The Elect of God–The Seekers of Truth

It is like we, the elect of God, are down here on earth where God has placed within our hearts a thirst and hunger for the truth.  We have to know the truth.  This search for truth is what keeps us going.  It is the only thing seemingly that matters to us.  Everything else is just cosmetics and window dressing. 

“Great is the mystery of godliness,” the scriptures say, God being the greatest mystery of all.  And so the seekers search Him out.  And throughout the expanse of the earthly years that He has given us, we discover little bits of truth like pieces  to the puzzle.  We are like children adding a crystal to our tin box that it might lay with a seashell or a discarded brass key.  We know these bits of truth are a special treasure and we hold them dear.

And these little bits of truth, if we endure, begin to add up and, like a jigsaw puzzle, begin to take shape.  A picture of the landscape of spiritual reality emerges as we put things together. 

We begin to see this panorama of God’s purpose and plan to reproduce Himself inside His sons and daughters.  And then we begin to walk in it, thereby exercising His Spirit in us.  And then He smiles, pleased with our belief, and says to those around Him, “See there.  They are getting it!  They are believing my word, and so I will answer their cries and grant their requests.”

And so our faith grows as we see that God really is real and personal.  It is no longer just book learning intellectualism.  No.  He is real, and no one can take that away from us.

And so our appetite for the truth about who God is and why we are here is whetted, and our hunger is unabated.  We need more of Him, who is the Truth.  That is it.  That is the truth.  I am the way, the truth, the life…Thy word is truth…God is truth…

God has placed within us this unquenchable need to know the truth, which is Him and His plan, which entails the heavens and earth and all that is therein.  This need for truth within us was placed there by God.  It is His doing.  And someone will say, What about the others who are not desperately seeking the truth?  To that we must say that we are not to judge another man’s servant.  They were created by God for His pleasure, and although our eyes are dim as to all mysteries, we will continue to trust Him that He knows what He is doing.  He is our Father, and we are His children.  We will submit our finite thinking to His mind, which is magnificent.

For it is all His doing.  “His ways are past finding out.”  Just knowing that it is all summed up in His name, which is holy and is to be reverenced.  For the secrets of His universe are expounded in His name–His original Hebrew name–Yahshua, “for there is no other name given whereby man must be saved.” Find out what it means and you’ll have the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven.   KWHancock

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