Feasts, New Moons, Sabbaths–Mere Shadows of Christ in Us

The Feast Days of Yahweh, His New Moons and Calendar, and His Sabbath Days–even the Ten Commnadment Law itself–are but a shadow of the spiritual light we are in Him and that He is in us.  A shadow is not the real thing.  We can learn from studying a shadow, but a shadow can never replace the thing that creates the shadow.

After we are crucified with Him, buried with Him, and risen with Christ–after receiving a new heart from the Master, the apostle Paul says this: “Let no man therefore judge you in respect of a feast day, or of the new moon, or of the Sabbath days: which are a shadow of things to come…” (Col. 2: 11-17).  In fact, these feast days and Sabbaths and laws “serve unto the example and shadow of heavenly things,” even as God told Moses to “make all things according to the pattern showed to you in the mount” (Heb. 8: 5). All things that Moses laid down to the children of Israel are a “shadow of heavenly things” and not the heavenly things themselves.

And what are these “heavenly things” that the apostle is talking about in Hebrews 8: 5? We children of the living God are those heavenly things! When we finally get it that it is “no longer I that lives but Christ that lives in me,” we then are the pattern for all the things that Moses instituted in the first five books.

The old testament was the sprinkling of animal blood upon the tabernacle, for “without the shedding of blood is no remission. But the “heavenly things” needed “better sacrifices than these” for purification (Heb. 9: 23). We, brethren, are those “heavenly things” that needed the blood of the Lamb to purify us!

We now as the spiritual body of Christ were before the sabbaths, before the moon, before food and drink, before the holy days, the feast days, before time, before this earth, before this world.  We are now “risen with Christ” and we  “seek those things which are from above” [Col. 3: 1].  We now yearn to see our true home, our heavenly dwelling.

For God has established in this new walk, this “newness of life,” a spiritual reality (Rom. 6: 4).  It is built upon better promises wherein He says that He will put His Spirit in our minds and hearts and that He will not remember our sins anymore!  This is the new covenant (Jer. 31: 31-34; Heb. 8: 12).

The apostle Paul says that we are a new creation and “are complete in Him… buried with Him in baptism, in which you also were raised with Him through faith in the working of God, who raised Him from the dead” [Col. 2: 10-20].  We are new spiritual righteous creatures now and are not to be judged in respect of what we eat or drink, what holy days, new moons, or sabbaths that are observed.  Why? Because His Spirit now in us was before all the laws and observances were set down on this earth.  This does not give us a license to carelessly break them.  Rather His Spirit in us guides us to that right walk in Him.

In other words, we now do not observe religiously these mentioned things to somehow be accepted by the Father.  To the contrary, we use these to teach us to come to the Savior in a true, meaningful way.

We do not do them to insure that we are okay with God.  That would be working for salvation.  Remember: they are shadows and not the reality of true worship.  Rather they, like the Mosaic Law and the Ten Commandments, are part 0f the “schoolmaster” that Paul refers to, that “the law was our schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ, that we might be justified by faith.  But after that faith is come, we are no longer under a schoolmaster” [Gal. 3: 22-25].

The Schoolmaster

The laws of God are instructive to a seeker of God.  They teach us and help bring us to the cross.  They show us about His plan of redemption.  His feasts show that very plan as a type and shadow of Christ Himself.  The new moons and sabbaths teach us of His plan and timing for His coming kingdom.  But they are but a shadow of the reality that now resides in our hearts.  They are only an image of the reality.  They are made for us to learn from–made for us by our Creator.  But they are only a shadow of the Reality.  That Reality is Christ’s Spirit in us.

Shadows Are Not Real

Shadows have never been the real deal.  Shadows are actually made from a lack of light.  Shadows are in the shape of things or people, but they are not the real thing; they are not a part of reality.  Shadows merely imitate reality; they simulate what is real; they intimate that which is true; they suggest obscurely as to what or who made their image possible. But they are not the real thing.

They do not have the depth.  They lack that third dimension.  Shadows are flat and a bit distorted at times.  They lie upon the earth in only two dimensions.  Something three dimensional is held up off the earth, and light is actually blocked and a flat shadow results–a lack of light laying flat on the earth.  Shadows are earthly phenomenon; they are distinctively of the earth.

Furthermore, shadows have no life in and of themselves.  They are only beneficial in that they resemble at times the thing that blocks the light.  Shadows are dark lifeless representations of other things.  They cannot give life because they have not life to give.  The law, along with the feast days, new moons and sabbaths are a shadow of the reality found in Christ.

