The Savior’s Original Hebrew Name–What His Mother Called Him Chapter 7 YAH IS SAVIOR: THE ROAD TO IMMORTALITY

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“But as many as received Him, to them He gave the power to become the children of God, to those believing in His Name.” It is difficult to believe in His name if we do not know His real name and what it means.

    What name did Mary, the mother of the Messiah use when she would call him into the house for supper when he was growing up in Nazareth?  When she and Joseph looked for him those three days during the feast, what name did she use when she asked his whereabouts?  “Have you seen my son, _______?”  What sound came out of her mouth when she uttered her son’s name?                                                     

     The New Testament Greek, translated from lost Hebrew Messianic scriptures cite the name “Iesous” as the Savior’s name.  “Iesous” was transliterated into the Latin as “Iesus.” This spelling was used as the English spelling until the 17th century.  At that time the letter “J” replaced the letter “I” in that name.  The letter “J” was non-existent in the English alphabet until 1630.

     But what was his Hebrew name?  Mary (actual Hebrew name: Miriam) and Joseph were devout descendents of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Judah, Phares, and on down through King David.  The Heavenly Father chose a righteous couple to raise His Son here on earth. “When they had performed all things according to the law of the Lord, they returned into Galilee, to their own city Nazareth.”  They lived righteously, living by the Torah, the law.  They kept the Passover festival of Yahweh (Luke 2:41). 

     All of the above goes to show us that Mary/Miriam and Joseph were seriously devoted, righteous people with full knowledge of whose lineage they were of.  The Hebrew language was the language that they spoke. The mother of the Messiah would not have called her son “Jesus” or even the Greek “Iesous.”  They would not have named that special Son “Iesous” or “Jesus” upon whom all of them (Mary/Miriam, Joseph, Zachariah and Elizabeth and Simeon and the other faithful) had been waiting.  There is absolutely no way that she would have called out the front door for the Son of God, “Iesous! Iesous! Come on in the house!”  That would have been an absolute abomination unto the Almighty to have called Him that!  And she could not have called him by the English name, Jesus.

    So what did Mary call her son, the soon to be Savior?  What name did she and Joseph give him?  It was a name very close to the English name Joshua.  Go to Strong’s Concordance and look up the patriarch’s name, Joshua; it is #3091 in the Hebrew.  Joshua’s real name in Hebrew when transliterated  (when  you  write  it out in English in order to get the Hebrew pronunciation) is Yehowshua, pronounced Yeh-ho-shoo-ah.  The “e” is the “uh” sound.  The accent is on “shoo.”  It has come down to us as Yahshua.  The name itself, as is the case with the great majority of Hebrew names, has a specific meaning.  It means, “Yah is Savior” or “Yah is Salvation.”    

Hebrew names are prophetic

In ancient Hebrew times, much value was placed on the name of a person.  A name was symbolical.  In other words, the meaning of a name spoke of that person’s character.  Biblical names were descriptive and prophetic with much religious significance.  “It seems strange to us that at its birth, the life and character of a child should be forecast by its parents in a name.” A good example of this is the following passage in Mt.1:21:  “Thou shalt call his name JESUS, for  he shall save his people from their sins” (“God, Names of”, International Standard Biblical Encyclopedia).

     Looking up the word “JESUS” from the above passage in Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance Dictionary of the Greek Testament, we are referred to #2424 in the Greek: “Iesous; of Hebrew origin [#3091]; Jesus (i.e. Jehoshua), the name of our Lord and two or three other Israelites.”

     #3091 in the Strong’s Hebrew Dictionary has  this entry:  “Yehowshuwa or Yehowshua, from #3068 and 3467: Jehovah saved; Jehoshua (i.e. Joshua).”  #3068 is the Hebrew word  “YHWH,” the Tetragram- maton, the divine Hebrew name of the Creator.   #3467 is “yasha,” meaning “to save” or “savior.”

     Consequently, with a little sleuthing, we now see that the Savior’s true name would not be a Greek “Iesous,” later to be Latinized into “Iesus” and then on into the English version “Jesus.”  The Savior’s true name would be the same as the Hebrew patriarch Joshua’s name, Yahshua.

