the Word?  They are going to have to hear Him being spoken out of the mouth of another son in order to believe on Him.  And how shall these prospective sons hear unless there be a preacher?  And who is really going to be effective as a preacher?  The world is full of preachers.  Anyone who thinks they have heard from God calls himself a preacher.  The future sons will be reached by those who proclaim the truth.  And these proclaimers will be sentFor whosoever shall call upon the name of Yahweh shall be saved.  How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher?  And how shall they preach, except they be sent?  

[This is chapter one of The Unveiling of the Sons of God. Be sure to order your free copy while supplies last]

Kenneth Wayne Hancock




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78 responses to “The Manifestation of the Sons of God–What the World Needs Now

  1. tophet144

    ‘.. the son of man in his day will be like the lightning, which flashes and lights up the sky from one end to the other.. it will be just like this on the day the son of man is revealed.” – “Let there be light” – “The glory of the Lord shall be revealed and all flesh shall see it together..” “where sin increased, grace increased all the more.”

    • The Son of God shall indeed return literally and physically to the troubled earth in a tremendously momentous occasion. He will also return in a body of many sons and daughters at the end of this age. WH

  2. very nice information I am impressed
    keep good work

  3. dewitt

    the “fig tree” israel begin to put forth leaves again in the last century. That generation in Matthew 24 is to see the return of Jesus. What am i missing?

    • Hey, Dewitt, thanks for the comment and question. I believe that we are living in the last generation where some of that generation which began in 1948, some of them will be alive when Christ returns. The generation that saw the United States War Between the States in 1861-1865, all that generation has passed away. Some of them lived into the 1960’s, but they are all gone now. Well, when Jesus/Yahshua comes back,there will be some alive who were alive in 1948. That is how I read it. There is, however, many things that must take place before that time comes–like the Temple being rebuilt in Jerusalem and the AntiChrist standing in the temple. And many more things before He sets up His kingdom here on earth. KWH

    • It’s not a chronological generation but the Church generation!

  4. Powerful writeup.It is the message for the time.Let the spirit of God prick the heart of His people not to be at ease anymore for the time for action is now.May God ignite His fire in their bones.

    • Thank you, Dan, for your comment and encouragement. And thanks for getting the word out about manifested sonship. It is a reality soon coming for His elect. God bless you and yours. kwh

  5. Destiny

    I am soooooo delighted to have found this write up on waking this morning. I’m from the Caribbean and the Holy Spirit has been speaking many of these same truths into my spirit and its been phenomenal. Of course when He speaks there’s change and transformation as a result of the renewed mind. Sons of God indeed —- May we arise in this hour and display to the world who our God is. May we be the true reflection of Yahweh. May we blaze with the fire of God that can not be quenched. May we seek after His truth and live in the TRUTH — the whole TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH, so help us Great Jehovah. Thanks so much for your writing – Be Glorified King Jesus!

    • Thank you so much for your inspiring words, Destiny. It is thrilling to me to make contact with my spiritual brothers and sisters in the world. Your comment was inspiring to me. Please stay in touch and comment again. Where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am, He said. Electronically now, for I cannot be there with you all. But I feel His presence. May Yah continue to bless you. Kenneth Wayne Hancock

  6. keem

    Thank you very much, am currently writing a movie on the manifestations of GOD’s sons, your work has really inspired me

  7. Sonny

    Many are called, but few are chosen. In Isa 55 God says “HEAR” and I will give you the sure mercies of David, who wrote psalms about what God wants to do for you. He wants to make the WORD come alive IN you, and demonstrate to the world, feet like hinds feet, wings like eagles, run and not be weary, etc. etc. etc., and ps 89:20 beat down your foes before your face. That’s kinda like you know what I be hearin

  8. Great article, sir. I truly believe that the revealing of the sons is connected to the acknowledgement of the names of Yahweh and Yahshua.

    • thegirljo, thank you for your comment; I agree 100 per cent that the sacred names is a profound revelation that the 100 fold offspring of God will definitely have revealed to them in our age, a pre-requisite, as it were, for being a prince and bearing spiritual fruit of the ultimate magnitude. kwhancock

  9. Jane

    I tossed and turned and could not sleep. I turned to the word and read psalm 18 that I had come upon a few days prior. Then felt compelled to look up the word about the earth groaning as I am currently teaching my boys bout volcanoes and earthquakes and all disastrous related events the earth throws. I stumbled upon your word and was blown away and filled with passion.
    My son declares he is going to live forever and I have longed since forever to have Enoch as my role model; he walked so closely with Hod that he skipped death and went straight to be with him!
    To be truly set free.
    I have been set free from the pains of childbirth through the book supernatural childbirth so if that is possible then why not death as well??