We Can Learn from Shadows

But we can learn from shadows.  What do they tell us?  We can glean a rough idea of what something is, what is its shape, what is its function.  But we cannot by embracing a shadow ever obtain the reality.

Shadows are merely lifeless, lightless representations and can never perfect anyone.  They can lead you to the Perfecter, but worshipping and circling a shadow is not worshipping that Glorious Reality.

All shadows disappear when the true Light comes near.  Christ is the Light with “neither shadow nor variableness of turning” [James 1: 7].  The true Light dispels the shadows. When He is truly come inside of us His temple, the Light will cause the shadows–the new moons, feast days, sabbaths, and all other earthly situations of worship to disappear.

These two passages of scripture should become clearer now: “The sabbath was made for man, and not man for the sabbath” (Mark 2: 27).

“The law is not made for a righteous man, but for the lawless and disobedient…” (I Tim 1: 9).


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6 responses to “Feasts, New Moons, Sabbaths–Mere Shadows of Christ in Us

  1. Mary Ann

    The thought of being a “heavenly thing” does the HEART good Brother! And thank you for the clarification on the “old heavenly things, shadows”. I have been burden lately with attending a church that is into the Messianic Movement.

    Some of the elements of the Messianic Movement are Shabbat on Saturdays, reading from the Torah, keeping Jewish holidays, and the wearing of shawls to pray, etc….

    There’s such a freedom in the new covenant (Jesus), the Messianic Movement feels somewhat burdensome.

    This does not give us a license to carelessly break them. Rather His Spirit in us guides us to that right walk in Him…..TRULY

    • You are so right, Mary. Glad this helped you. The Messianic Movement wants us to get back under the law. Ie, doing things like you mentioned in order to be pleasing to God and thereby be accepted by Him. The self is still there as they try to redirect its path. Rather than the self being dead and Christ’s Spirit raised up in us. Whereby we are free from the legalities. wayne

  2. Shay

    Dear Sir,
    I am so thankful for what you write. At times it’s like I starve to find information, or someone who seems to have the same feelings, or actual beliefs I have (or anything even close).

    I hope you don’t mind if I ask you for some advice. I feel “driven” for a lack of a better word to do things FATHER GOD’s original way, even if only as a memorial, a shadow, OR SIMPLY out of an very ancient respect maybe, but NOT as works to gain Heaven. I am “saved” it was very real. I am Baptized it also was very real and none of this took place in mans new age church, nor did it even seem allowed. There is a huge story in itself alone but I have something totally different I need advice on.

    My problem is my family and friends (and others) who are actually making comments on my sanity and my unwillingness to “be like them.” They (the ones who do go to church) are New age church people who are rapture ready, out of context fraction verse types who make liars out of FATHER GOD’s words. They go to “church” and then out to eat and then go shopping after a very FAKE service that is just men getting fat off of fraction teachings of the BIBLE. Blunt but honest truth.

    I say too much, but I can see why JESUS got so angry in the TEMPLE. I fear what HE will do to these masses of people (including people I love very much). I’m the farthest from perfect but when “I got it” I got it! NO MAN put these thoughts in me and it’s certainly not the devil wanting me to do what FATHER GOD has asked and set aside for mankind for centuries. It’s the very thing that separates us from this world AND a fake church system (if I’m not crazy and loosing my mind).

    I can’t (or won’t give in too them) but it’s causing some nasty issues in my own house and that makes me pretty upset, because I’m the one causing the upsets. It has came down to, they are right, I am wrong. It’s pretty much the line that has been drawn, right down to my parents, my wife and her family. They are saying I have my wires horribly crossed and they don’t care to hear anything I have to say, so I just stay quiet most often.

    They say stuff to make me feel horrible. Like “he thinks we are going to hell, because he believes different than us.” Thas not what I say, or have ever said, or what I want to think. I dare not say who is or isn’t going anywhere, but they force this “insinuation” on me that isn’t even real, but it is to them.

    Simply put I’m sort of on the outs with everyone and it makes me feel really torn and really lonely. I truly feel with all my being that FATHER GOD wants me to know and honor HIM in this way. I truly know this isn’t about salvation. It’s beyond salvation, the other side of salvation even. It’s more like “house rules” at HOME and the traditions of FATHER GOD. It’s a WANT inside me to honor this because it has very true very deep meaning that link me to an untainted HOLY FATHER that isn’t some god made up in mens heads (or my head), that man have divided into over 2000 denominations.

