“You Gotta Die Before You Live”–New Song on the Cross Experience of Christ

People talk about the cross of Christ a lot in some churches, but few teach the central truth about what that experience does in a human life.  Our old sinful self, our old heart, must die with Christ, “who was made to be sin for us.”  We identify and repent of our sinful ways by surrendering to this death on the cross.  Then we “are buried with Him” in an immersion of that old self into His death {water baptism being the type and symbol}.

Then, by believing that Christ literally rose from the dead the third day, we too can be raised from the spiritually dead, and we are then “raised to walk in a newness of life.”

HalleluYah!  This is real biblical way to repent–“by faith in the operation of God that raised up Christ.” This is what this song is about.  I wrote it back in 1975; it speaks of the  great paradox–life out of death–just like a seed buried in the ground.  This is a great mystery “kept secret from the foundations of the world,” and I am blessed to have been given it to share with the world–in a song.”  Kenneth Wayne Hancock

You can see the video and hear the song that contains these revelations here:




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2 responses to ““You Gotta Die Before You Live”–New Song on the Cross Experience of Christ

  1. You have been a blessing from Yah to His people. Although what you share isn’t popular with the masses, it is Truth. You are a vessel of His glory. God bless you and your people in YahuShua’s name.

    • Thank you so much, Fred, for those encouraging words. As you know, this walk with Him can be a solitary one, so it is wonderful to hear from brethren who are helped by what I’ve been given to write down and publish. May Yah continue to bless you and those you help on this pilgrimage we are on. KWHancock

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