    • Jane, thank you so much for the comment. This message of what God really is doing in “bringing many sons (and daughters) unto glory” and what that entails does stir one’s soul and spirit with passion. He wants His people stirred up and excited and joyful in a real way, His way, concerning the good news of His government coming to this earth, along with the righteousness that will be brought with it. Stay in touch, my sister. kwh

  10. Sherry Baker

    I needed to read this. It is awesome confirmation of what’s going on in my life. God himself have been instructing me with visions, dreams and his presence. He told me everything you said in this article. But I have found no one to date but one person who haven’t call me crazy for saying I am hearing from God. I have been tested and tried and been taught everything I know by God, I have been taught how to walk in his character, how to use his word only for my source and I can do nothing without him. It is time for us to stop giving Satan so much power.God has already defeated Satan. God is supreme and will always be King of Kings and Lord of Lords of everything and everyone. Satan is running scared right now because he knows that the manifestion on the sons of God is happening as I speak, because I can truly say God has been raising me up for this time. And I am not a preacher and never had a desire to be one. But God is in charge of my life and I will always be obedient to him and his word, because I belong to him. Thank you for such a great article. God Bless you.

    • Thank you, Sherry, for commenting. It means so much to me to hear from my brothers and sisters concerning God’s move in their lives. Yes, we are getting closer and closer to being those prepared vessels like the prophets and apostles of old, and Satan just cannot stand it, and he will try his best to thwart God’s move in the earth, which is the unveiling of His sons and daughters. May God continue to use you and grow in you to full maturity. kwhancock

  11. Hi. Did you know that the law refers to true love. God wants to love and be loved. I found true love, and God divorced me. I have experienced death and now I am alive forever and ever! God told me that I am his son. Is this what you are waiting for?

    • Hey, lawoflove. Thanks for the comment and question. God is love; God is Spirit or an Action of loving. Love fulfills the whole law. When through the resurrection experience inside our hearts we receive God/Love/Spirit, then He inside of us keeps the law, for we in our own strength cannot successfully keep it, try as we might. So we have to die on the cross with Christ, thereby laying down our lives for others as Christ did, thereby exhibiting the same “greater love has no man than this, to lay down his life for his friends.” But this is just the beginning, the foundation to build on. There is so much more in God’s plan of saving and restoring the world as He brings every thing and every person under His governance in His kingdom.

      • Hi wayneman, thanks for your reply. True love is when we want to love and be loved. This is the law for love is the fulfilment of the law. I received a telepathic offer of love from my true love Hannah whilst married to Maria who’d inadvertently deceived me in love though she was only obeying law with a lie because she wanted to be loved. I loved my wife but it transpired she did not love me. I’d received proof of it but it took 16-17 years of love. God approached me and asked me to use my knowledge of his laws to be divorced. I did not know the answer or so I thought so God let the devil help me to give me freedom of choice to maintain freewill needed for love and life. It turns out that the denial of love is prohibited by law, i.e. love is undeniable by law. I’d lied but even so God still divorced me as he said he cannot deny himself. (God is love). So I died. God showed me his creation of time and the earth and said its purpose is near completion and he asked me if I’d like to help him. I agreed to help so God gave me new life and sent me back to earth. To deny love or be denied love is prohibited by law – it breaks law i.e. it is sin to deny or be denied love. Check it out. Once again, is this what you are waiting for?

      • Lawoflove, To answer your question, is what you are saying what I am waiting for? No, I am waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God, who will be the ones to let Love be shed abroad in their hearts. We both agree that God is love, but we differ on the interpretation of the law and how it relates to love. But that’s okay; we are “all looking through a glass darkly,” as Paul the apostle says. God bless you. kwh

  12. Hello kwh. Thanks for your quick reply. You agree that death is the end of the law of marriage, yes? What I’m trying to say is that I died and in the process the Commandments were obeyed and fulfilled. That’s all. God bless you too. Love, Mike.

  13. Hi. I’d like to back up my revelation by just reiterating that the denial of love hurts and may even lead to death in some cases. This is why God lives by law. And this is why I offered God my life to be divorced – for true love. I did not know that love is undeniable by law at the time of my death but I did realise on being offered love that if I failed to die then I would deny love and break law as I was married at the time. As I said earlier I am the son of God and his messenger. God sent me to help him. I liked your intro (chapter 1) which is why I felt the desire to respond to your article with good news of finding the kingdom of God, namely, true love. I am not God and cannot therefore offer you love, but I can offer you my knowledge of God, as his son.