    My beliefs are so simple and there is no dividing GOD on any issue. I don’t pick and choose what i want, I have no issue with anything HE claims is good forever.

    I never planned on wanting to learn Hebrew or wanting to read the Scriptures in the original languages, but it’s become a huge want in my life, as has the original SABBATH, Holy Days, FATHER GOD’s statutes and other things, that people REFUSE to see that were set “forever.” I didn’t set this up or even plan on this becoming a part of my life. It evolved when FATHER GOD started pointing out lies from mens lips at the pulpits and it has never let up.
    I simply asked FATHER GOD to show me how I could be REAL with HIM, and this is what took place.

    I am never mean or ugly to them but I’m trying to stand my ground…… am I wrong?

    So much makes no sense to me in how they worship. For instance serving a ham on Easter. It’s probably no big deal, but in my heart it is (for me). I don’t care if they do that but I try to silently have nothing to do with it BECAUSE our FATHER, our KING wouldn’t set down and eat that meal with me! It would make FATHER GOD a hypocrite to do so…. Strangely enough pork is as if it were poison to me. If I eat it I become horribly sick, I’m the only one in my family like this and they love pork…. it’s weird really. It’s nearly like a boundary and there are many in my life that have shown up, that put me where I am now. I HOPE I’m making half an ounce of sense here, so much I could say and it’s too long already.

    Another thing that I had never considered wrong, is people bringing the dead into what is suppose to be a “clean” place. I don’t even bring that up, but it’s in my heart and I DIDNT put it there! It’s as if TEMPLE rules are in my heart and I didn’t put them there.

    I want to celebrate the ancient Holy Days (even if by myself) and it causes a storm with everyone. You would think I was bringing up the dead or something. It’s unreal how offended they are with me on this. One person close to me said, “So you want to be a Jew or something?” As if I was wanting to be something sinister. I can’t become a Jew, and depending on the beliefs of some Jews no, I wouldn’t want that because some of them reject JESUS CHRIST. It’s so warped in how my simple beliefs are taken in by people.

    I have prayed about it and I don’t feel I am wrong, but I’m a human very prone to be a real mess at times. I’m truly trying to do one thing right in my life. Yet one would think I was worshipping satan with the reactions people give me. They try to make me feel ashamed over it and I just feel lost all over again at times.

    Lets say my physchotic beliefs are correct. I can’t help but worry if FATHER GOD’s grace and mercy will be extended to them (I would never say that to them) but I do worry over it. Yet they are saying this to me as if I am so horribly wrong. You would think I’m some heretic at this point. I guess too them I am. JESUS made no sense to the Pharisees and Sadducees who were very religious people in his day. They were so religious they framed HIM to be murdered while claiming they were right in the eyes of GOD.

    These people (who are my kinfolks and friends) claim JESUS as SAVIOR but HIS teachings are held silent. Why is that? That is a very superficial thing for something as weighty as eternity in my sight, but it seems I’m wrong. I see a mass of people who just stumbled over that rock that is the corner stone of our salvation. A very hard ignored teaching is right there in plain sight BUT IGNORED. I was told that stuff is reserved for the vile outside the church…. Really? JESUS never had problems with the people outside the church, it was those IN the church (so to speak) who HE had issues with. I understand the “church” came later. What might be actually VILE IS TO IGNORE YOUR KINGS TEACHINGS. Thas whats stuck in my heart anyway.

    I am so interested in the true SABBATH, FATHER GOD’s HOLY DAYs, and I know I’m not to sacrifice animals and things like that…. Yet my family says ALL that is long gone and Im WRONG to worship in that way or to even care about that stuff. It’s and old covenant that is no longer valid (that is what I’m told). They feel I’m hung up on Jewish Law, that would be crazy because JESUS rubbed those laws in the peoples faces. I’m only going with FATHER GOD’s word, nothing more.

    I don’t dress in a toga or do anything weird at all in any visual way. I respect their “new age religion” but they scoff at what I feel FATHER GOD put in me… If HE didn’t who did? There isn’t a soul around me who believes the way I believe and that is where I start questioning myself and FATHER GOD then I feel twice as bad.

    Have I missed something? Am I wrong? I will not be angry with your answer no matter what it is. I love FATHER GOD and if I’m wrong then I need to fix it. If not I have no idea what to do. I can’t find any common ground and it’s not comfortable to be the black sheep on every issue, but it is what it is I guess.

