The Vision of God–Let Us Speak of Eyes

Vision is not man looking through his own eyes at God executing His will on earth. Nor is it us looking through God’s eyes. But rather vision occurs when God looks through our eyes. When our eyes are but His oculars through which, unclouded by the stains of earthly wisdom’s tainted presumptions, He assays His creation, and broken-heartedly sees the need for justice, love, and mercy. And He sees that from these three pools of water must He now use our hands and hearts to minister moisture to a parched and famine infested land.

For “where there is no vision, the people perish.” Where no man gives his eyes that He may peer our sad present world, then the vision is dim and the people suffer. But after He has made His abode in many, then in the presence of choiring angels He at last will stride forth across the domain of His kingdom here on earth, righting wrongs held seething in hearts for ten thousand years.

But first, those called to surrender now the regal aspirations for their selves, their dreams of their own greatness must be abdicated and thrown on the dung heap, as our brother Paul has admonished. For in comparison to their calling to be one of God’s sons, seated fittingly on the throne with Christ, their present vainglorious dreams do futilely fade.

For the dreams of mortals are not worthy thoughts for the immortal children of the Immortal King. Surrendered eyes, directed by allegiant hearts bring vision to the earth. For the King will then see through our unencumbered eyes the needs across the land. The need for love and balm and a gentle touch to heal the sores of many nations and peoples will He bring through the unveiling of His offspring. For they are His princes and princesses, full of His Spirit, soon to be immortalized with their “house from heaven,” their spiritual body.

In preparation for that glorious day, these elect of which we speak must educate and consecrate themselves by holding to John Baptist’s adage. They “must decrease, and He must increase.” The Spirit must increase to a point that it would no longer be them that looked out of their own eyes, but the Spirit of Christ.

To be fruitful and attain this heavenly vision, the elect must add attributes to God’s faith within them. Outlined in II Peter 1, these are not spiritual things about God, but rather are integral aspects of His divine nature that when added, He will then feel welcomed to come into us and make His abode with us and look through our eyes.     KWH


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6 responses to “The Vision of God–Let Us Speak of Eyes

  1. abey

    To the Mystery of the Manifestation of the Sons of God: In the beginning to the fall of man by the temptation, the Bible says ” It was the woman that was found in the transgression & not the man. Now the Sons of God (line of Seth) married the daughters of men (line of Cain) & the generations that came out of them eventually got corrupted & God destroyed them sparing Noah & family. In the generation of Noah God chose Abraham & made a Covenant, which manifested as Christ the saviour but in between a similar instance like that before the flood took place when Israel eventually fell away for they transgressed the words of God unto the Patriarch not to intermarry with the heathen woman , the very reason for a like wise repetition of the pre flood days to the fall of that generation, Then along came Christ to the much awaited manifestation of the Sons of God through Christ, the Elect of God/the first fruits of the lamb/the remnant seed of the woman arisen out of the Enmity put between the serpent & Woman at Eden & by their seeds. However this remnant seed who keep the commandments of God & have the testimony of Jesus & follow the lamb where ever He goes are all males not defiled by women meaning averse to any form of sexual corruption, much unlike the previous two instances. These are the earnestly awaited ones mentioned in Romans : 8:19, to the manifestation of Sons of God The word manifestation means revelation. They who are led by the lamb come against the serpent & his ways to the redemption of mankind.

    • Abey, thank you for your comment. Very interesting. You said, the “sons of God are all male” for these last days. That is true; however, God has placed His daughters as wives to be one flesh, one body with them, if they so choose to have a wife. The scripture states that the two, male and female, shall become one body, one spiritual entity. Thus, the daughters of God. The manifested sons will not be “defiled with women.” True, but “women” in this context speaks of the defilement perpetrated by the doctrines taught by MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF ABOMINATIONS. Thanks again for your comment. kwh

  2. abey

    Wayneman Thanks: It should be noted that Procreation was instituted by God before the fall, but by the Temptation Sin entered corrupting the ways of men, So when it is said “The woman was found in the Transgression, is by the temptation-a Spiritual one by which satan got a Spiritual hold on the Woman, to the reason as to why the Bible says that women shall not preach to unsurp which is to Spiritual matters even in earnestness is turned to satans benefit by his hold , if the no. of Churches seen falling away with women leaders are any indication. However she holds on to the Enmity put by God for it concerns the salvation of man.
    If the OT is to the coming of Christ the NT is to The Manifest Sons(Rom:8:19)
    The Israel of God (Gal:6:16) off the Covenant(Gal 3:16). The Elect of God /The first fruits of the lamb/the Remnant seed of the Woman, with the Lamb itself being the first, arising out of that Enmity . They who are redeemed from among men, all males, not defiled by women meaning averse to sexual corruptions, the core of which is Sodom, for there was no sin that was so utterly destroyed by God than the sin of Sodom. They are also called the Brethren of Elohim(The Sons of God in Heaven) for it was one of them(Archangel Michael) that wrestled with Patriarch Jacob introducing the name Israel meaning Inheritance of God- Trained by them.
    The Character is Spiritual, keeping the Commandments of God & having the testimony of Jesus, for the testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy. They follow the Lamb wherever He goes & Reign with Christ for the 1000 years called the Millennium & the fruit of their works is seen in Rev. an uncountable multitude standing before the Throne in white garments. A visitation from this invinsible Army by rank & file, in the Spirit is seen the fulfillment of the words of Jesus “The many that I love I Rebuke & Chastise” “My Yoke is easy & my Burden Light” come against the Sin & hence no appeasings like the appeasings & ear pleasings of the world even by its Prophets, All in all “Err not for the Son of man comes not to condemn but to save”. They detect & track His sheep for unto St. Peter was said “Feed my sheep”, testing the sheep by the two commandments first by the Second & then by the First as is written of the manner “They who cannot love their Brethren who they can see, how then can they love God who they cannot see”. (It is said of the pre flood Sons of God, the line of Seth that there was great love among them)
    This Army come in the latter rain called the Post Advent of Pentecost is also to war to the word ‘Army”. O Egypt , Egypt you who hide yourself figured in the Israeli Freemasonic Supreme court, are but numbered for the war of King Josiah has to be fulfilled & its time draws near & Lo who can stand against the Lord of Hosts.

    • Abey, thanks for your comment. Much to chew on. wayneman

      • abey

        Thanks Wayneman . Let us pray that all things be done according to the Will of the Most High through His Love Christ Jesus, our love too, All to the Glory of the Father by the Holy Spirit. May God(the first Holy Family denoted by the Ark of the Covenant-The Throne of David) bless you & your family.

      • Abey, thank you for that blessing; we need His merciful blessings for these last days–very much. Thanks for your interest, comments, and love. Wayneman

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