     Knowing that ancient Hebrew names were prophetic, especially the Savior’s name, the above passage in Matthew proves that His name foretells His character and destiny as being the Savior.  “Thou shalt call His name Yahshua, for He shall save His people from their sins.”  Joshua, or Yahshua means “Yah is Savior.” 

     What is His Name?  Yahshua.  He said, “I am come in my Father’s name.”  This is a marvelous thing, for the name of the Father is Yahweh, and in the abbreviated form it is “Yah.”

    The King James translators consistently put “LORD” in the Authorized Version in place of the name Yahweh—all except for one place that they overlooked, no doubt by heavenly design.  In Psalms 68:4 it says: “Sing unto God, sing praises to his name, extol him that rideth upon the heavens by his name JAH…” “Extol” means to lift up, to praise.  The command is to “extol him…by his name JAH (YAH).”  Since there was no “J” in English until the 17th century, David is saying in this Hbrew song lyric for us to praise Him by His name YAH!  Praise YAH! Hallelu-YAH, which means ‘Praise Yah’ in Hebrew [For more confirmation see the footnote on Psalm 106 in the NIV where the editors even say that it means ‘Praise Yah.’ 

    Yah or Yahweh is the Father’s name.  And the Son said,  “I am come in my Father’s name.  The Father’s name “Yah” was literally a part of the Son’s name. Yah-shua.  I know that this is disturbing to some good Christian brethren, for they have never been taught this truth, and it goes seemingly against what their elders have told them since childhood.  But we take a stand for the truth.  We must study and prove it right or wrong.  He said, “Prove all things.”  Not just what we believe to be the truth, but things that seem strange to us.  What does the word say?

  The Father’s name Yah is not in the  name Jesus  or  Iesous.   It  just is not in there, any way you want to slice it.

    And so, to believe in His name is to believe what His name means.  It is to believe that YAH-IS-SAVIOR, the Father taking up residence in His Son.



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29 responses to “The Savior’s Original Hebrew Name–What His Mother Called Him Chapter 7 YAH IS SAVIOR: THE ROAD TO IMMORTALITY

  1. Dawn-Iosue-Gilliam

    My maiden name is Iosue and we pronounce it yashway. I just recently found out that it is Biblical Latin and translates to Joshua and Jesus. Would you have any idea why my Italian family would have this surname???? I am fascinated, I would appreciate any information you could share with me.

  2. Esuku

    Shalom. I am very happy wit this because the word and names of yahweh are now coming to light that is y d bible says that yahweh wil make name 4 himself. I pray that yahweh continues blessing his children n make us d light n d salt of dis world according 2 d word of yahweh. Shalom isreal.

  3. Ejimadu Sonny Peter.

    I’m most grateful to have found you and your insightful lessons. Remain my touch bearer.

  4. Amelia

    I can’t thank you enough, I was over whelmed with joy at Psalm 68:4, by his name YAH , WOW!!!!!!! Your info has been an answer to my prayer, thank you for letting YAH guide you and not being afraid to share, I want to be so bold, I will pray on it.Thanks again.

    • Amelia, you are so welcome. I am so glad that Yahweh has revealed Himself to you. The central revelation that opens all the doors is this: The great invisible Creator Yahweh took up His abode in the Son of God. “God was in Christ reconciling the world unto Himself,” says the apostle Paul. “I and my Father are one…if you have seen Me you have seen the Father…” Once this revelation comes, then the clarity comes in earnest.” Thanks for commenting and may Yah bless you richly…kwh

  5. Mark Gabel

    the real name in hebrew for our saviour is YASHIYA and our heavenly father is AHAYAH, which is I AM THAT I’AM

    • Tara

      PREACH! YHVH was taken out of scripture. Our Heavenly Father’s name is above all names. Love, fear, and truly believe in the creator n His Son. ALMIGHTY bless our hearts to love u n put u 1st always. I AM THAT I AM is what Moses was told to tell the real house of Isreal. The ppl in Israel today r “the synagogue of satan”