    I understand “tradition” but when it becomes a useless thing in someone life there is no point in following it. Easter, Christmas and other man set days I guess are okay but they are meaningless to me, when there are Holy Days that forever hold deep meanings that are IGNORED and I can’t understand why.

    Maybe I’m just a Hebrew at heart, (maybe I’m just out of my mind) but how am I like this when no one around me is remotely like me? They say I am ignoring the “new Covenant” yet JESUS observed everything I’m describing and never made them null and void (outside sacrificing) since HE was the ultimate sacrifice. JESUS even states that not one dot or tittle of the Law has changed, yet man changed everything to the point it doesn’t even exist today in most places. I not ignoring the “new Covenant” I placing my KING which is the NEW COVENANT over everything FATHER GOD prescribed for man since HE began to teach man HIS ways. To do that it seems, makes me very wrong in the eyes of many. Am I is my question ?

    It’s like FATHER GOD has taught me the GOVERNANCE of HIS KINGDOM and now I want to be a part of that and it is FAR from Sunday new age worship service, very far. It’s like a different universe pretty much. It’s a 24/7 LIFESTYLE, not a 2 hour flip on the Holy Spirit with a switch, and sing a song to fill a plate, then turn off the lights, lock god in his box, and see ya next week. That’s not LIVING for GOD from what I was shown. It’s worse than a herd of golden calves, it’s a mockery that people don’t even notice they are doing. It’s the vomit of GOD that is coming. I don’t want to be in that.

    I KNOW FATHER GOD is unchanging, yet HE has shown me (a scruffy little rat) how unthinkably far mankind has changed and what those changes bring to the world. HE has shown everyone, but no one wants to see or hear. And those that do are very wrong it seems, in the eyes of the new age church. I just want them to give me a chance to allow me to try and see if I might please FATHER GOD on this.

    It is as if I’m a prince that lives like a slave. I’m rich with a knowledge that has no value here, blessed yet seen as cursed. Afflicted to hold me close to what I LOVE. It’s not easy, nor is it free as man claims. I’m starting to see why JESUS say many are called, few are chosen. Those words make me sad, not happy, very sad. They also hold me to a standard that is older than mankind THAT I FEEL WITH ALL MY SOUL can be taken from me.

    My search for PEACE with FATHER GOD is becoming a battle I was never expecting. There is no PEACE or common ground on this issue and I’m all but being forbidden to worship like this. I’m lost on what to do?

    It is like I have some poisonous doctrine within me, and they fear I might sneak it in on them. Seriously you would think I’m some form of anti-christ who is out to destroy “their” church. Sadly inside I do want to destroy the false worship BUT it’s NOT MINE TO AVENGE, nor would I dare think it was my place to do so. I’m upsetting their falseness and it makes them angry I guess.

    I’m dealing with family members who attend churches who laugh and say Jonah and Job weren’t real people! Those are fictitious characters, fake stories (allegories) to get a point across. Really? My KING uses those 2 men BY NAME in HIS TEACHINGS! So the very book they claim as HOLY is filled with allegories and my KING lied about these men???? They love JESUS with their lips, but refuse HIS teachings to the point they don’t even KNOW they just called my KING a LIAR! I have no teachings that make FATHER GOD or JESUS CHRIST a liar within me. I’m so wrong in their eyes yet they allow this and call it of GOD? I could go on for a month on this stuff that FATHER GOD has allowed me to see and holds it in me for some reason, not known to me. I judge no one, but I won’t wallow in that stuff either.

    IF I’m NOT crazy and wrong… how might I help them see that I’m not a total idiot and a fool (at least in what I believe) ? Do I just shut my mouth? Walk away? Will FATHER GOD allow them to see this? Has HE hidden it from them or have they hidden FATHER GOD from themselves? Or am I just insane?

    I HAVE NEVER tried to make this an issue IN ANY FORM! Most of my worship is actually in secret to not battle with them but some of it (like the Sabbath) can’t be hidden. It’s impossible to hide that day of worship and that is most often when the wars break out. Just the hint of it raises eyebrows and stirs the anger, so I can’t discuss it nor am I really allowed to worship FATHER GOD in my own home. Even my job tries to make me refuse the Sabbath, it’s tough.

    I guess it’s obvious this is severely testing my faith but I simply don’t know how to handle most of it. My FAITH is about all I have that is of real value to me. For it to be tainted would make me less than nothing, which is how some people (who claim they love me) are trying to make me feel over this.

