We Are All “Damaged Goods”–On Becoming a Fountain of Mercy

Very rarely will we ever come to know someone so intimately that they would reveal their innermost darkest secrets with us.  When it does happen, they tell us about how they were hurt as a child in some way.

Digging a little deeper into the human psyche, we will come to the conclusion that all of us are damaged goods.  Everyone has been either molested, abused–either sexually, mentally, emotionally, or physically–lied to, or used in some nefarious way where our trust in mankind and his institutions have left us cold and bitter.

So knowing that we are all damaged goods, we can now look at everyone differently–not as an adversary, but as someone needing love and understanding.  They are not just someone else to use, but as another human being who needs consolation, compassion, healing, and redemption.  For only love from above can buy back the lost and wasted years of fear and doubt and dismay in this vexing world.  Only agape love can lay down its life for its friends.  Only Christ’s love in us can heal the pains and hurts of an injured heart–injured by another lost and injured soul.

But we, with God’s help, can end the vicious cycle of hurt.  We can become a part of the solution and not the problem anymore–the problem of being the victim.  We can join up with Him and be a part of Christ’s cadre, His body of people with new hearts, forgiving and loving and understanding hearts that can conquer all pain and suffering and stand with Christ as one of His elect in the new kingdom of love that He is bringing to this earth.

But the catch is that it starts with us to whom He has revealed His plan and purpose to–you and me.  Right here.  Right now.  A rebirth of mercy one toward another.  Mercy from on high trickling down through us–mercy that is born from the knowledge that every single one of us walking around today–right there in our town, in our neighborhood, in our city, and, yes, even on our facebook list of friends–everyone is damaged goods–injured spiritually in some way, vulnerable, though few would admit it.  And we all have the same need, which is God’s love–a love from above that will only distil like dew upon this earth through the mercy and compassion we show toward each other.     Kenneth Wayne Hancock


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5 responses to “We Are All “Damaged Goods”–On Becoming a Fountain of Mercy



  2. Amen.. Awesome. That is what God revealed to me as He “co-authored” The Walking Wounded with me. We are all damaged. We all need healing to be able to step into the fullness that God has planned for us…. I am so excited to see your blog. My spirit was ecstatic all day yesterday. I sent your link to a family member who read it all day. My children and I were given the immortality message 3 or 4 years ago and though many heard it, they did not receive it. It is an end-time message for His Manifest Sons of God who will overcome this world. Your writings are easy to follow and understand. Great message. It is time for more to hear and more to receive… Many, many blessings to you, my brother!!!

    • Secretangel, thank you for your comment and glad the “Damaged Goods” article was a blessing to you. Thank you for sharing my website with others. Bless you. kwh

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