  6. pliz the savior’s name came from was not in any of the earthly could it be interpreted.and the angel who brought this name did not consult the scrolls first were the name joshua was, the name yahshua was comon to the israelites it had never been above other names.and it is not confessed in heaven. so the original savior’s name which the angel brought was not designed from any other persons name in the scolls the sound and pronounciation of this name had never been head of. this name did not come from the jewish naming culture. the meaning of the names you have mentioned are not in the look for the true savio’r name.NB.”every toung should confess” here the sound of this name should be the same regardless of the pliz a name shoud not be interpreted at any cost,it remains with its original sound e.g if president obama comes to our country . we mention his name with the same sound as that of americans .Which criteria did the translator use to interprete a name which is in heavenly languages which are not known here on earth? reply thru my gmail. (ronald am from uganda(africa)

  7. Chukwudi Callistus Igboanugo

    As you said looking for the truth. What do say about YAHAWAH and YAHAWASHI? From Chukwudi Igboanugo

    • “Yahawashi” is a name that I have not seen before. “Yahawah” is one of the many variations of YHWH out there. Since no one that I know of has ever heard the heaven born name of the Father spoken by a heavenly messenger, we cannot be 100% sure of just how His name sounds.

    • Chukwudi Callistus Igboanugo

      what name does Adam, Abraham, Moshe etc call the MOST HIGH? And what name does Yosef and Miriam call the son of the MOST HIGH?

      • Gen. 18: 14—Abraham knew Him as Yahweh translated “the LORD.” Ex. 3:14-15—Moses at the burning bush. Adam: I could not find anything in Genesis where he called on Yahweh.

  8. Kyeyanga ivan

    Thank your enlightening. But what of Isa

  9. semwanga ronald sensonga

    can you give us alist of the savior’s names that have ever apeared in ancient bibles of every language and their years.? why were the bibles that had the savior’s name (ISA) banned from usage,after having stayed in circulation for many years? how many languages had their bibles printed in the name ISA around the world? in which language was the savior’s name presented, as it descended to mary by the angel? can the sound of the name change its flow or rhythm after being writen in different languages?Did the savior’s name also orignate from earthly langueges that emerged from the confusion at babel? in the bible how many names were brought by God’s angel for the lord’s servants that had origins from earthly languages, tribes or SEMWANGA RONALD (E.afrika uganda) reply thru my Email adress.( let any body who has answers to those questions answer me. God bless you

  10. frank hilton

    I see his name as yahshua . I am not proud. It is just the way I see it.

  11. Tremaine Tatum


  12. André Visser

    You are right, except for one “small” thing that may have a huge impact on what you say.

    If you go back to Ancient Hebrew you will notice that God’s name was the same from the beginning until now, with enough clues to confirm it. If you look at YHWH in ancient Hebrew, you get in the pictures “Hand, Behold, Nail, Behold”, we all know who that speaks of and for that I believe it is correct.

    Modern Hebrew conceal the truth, it keep us from knowing our true God’s name and use satan’s name instead without us even realizing it. That is exactly what satan tried to do from the beginning. If you copy the original pronunciation into English (which are derived from ancient Hebrew anyway), you get IEUE, pronounced as Yehweh. Yah is pagan gods that got into our Bible during exile in Babylon to keep us from the truth. Now look at “I am who I am” in our modern English Bibles, it should actually say “I am EhYeh”, you can’t translate a name, the meaning yes but then it is not His name anymore. If we look now at Jesus, take it back to Greek “Iesous” (with the “I” again pronounced as a “J” because of the E after it) and then Yehshua which means Yeh the Savior, then it start to get interesting. There is no Yah savior, it is him (satan) who got us in this mess and tries to keep us there. Ever wondered why the Jews are called JEws and not JAws. 🙂


  13. In the beginning Elohim created heaven and earth. This means that Adam (man) must have known Him by this name.
    Moshe knew Him as Elohim, Adonai and finally by the name which He chose to be know forever; Yahweh.
    “I am the Elohim of your ancestors,[a] the Elohim of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.” Moses hid his face because he was afraid to look at Elohim….Elohim answered Moses, “Ehyeh Who Ehyeh. This is what you must say to the people of Israel: ‘Ehyeh has sent me to you.’” It’s important to know that Ehyeh asher ehyeh literally translates as “I Am Who I Am in the Tora.