    I have to be honest. This is bad enough that I have thought about packing what little I need and moving away. I wouldn’t know where to go or what to do once I got there, so I endure I guess for now.

    I’m sorry this is so long! I would just go to my local Preacher with this, but he will more than likely start trying to pray demons out of me and put me back in that sheep pin. I’m not of that pin, thats the problem. It’s as if I’m being seen as a threat to their beliefs over this and it’s massively uncomfortable. I have been tossed from the church and it was made rumor that I worship the doctrines of demons (whatever that is).

    So if people of today don’t think people will defend the lies they believe, think again. I have never wanted to be a threat to anyone. I’m shy, I’m very quiet in what I believe, and I’m a powerless sinner who happens to really want to LOVE FATHER GOD HIS way, and not on my terms. Who would ever think that would be nearly impossible in this day and age where it seems no one cares about GOD?

    Thank you for being who you are and thank you for what you do. I hope to hear from you on this. Again sorry it’s so long, it’s just important to me. I don’t take my salvation as light, free, or a license to just be a loose cannon.



    • Shay, thanks for your inquiry; you did not write too much. Look, there comes a time in every future son of God’s walk that he must make a decision that will determine his future standing with God in His kingdom. You are there, I feel. And it is a very grave time in your life.
      My turning point time was back in 1971. God had led me to my future mentor, who taught me some of the truths that have served as a foundation in God. We had just moved from California to Missouri, my wife’s home state, fleeing the drug culture that I was a part of after Vietnam. While visiting my mother in East Texas I met and was taught by this mentor for four or five weeks during our “two week” visit. He was helping me get straight with Christ’s teachings about the crucifixion of self in Romans 6. I had total joy; it was what I had been searching for. But it was back to Missouri to keep my promise that we would move there. I relapsed back into drugs and sin, for I did not have the truth secure in my heart. One day my wife said to me, “You ain’t no Christian,” very hatefully, expressing bitterly a vengeance for all of my sins against her. So there I was. I expressed to her that I wanted to back to Texas to get my life straight. But she said that she was not going to go back to Texas. Decision time. I said, “Fine. You stay here with our one year old with your parents. I have to go. You take all the money except this ten dollar bill; take the car, everything.” She did not think I was serious.
      “Where are you going?” she demanded. I said, “I am going to Texas to the mission.” And so that was that. I truly did not know if I would see them again. I walked out to the U.S. highway, stuck out my thumb, and hitchhiked 500 miles to East Texas back to the mission. She had chosen not to go with me. It was her choice as well. After a few days I called to see how her and the baby was doing. And in a few weeks she called and told me that she wanted to move down there with me. Fourteen years later, we left the mission together with an additional four kids….

      Decision time, my brother. You in God don’t have a problem as much as a decision to make. The parents, friends and wife thing in your life is pretty much par for the course. In your case your wife is the main focus. The wife in God’s eyes is to cherish and eventually reverence her husband [we are still working on that one some 40 years later]. Christ says that “a man’s enemies will be of his own household.” “I came to divide,” He said. You are there, it sounds like. But He has the remedy. He says to “forsake” them in Luke (http://www.blueletterbible.org/lang/Lexicon/Lexicon.cfm?strongs=G657&t=KJV ). “Forsake” means to bid them farewell, to take leave, to renounce, to forsake). It does not mean to be bitter and vengeful to them. But rather to leave the cauldron of their thoughts and plans for you, if not physically, then especially mentally. Shay, we cannot be His disciples if we don’t forsake them all. That is what He said. Look up the above blue letter bible lexicon.

      The difficult part is how exactly do you do it, considering your own personal circumstances. Right now I do not have any of my acquaintances at my throat because I have learned to not cast my pearls before swine, as He said. I know that a person can receive nothing except it be given him from heaven. I fish for men with words like bits of bait to see if they are hungry for the truth. If so, then we go a bit deeper in the discussion. Of course, this is learned through decades of trial and error. When in my twenties I tried to convert the world. I do not compromise with my family at present; they are not on my spiritual wavelength, but they do not try to shipwreck me. I have won them over the years and they respect me, knowing that I love them.

      In your case, you must bid them farewell, not so much in words, but in your calm demeanor and aspect, knowing that God is pleased. Put them in His hands; quit battling. If they come at you harshly out of nowhere, then calmly tell them that you are merely exercising your constitutional right to the freedom of religion. Tell them you won’t infringe on their rights and they hopefully won’t infringe on yours. God has given us that in the Constitution, knowing that we would need it.

