The Power of God–Why It Does Not Flow Through Us

God, where is the power that You promised?  Why aren’t my prayers being answered?  God, You said that we are “more than conquerors in Christ,” but I am not feeling it right now.  Why aren’t we walking in power like the early apostles did?

Many Christians have had these questions over the centuries, not realizing this one bedrock truth: The power from God was always there when it was needed  because it was His time in His plan for His power to be manifested.

It is all about timing–God’s timing in the implementation of His plan and purpose.  And in this, young Christians do err.  For children are by their nature self-centered and impatient for their plans to be implemented.

Children of  God will not understand why the Father does not answer a prayer the way they want it answered.  For they are mostly alive for what they can receive from the Father.  They do not comprehend that their prayers twist God’s arm as they try to bend God’s will to suit their current desires.  God, I need a new car to get me to work so I can pay my bills.  God, I need a better job; I need this; I need that.  I, I, I…

These supplications never seek to find out what God is doing this year, what He needs done, what He wills at this present time in the earth.  The Savior told us to not seek earthly things like food, drink, and clothing, but rather seek the Kingdom of God.  We are not to ask Him for earthly necessities, for He already knows what we need in the earthly realm.  But He wants us to ask Him for the true riches, the heavenly truths of His will, His plan, His purpose, His literal kingdom/government that will soon be established fully on earth.

These are the things we should seek for because they will only come into our lives if we consciously ask Him for them.  He will give us the earthly things that we need without us asking Him for them.  But we have to ask Him for the true riches, the heavenly riches.  “Ask and it shall be given,” He said.  Ask Him, and He will give us the Holy Spirit, which is the ultimate riches (Luke 12: 29-32; Luke 11: 9, 13).

God’s Agenda

For as self-willed humans have an agenda, even so does God have an agenda.  And as we surrender to His will, His agenda through much study and prayer comes into focus.

Those who grow up spiritually into young men and women in God will realize what the Savior meant when He said, “Not my will but thine be done” (Luke 22: 42).  We are to walk in His steps by this same surrender to God’s will or agenda.

The Bible is full of stories of men and women who surrendered to God’s agenda.  Take Moses for an example.  He “supposed his brethren [the Israelites in bondage] would have understood how that God by his hand would deliver them; but they understood not” (Act 7: 25).   Moses knew God had called him to deliver them out of bondage, but the timing was wrong.  Forty long years would transpire in which God would prepare Moses spiritually to fulfill his calling.  God had a plan and purpose in delivering the Israelites from bondage, but there was a precise time He would make it happen.  And when that time came, there was no doubt, for God appeared to Moses in the burning bush and gave Moses power to get it done!

And so it was with all the patriarchs, prophets, and apostles.  They waited on Yahweh, on His timing, resting in the fact that He has an agenda, a plan, a divine purpose, and that He is in control.  We, His sons and daughters, now must wait as our forefathers waited on Him and His perfect timing.  If we do, He will infuse us with the power from on high to be His witnesses in the earth in due time.

While waiting, like Moses, for that power from on high to do the greater works, we should seek Him to help us “purge out the old leaven,” thus preparing us for that time.      Kenneth Wayne Hancock


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