The Armor of God–Conversations With the Seer

(Formerly in Israel, if a man went to inquire of God, he would say, “Come, let us go to the seer,” because the prophet of today used to be called a Seer.  I Samuel 9: 9)

“The last time we talked, you mentioned the armour of God.  I have been thinking about it a lot lately.  And I’ve been studying it out.  But I’m really having difficulty grasping what it means, ‘to put on the whole armor of God.'” 

The Seer smiled at me and said, “It is difficult to grasp the heavenly things with a mind that is thinking on an earthly plane, and next to impossible to comprehend spiritual things with a finite mind.  It is difficult to understand because of unbelief.”

“But I believe,” I blurted out.

“You want to believe desperately,” the Seer said.  “I will grant you that, and that is good.  But wanting to believe and actually believing are two different matters.  Belief in the armor’s efficacy brings the ability to grasp its power.  It all goes back to trusting in His word.”

I was really confused now.  “Well, what is the armor of God exactly?”

“First, the armor is spiritual.  The apostle likens it to literal devices like shields, armor, a breastplate, a helmet, and a sword.   Through this extended metaphor, we take away the idea of a spiritual, protective layer.  It is the armor of God (Eph.6: 11-18).  And God is Spirit [1].  He is also truth.  Therefore, it is the armor of the Spirit and truth and light.  And we are to ‘put on the armor of light [2].'”

“And what is light?” I asked.

“Light is the life of God.  If you want to see light, then look at the Light in action by studying Christ.  Because ‘in Him was life; and the life was the light of men’ [3].  God dwelt in the Son of God fully [4].  God is life and ‘this life is in His Son.  He that has the Son has life'” [5].  When we truly receive this truth in our hearts, then we receive the secret to answered prayers [6].”

“Wait a minute.  I didn’t get all of that.  Let me see if I got this right.  God is the Spirit of Truth, which is light and life.  And the fullness of life and light dwelt in the Son of God.  And if we believe that, then we receive the same light and life of God, too.”

“That’s right,” the Seer said.  I don’t know if I was seeing things or not, but his smile radiated a glow of inner light.  He continued, “For, you see, since God dwelt fully in Christ, if we reject the Son of God, we reject the Father, as well, because the Father was inside the Son” [7].

“But how does all this tie in with the armor of God?”

“The armor of God is not some equipment that God possesses that He wants to give to us.  No. 

“The armor of God is God Himself!  It is a spiritual protective covering comprised of the invisible Spirit of God Himself.  Since His Spirit is truth, when we know and then believe the truth, we are believing God.  And by believing, God comes down into us.  When you believe the truth, the truth (God, Spirit) takes up His abode in us, and we become one with Him.  In other words, by believing all this truth how that the Father dwelt fully in the Son, giving light and life to the world–this truth is God, and through faith or belief of this truth, the Spirit of God comes into our hearts and minds.  This is the armour of God–God’s Spirit in our hearts and minds.”

We just sat there for what seemed an hour.  Finally I said, “I understand it now, but why haven’t the preachers told us about all this?”

“The only part of the apostle John’s writings they quote is John 3: 16.  They stay clear of the rest of his gospel and his three letters to the churches.”

“But why?  Why don’t they preach it?”

“Either they don’t know what is in John’s writings or they don’t have it in their hearts because they don’t believe it.  Either way, they will have to give an account to God about it.  I would like to think that the vast majority have not been taught these truths.  They have been taught old leaven from a hundred years ago.  There is no new light in them.  They are still preaching what their grandfathers did in the 1950’s, and they are proud of that fact.  Spiritual stagnancy is equal to spiritual bankruptcy.  However, ‘when the Spirit of truth comes, He will guide you into all truth’ [8].  But there I go quoting more of John’s gospel–the part they don’t like to read or quote.”

“He will guide you into all truth?” I asked.

“It is the ‘unsearchable riches of Christ’ [9].  ‘All truth’ are these unsearchable riches.  And if those  preachers are not leading their flocks into more and more astounding and fresh truth, then it is safe to say that the Spirit of truth does not reside in them.  Because that is the sign that a person has the Spirit of truth.  At least that is what John said.  And I’m sticking with him.”

“This is a lot to take in,” I said.

“We will save some for later,” the Seer said.

“There’s more about the armour?”

“It’s the unsearchable riches.  Remember?”

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