      Tell them, Let’s all lighten up on each other and be more tolerant. We have different opinions, but Jesus loves us all, and we all love Him. Bottom line. So let’s love each other. I won’t condemn you; you won’t condemn me. [This is you trying to be a peace with all men, especially those of your own household. Don’t expect them to see your way of thinking. It may not happen in the next 20 years, or ever for that matter. It won’t happen if God is not calling them for this “high calling of God in Christ.” Bid them farewell in your heart. Don’t fight with them. If they including your wife will not live in peace with you in the above scenario, then ask her what she wants in the marriage, because you are not changing from your calling. From there it will work itself out, one way or another. My marriage has been good. My wife changed from bitterness to a heart of love and we are at peace together now, although she will not study with me in this calling. But I have accepted this, for she loves me and is supportive of what I am trying to accomplish. I wish our fellowship were deeper, but I am grateful for the jewel God has given me. She helps me in so many ways.

      So, Shay, you have to pray about decisions. Know that those in your life are blinded by unbelief right now and cannot respond properly until the scales fall from their eyes. Just walk on and quit fretting about it. We elect have all either gone through it or are like you going through it. Expend you energy on fellowship with Abraham, Samuel, David, John and Paul and not on those unbelievers in your life. I know this is a difficult time, but quit fretting about it. Quit fussing with them and know that it is the devil using them to prevent you from fulfilling your calling. Walk on. Visit around and look for others in the churches that don’t quite fit in. Strike up a conversation. Share something with them about sonship. See if you get a nibble. Go fishing for men. Do the King’s work. Share with them about “Immortality Road” website. Bid your family farewell; not going to play your little games anymore, Satan.

      God bless you, Shay. Hope this has helped. Kenneth Wayne Hancock

  3. Rickey

    Thank you for this message. I was apart of a ministry that pretty much was a cult. I was searching for truth well my entire life since I was a little child I just wanted to know more about GOD. I had life changing experiences in college where I almost lost my life and it caused me to seek God in a greater way. I went to church every Sunday and Tuesday. I felt spiritually hungry and wanted more. I came across a Ministry online that is called Amightywind Ministry and became apart of it as it is a Messianic Jewish ministry. Started to learn the truth about the sabbath and holy feast days. I’ve done every thing Jewish under the sun even the dietary laws to not mixing milk and diary. I say it is a cult because of the mind manipulation and control also fear the leaders would use to manipulate and calling people reprobate who aren’t so. I left this Ministry back in May 2019 and starting my life over with my wife and I thank GOD for getting us out alive. I came across another ministry to only find out that the man was corrupt and I saw similar things from in the cult I was in. He talked about sonship and the manifested sons and daughters of God. It was what drew me in honestly then I stopped listening to him and somehow was led to your website which has blessed me so much and has bought me much joy, peace and understanding. I really would like to know of any more books or teachings I can listen to or read.

    As of right now, I know the truth about the sabbath and feast but because of what I went through I only know 1 way to keep them. I was so invested into this. I forsook my family and travelled across the country and even moved to western Nebraska to a ranch because of the thought of USA being judged and my family not knowing about it. Many days of only getting 1 hour of sleep and malnutrition plus working on a farm and doing a 8hr work shift.

    What you do on this site is a blessing to me and I desire to read more as the Holy Spirit deals with me. I know God is with me, YAHWEH. The Ministry I was apart of would attribute the Holy Spirit to being feminine has Wisdom is seen in proverbs as a ” she” and there helping create the world and Genesis 1 talks about the Holy Spirit hovering over the waters. In Hebrew, RUACH is a feminine name and greek SOPHIA. I honestly just say Holy Spirit because I do not want to be deceived any more. I just want the truth for GOD chosen people for such a time as this. The leaders I was under considered themselves to be the two witnesses. One Moses and the other Elijah.

    I share these things as a Testimony. Thank you for all that you do. I am only 30 years old and I am thankful to be alive.

    • Thank you for sharing your life with us. May our Father lead and guide you; He said that He would if we continue to seek Him. After reading your testimony about the organization you were with, it reminded me of this statement by Yahweh: “I will have mercy and not sacrifice.” He wants us to get out of the way completely so that He can reproduce Agape Love in us, His temple.” Us slogging on, sacrificing will not get us to where He wants us to be. That is why He requires us to be crucified with Christ in revelation spiritually (Romans 6: 1-12). Once that is secure in our walk, we can grow. kwhancock

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