Miracles–When Will the Body of Christ Perform Them?

Miracles.   We’ve all prayed for them.  A sick loved one.  A need that we wanted to see met.  We Christians have all wanted the power to do what the early apostles did after Christ’s resurrection–heal the sick at will, restore limbs, cure cerebral palsy, and raise the dead.

That’s power from on high.  And I’ve wondered, Why not miracles and healings like the early apostles?  God, why not now?

The answer: Timing.  God, the Spirit, will move through us in His own good timing.

We must be aware that the above miracles are just some of the “gifts of the Spirit” that the apostle Paul writes about in I Corinthians 12.  He lists nine of them.  And I cannot help but think that they are listed in order of their intended presentatation to mankind, according to the needs of man coming into the kingdom of God.  Paul is, after all, a “wise master builder” and lays the foundation of the house of God in the right order.

The first gift that God gives to man through His people is the “word of wisdom.”  “Wisdom is the principal thing” (Prov. 4: 7).  It is the first thing that we need, and it is to be in reverential awe of God (Job 28: 28) [for more see my book Yah Is Savior: The Road to Immortality which you can find at the top of this page.  Just click “Ebook…”].

The second gift of the Spirit listed is the “word of knowledge.”  Very important for our day.  It did not say, “My people are destroyed for lack of miracle workers doing wondrous acts.”  They are destroyed because of a lack of knowledge of God’s true word and will.  How can a Christian work miracles when he is eaten up with old leaven and false doctrines.  He first needs wisdom and knowledge, and those that He gives these two things to are the ones that He will use to give them through.

There is a famine of the word of God in the land.  The world is full of false doctrines spewed out by false teachers.  The truth is what is needed first in anyone’s life–true wisdom from above, true knowledge of the holy.  That is understanding; that is departing from evil.

No.  His body is not ready for the reaction to miracles flowing through us right now.  I personally could not handle the reactions of the world.  I am not strong enough physically, mentally, or spiritually to handle the all-invasive eye of the media, which would detract from getting the truth out.  Christ drew thousands on a hillside.  Can you imagine at this moment what satellite TV would do with a true apostle doing the miracles of Christ?

Better to “wait on Yahweh…with patience wait for it…let patience have her perfect work…with much longsuffering” let us serve Him.

God obviously wants more truth to flow to the people.  He is in the process of calling and choosing His “little flock.”  The gifts of the “word of wisdom” and the “word of knowledge” are what the people need right now.  And they are gifts of the Spirit, just like the “working of miracles” is a gift from God to mankind.

Those in the body who have truth must serve as channels of the gifts of the Spirit, starting with the word of wisdom and the word of knowledge.  All Christians are capable of letting these flow through them to others once they have purged themselves of false concepts. The other gifts like healings and miracles will come when He needs and wants them to be presented.    Kenneth Wayne Hancock


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4 responses to “Miracles–When Will the Body of Christ Perform Them?

  1. So, why should any healing miracles be performed today? Christians as a whole have little regard for their bodies – or for the biblical instruction on how to preserve them. In today’s Internet “information age”, this is inexcusable:


    • Ken, thanks for your comment and question: Why should any healing miracles be performed today? Good question. We have to go back to look through God’s eyes on this. None of us Christians were worthy of the grace/favor that He did for us on the spiritual miracle of giving us a new heart and spirit, where the old bitter cursing heart has been replaced with sweet water. I did not deserve this transformation. And neither will those He chooses to heal (through His elect). There will be many that He will perform miracles on, for His greater glory–in His own good time, when it is right. Great mercy He will show to the unloveable as we pick up the pieces after the Gr. Tribulation. KWH


    Seek ye first the kingdom ofYahuwaH and His rightsesnous !!! and all !! these things wil be added!!!! If we start to obey THE ALLMIGTY GOD’S law,just as Yahsuah said in matt 5ver 17-20,if we do not do these we will never see the see the power of YAHUWAH ELOHIM in our lives.Why wil HE give it to the disobedient!! The Mehsiah kept the law of the Father ,just as all the profhets before Him!! ,that is why they were able to perform miracles.Why would we be any different!! are we better than any of them i dont think so ,maybe you should ask THE ALL MIGHTY YAH what it is that HE wants from you,and not what you have been told by the church to do! Then you will see all the miracles in your life and in others!But first HIS will,commandments,and law!!

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