God’s Endgame–Where This Life on Earth Is Leading Us

This brutal trek through the evil that “so easily besets us” is the proving ground where we, as new models of the old Adam, are perfected and thus become part of Christ.

We have the treasure of His Spirit hidden in our earthly bodies, and we are bombarded daily with stimuli and temptations of the flesh.

Evil is all around us and is necessary, much like, to continue the automobile metaphor, rough and pockmarked roads are needed to drive over when testing the undercarriage of the latest car or truck.

The evil out here in this world is necessary to be there for us to overcome.  When swamped with evil of any kind–loss and heartbreak, deprivation and longing, regret and remorse–whether of our own choosing or randomly foisted upon us by fate as it were, His children call on the great Spirit Father, who is waiting for them to contact Him.

And He heals them emotionally and physically, and they draw nearer to Him thereby, and their old way of thinking melts away into Christ’s thinking.  Then the evil that surrounds them disipates, for they have overcome it along with its purpose.  They will have attained the victory over the enemy–especially the “last enemy”–death.

Then comes the end–the end of evil and its usefulness to God’s purpose, which is to multiply Himself until all His creation is actually, well, Him.

It is like when I asked the Seer the inevitable question.  “Why didn’t God just create us perfect at the beginning and be done with it and spare us all the pain?”

To which he replied, “God could have created us that way, but then He would have so many humanoid robots on His hands, who had no choice in the matter.”

“At least they wouldn’t be hurting.”

“Yes, but that would not be reproducing Himself, would it?  Which is what His eternal purpose is all about.  All He would have are creations that could not further His plan of reproducing Himself.”

I think at this point I literally scratched my head.  “How’s that?” I asked.  This was getting way out there.

“Look.  God is producing creators like Himself.  That is what this life here on earth is all about–whether a person gets it or not.  Some will and they will see this vision of sonship–for themselves, which is to say–for Him.  Remember the Master’s statement: Blessed are your eyes for they see.”

The Endgame

So, “then cometh the end,” it says.  What end?  What is God’s endgame?  Simply put, Christ is the end.  He did say, “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end” (Rev. 22: 13).  “That God may be all in all” (I Cor. 15: 24-28).  The end is God.  The beginning of life is God.  The end of our toil here on earth is God.  In the end it will be only Him.  That’s it.  All of the squabbling and pettiness and imbecility and selfishness and smugness and any other human foible–all of it shall be done away with, and all that will be left is God living at peace with His children.  That’s it.

Christ is the end.  His Spirit multiplied and living in many vessels, who shall populate the heavens as seed sown into the corners of the universe.  It will be all Him.  That is His Endgame.

Kenneth Wayne Hancock


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3 responses to “God’s Endgame–Where This Life on Earth Is Leading Us

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  2. j*y

    All to Jesus. Our North Star…love this…28 When all things are subjected to him, then the Son himself will also be subjected to him who put all things in subjection under him, that God may be all in all. 1 Corinthians 15:28

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