The Spirit of God and the Spirit of Antichrist—How to Tell the Difference

The human mind of a child of God wants to be sure—wants to not be deceived, wants to know that what is said to it is sincere and true.  It is our nature for this to be—nothing less than the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help us God.

And this is especially so when it comes to religious things.  Any time someone tries to tell us something about God, we fairly bristle with our protective coating—shielding us from a possible onslaught of deceptive devilish communication.  We don’t want to be deceived and are so afraid of being so used that we just might miss a true word from God.  We are, after all, warned by the prophets and apostles about false teachers and false prophets, “who shall bring in damnable heresies,” said Peter.  Unfortunately, many will see a teaching new to them as false simply because it did not come from “our church.”  Little do they know that many false teachings like the prosperity doctrine, the rapture, cheap grace, Christian sinners, not to mention the hocus-pocus heresies of the church of Rome–these not only stunt the babe in Christ, but they will shipwreck and sink the new Christian.

How Can We Be Sure?

Consequently, how can we know for sure what thought is from God and what is not—what is from the Spirit and what is from the spirit of antichrist?  There is a passage of scripture that tells us how to discern between the two.  This scripture shows us how you will know if it is the Spirit of God speaking through a human being or not, or if that uninvited thought that seemingly pops into our mind is from God or not.  “Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God; and every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God” (I John 4:2-3).

In order to know what these verses mean, we must know that “Jesus” was not the Savior’s actual name [See my books which you can find at the top of this page.  Just click “Ebook…”].  His true name contained the Father’s name, for he came in His Father’s name.  His name was Yahshua, which means “Yah, the Self-Existent One, is Savior” and is the same name as the patriarch Joshua.  So, looking at this again, we see that the person who confesses that Yah is the Savior and the Anointed One and is come into His human abode in the Messiah—that person has the Spirit of God.

Denying that the great Spirit Yahweh was in the flesh of the Messiah Yahshua is the spirit of antichrist.  They are anti-christ, or against this Anointing, which is truth (I John 2: 27).

We must always remember: The Messiah’s name was to be called “Immanuel”–meaning “God with us” (Isa. 7: 14; Matt. 1: 23).  Yahweh with us.  Yahweh in human form walking in our midst.  Believing that in its simplicity opens the doors to His heart.  All the other mumbo jumbo of so-called Christianity is so much manmade window dressing, ‘signifying nothing.’

We must all go back to the “simplicity that is in Christ.”  “Simplicity” here means “absence from pretense” with a sincere belief in the truth that is in Christ.  And that truth is that the great invisible Spirit called Yahweh by the patriarchs took up His abode in His Son, and they are one, and He will rule the literal Kingdom of God forever and ever–right here on earth (Luke 1: 32-33).

This sincere belief is the bow that will launch us as His arrows toward the glorious target of eternity–straight and true, just like He planned in the beginning.  It will help us discern the Spirit of God and the spirit of the wicked one.   Kenneth Wayne Hancock


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3 responses to “The Spirit of God and the Spirit of Antichrist—How to Tell the Difference

  1. A G Gelbert

    Anyone that puts material wealth or gain above and in front of spiritual gain and obedience to God is dominated by the spirit of the antichrist.
    This evil spirit invaded the USA around 1790 and has slowly destroyed this country even as it morphed it into a globe striding empire. A recent book explains, from a secular perspective, how the ‘lovabe’ rogue hustler mindset which became rooted in the American psych which worships greed instead of God took over every institution (especially the “Christian” (not any longer) church”) until our government became totally corrupt:
    The book is “Why the American Empire Was Destined to Collapse” by Morris Berman.

    I think Psalm 2 pretty well sums up how our so called “Christian” leaders will respond when Jesus Christ returns. The Lord Jesus Christ does not DO hypocrisy and sanctimony about Christian behavior while greed, belligerence, intolerance and love of war are rampant.

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