  14. Gaylord Powers Allin

    I Am one of the sons. The reason the bride spins and toils is that she continues to lean to her own understanding and refuses to confess her sins one to another. She continues to disobey because it is self that she is deceived by and no other. Your Daddy loves you and will do the work if only you would confess that you are nothing without Him. He is the only good that is in us all. Yet self try’s to claim His goodness. Die to self through confession and( lean not to your own understanding). Do not tarry! Go to Daddy only to get confirmation on these words. No man is good, but the Father. Much love and grace to those who believe. Believe means to act as though is true. Go to Galatians 4 ( He comes for his bride with great speed. ( meaning days)

  15. Mpetukana Nonkanyiso

    I can identify with what is said in this passage. We are groaning for revival to come. The revelation of the thruth through the elect sons of God.

  16. God is anxiously raising his davids that will bring down the heads of the Goliaths of our days; the days of Hophni and Phinehas are over. we are eagerly longing for this revival manifesting itself from our lives.

    • Jonathan, so true, my brother. Preparation of our hearts with true knowledge (getting our ducks in a row) and timing (His timing) is the key. When these two meet, then He will have manifested fully His Spirit in His people. kwh

  17. Isaak

    Very interesting. we all strugle to know the truth. I will keep up with you all.

  18. thought the bible says sons, and not son, the minister got it right but seem others are getting it twisted there

  19. Eva Inikori

    The unveiling of The Sons of God is indeed what is needed to set creation free.
    The truths you have shared are very deep revelations, only possible by The Spirit of God making it known to you.
    God bless you!

    • Eva, thanks for your comment. A body of many sons and daughters is His crowning creation. We are on the road, thanks to His mercy and grace to us and so far to go, but with His Spirit leading us we shall enter the Promised Land in these latter days. Thanks again. kwhancock

  20. magnus. uzoejinwa

    I was really blessed reading your article. I’ll wish to have more. Thank you

    • Thanks, Magnus. I am very glad that it has been a help to you. Stay in touch. Hundreds of other articles on this site coming from the same place this came from. Thanks for visiting. wh

  21. Adam was created to live forever. After he sinned, he was infested with demons. Because of this demonic bondage, his physical body eventually died.

    If someone is surrendered to Christ, and they are delivered from all of their demons (everybody has demons in them), the Presence of God becomes more powerful in them—they become a more powerful witness for the Lord in the earth. This deliverance comes over many years.

    If someone is totally delivered of demons, there is no reason for that person to die physically: he is a Son of God.

    “A Deeper Deliverance”

  22. Isaac David Ben

    l am the son of God by His grace

  23. Anna Boudresux

    This is truth that we have need of knowing.God bless you .

  24. WOW!!! This is one conversation that I have regularly. I think that the scripture Romans 8:19 KJV, For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God, is one scripture that a lot of people overlook. I’m delighted to see the your analogy in this post. You now have a new follower. GREAT JOB!!!

  25. chucks

    Hello wayneman, please am just seeing your comments on the manifestation of the sons of God, i have been studying this particular topic before seeingyour comments, please kindly send to me a comprehensive write up on this topic in my email, please, for me to learn more, 1. the meaning of this manifestation? 2. when will it be? 3. and how long will it last.?
    thanks & remain blessed

  26. chucks

    Sir, is like you are a pastor, are you?

  27. eastman

    We are His workmanship,and all Sons of God will say, AMEN!!!!

  28. Dennis

    “The sons of God” We know who we are, we know what we are to do, and we know what our Destinies are. But we were not taught by any preachers. In fact, the things we heard from preachers we have found to be in error. Jesus Christ was our Teacher. Only when the word and teachings come directly from Jesus Christ is the word Pure. When man gives the word, it becomes tarnished to even corrupt. The sons of God will name and confirm pastor, preacher, and teacher. Without that, there are none.

    • Amen. You will know them by their fruits. And “a man’s gift makes room for himself….”

    • Bruce Hutchins

      Your comment was the only one in which I saw some understanding of what is really happening at this time.
      The church age had to end so that we would not be subjected to religious indoctrination. Thus our spirits would have to seek the truth elsewhere. The problem is not that scripture is wrong, it is the traditional and current interpretation of it that is misguided and incomplete.
      The appearance of the Sons, and Daughters, is imminent and by now I think many already have some awareness of what is happening, though it is difficult to accept that it is real.