    15 Again Elohim said to Moses, “This is what you must say to the people of Israel: Yahweh Elohim of your ancestors, the Elohim of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, has sent me to you. This is my name forever. This is my title throughout every generation” (Exodus 3 NOG)
    Abraham knew Him as Elohim. Melchizedek introduced Elohim to Abraham as El Elyon.

    It’s my belief that Yosef and Miriam did call Him Yahweh, Yahuwah, Elohim. El or Eli, Elohai or Elohei, El Shaddai, Eloah, Adoshem, Adonai, El Roi, Elah, Elyon, HaShem, or one of the anicient Hebrew names used to reference Elohim

  14. Armah Bille

    His name is YAHAWAH and his sons name is YAHAWASHI,,,,Ancient hebrew was without vowel points until the Greek Masorates added vawols to the the 22 original hebrew consonants.The only exception to that is the ( i ) sound.

  15. and what Bible references can I conclude these facts, Jesus’s name not to Jesus but or yahshua

    • Clearly referring to the patriarch Joshua, the translators in Acts 7: 45 put “Jesus” instead of “Joshua” or Yahshua. Thus signifying that their names are identical because they were interchangeable. Again referring to Joshua, they put in “Jesus” in Hebrews 4: 8. The patriarch’s name meant Yah saves or Yah is the Savior. Just like upon naming the Christ child: “You shall His name Jesus, for He shall save His people from their sins.” No letter “J” until about 1500 A.D. Charles, there are lots of dots that we must connect to get the full picture. Anyway, the Son would come in His Father’s name, and we know that the Father’s name is Yahweh with the shortened form Yah (see Psm. 68: 4). Hope this helps.

      • André Visser

        Wayneman, even if you look at “Joshua”, originally it was written as Yehoshua. There also you get the Yeh of Yeshua, transliterated to Iesous in Greek (the I have a Y or J sound) and Jesus in English, the same Yeh sound for all of them. It is well known that nobody knows how to pronounce YHWH, so it could easily also be pronounced as Yehweh, same as EhYeh (I am), so we have the same Yeh throughout, no confusion.

        I believe the Yah pronunciation started during Babylonian captivity with their pagan gods named IA and IAO.

        Hope to hear from you.


      • Thanks for the comment. I wrote in my book that no one that I know of has heard a voice from heaven pronouncing His name. So instead of listing all the pertinent consonant and vowel sounds, like “Yeh or Yah” we must settle on one of them. God knows our limitations and looks on our hearts. He is good that way. So to argue the point, since none of us are privy to that wonderful sound of His name, let us get the spirit of the importance of His name. That the Savior’s name was the same name as the patriarch Joshua’s name, and that it means that YHWH is the Savior, or YHWH saves. That is what is important; there is the great revelation–not the exact pronunciation that no one has heard. Someday when you and I get a sure word on that pronunciation, we will rejoice together over it as brothers should. We are talking about a letter here, and pardon the pun, the “letter killeth”–it kills someone from focusing on the real revelation here. Andre, I write this sincerely and not disdainfully. Wayneman

  16. Shalom!!! When u translate names it loses the true meaning. Yahushua has nothing to do with the pagan name Jesus nor any Greek pagan name. Stop translating and call on The true Name; it means Yah saves. “Jesus” in Hebrew means curse horse; is that your savior? The title “God” is Masonic on the dollar bills, and that has naught in our Creator YHWH. Study your history, children, and stop translating; it is disrespectful, and that is dangerous!!! Shalom in Yahushua HaMashiach nissi say Halleluyah!!!

  17. André Visser

    Wayneman, thank you for your reply, the reason for my post was to stand up against the downplaying of the transliterated name Jesus based on a guess that YHWH is pronounced as Yahweh but I will leave it at that.

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