      • Joyce Kinney

        You hit it on the nail. How many times are we told we are crazy for thinking differently until we rise up in boldess and in the electric power of the Holy Spirit to speak of Christ and His inheritance and show forth the glory of God. We shall walk in the Glory! We shall walk in Love! Sorry, I’m done.
        Much love,

  29. Collins

    The manifesting is here; the question is, how prepared are u?

  30. David Chima

    We live in a time where every Tom, Dick, and Harry claims to be the Sons of God, surprisingly, our world don’t need claims, they are eagerly waiting for the manifestation of God’s genuine Sons; which is evidence in the demonstration of his Power, and Christ like character in this end time.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this all important topic.

  31. Lucas Kindiwa

    This is a great article. The world definitely needs sons of God to be revealed in these last days. For two thousand years since Pentecost the Gospel was preached throughout the world but the effect is not 100 %. Evil is present everywhere. We need a world changing event of this magnitude and it is very clear in Romans 8. I am of the opinion that there sons of God (including women) who are now trained in the wilderness .They will be brought into the scene very soon. If these selected ones see this article, they will agree because they know they have a very special calling. I wish also to add that Jesus is the Son of God by nature but these called out ones will be sons of God by adoption. Thank you.

    Lucas K.

  32. Candace Driggers

    I am here. I’ve fulfilled the scripture of Christ. I did 41 days with satan and just completed my fiery baptism. I have the gift of healing. I also have the gift of prophesy. I’m still fulfilling scripture. I’m currently awaiting glorification. BTW, the people who have the world’s trust are phoney’s and I’ll gladly challenge any of them. I bear the fruit and I’m the real deal. The biggest wolfs in sheeps clothing is none other than billy graham himself along with his son. I see right through them. I know the mystery to the gospel. Yes it’s true the elect obtained it and the rest were blinded.

  33. Ezra Jinang

    This so much blessed me and I wish I have the whole book to read.

    • Ezra, you can read the rest of the book. At the top of this website click on the ebook “The Unveiling” and you will have the rest of the book. kwh

      • Kimberly

        Hello everyone!!!! I knew I was finding my special gift and after being told I had a calling to manifest something that only I could provide to this world I was like wow this is going to take awhile to figure out specifically what only I could manifest but I was ready for my next mission and knowing I needing a more specific than general answer my oracle cards can provide I took the chance of putting this question in the search engine “What does the world need me to manifest?” Being ready to put in a lot of time and giving of my self for the benefit of others what a relief I was given this article. I am so tickled to know it is something simple and won’t take the hard work of creating something for the world to see. Plus I am also going to finally get what I have longed to feel too. I am so releaved to finally find my true family. Knowing I am going to be adopted soon so I can feel whole finally makes all the suffering and sacrifices I have endured for others less painful and unfair. I am ready for the battle now and proud to be the chosen son of Yahweh. Thanks for confirming I am part of the Elite Son’s of God and I simply have manifest myself to the world.

      • Hello, Kimberly. Thank you for your encouraging comment. Seeking His will is half the battle, but Christ is faithful and will meet us there. Knowing God’s purpose of Him reproducing Himself clarifies so much. You can read much more of this in my new book–absolutely free to God’s children, my brothers and sisters. Just send me your mailing address in an email: And I will send you a copy. It is my love gift to the King and to you. You know by reading this article above that this is no ordinary protestant spiel; it is the word out of His mouth. I just wrote down what the Spirit showed me, after many decades of study. God bless you in your trek back to the Father’s heart. Kenneth Wayne Hancock

  34. Odinaka Kingsley Obeta

    Very strong message Wayne, indeed we are sons of the most high but until we come to the realization of our true potentials in Him, we can never manifest. I pray for more grace upon you even as you help enlighten the body of Christ on God’s plan for the church. This message has been useful to me and i would appreciate more of your teachings! God bless you!

    Kingsley Obeta

    • Thank you for your comment. Old leaven false teaching about Christ is what prohibits one from reaching their true potential in Him. Hence, His emphasis on so many warnings about the false prophets and their false doctrines. Thank you for your willingness to share the truths found here with others in your sphere. God bless you and yours. Wayne

  35. Joyce Kinney

    How did you discover?

    • George Putney

      God has given us all that we need to walk in our calling .All things in heaven and earth are no longer subject to the fall man and or creation.God made everything subject to Christ .IN JESUS NAME we must believe in order to walk in the spirit with all the authority That God has bestowed upon us. redemption has been paid for, He is the redeemer, He is in us we nolong no long live to the flesh but the spirit of God has married our spirit, We are now one with God. The problem is we do not know that we are greater then the angels. we can command the angels, fallen or God’s angels.All power that God has given Jesus we have..

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