A Kingdom Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand–The Fall of the New World Order

Satan has a kingdom, and it is coming down, even as we write this.  More banks are failing while more governments are borrowing trillions from central banker thieves, thus putting the people more in bondage.

Satan has a globally connected kingdom–actually many national governments who are enslaving their people through corrupt economic practices.  For the very central bankers who were supposed to “prevent the people’s elected representatives” from making a mess of things, are now the very ones selling us all down the tubes.

But we sons and daughters of God must be “wise as serpents and harmless as doves.”  We must know the “wiles of the devil” as we are admonished by the holy apostles of Christ.

So let us realize and believe what the Holy One Himself said about this present world system.  The “wicked one” and destroyer of men is plotting now through certain rich men how to consolidate his power over all nations (see James 5: 1-6).

Satan has longed for the day when his “one world government” is realized.  It has been many centuries in the making.

Satan’s Kingdom Is the “One World Government” and the “New World Order”

Christ taught us that Satan has his own kingdom.  “If Satan also be divided against himself, how shall his kingdom stand?” (Luke 11: 18).   Earlier we see during the temptations of Christ, Satan saying, “All this power will I give you…for that is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will I give it.”  We see by this statement that the power of this present world system is Satanic and the power thereof is given to men from the wicked one.

Satan is the “god of this world.”  He is in control, for now, of all the power of the governments of men.

But Satan’s kingdom is a divided kingdom.  For instance, the West is at war with the Middle East; Christendom is at war with Islamic fundamentalism; capitalism is at war with communism/socialism; Hindu India vs. Muslim Pakistan; tribe against tribe; culture against culture, ad infinitum.

The United States is going into the One World Government.  Both Republican and Democratic Parties are taking us there through very similar policies.  Ever notice how neither decries the Federal Reserve System’s stranglehold on our economy.  Remember George Bush I’s  speech gloating about the “New World Order”?  What sheer audacity.  And what do the sheeple do?  Nothing.  Not a whimper, not a word.

The Difference in Our Two Parties

Here’s the difference in the two parties.  The conservatives want the USA to be the leading voice in the One World Government.  The Liberals want to weaken her, redistribute her wealth, and strip her of her power and make the USA just another third rate power, like a middle of the road European state.

And it is all heading that way–the way that biblical prophecy has proclaimed it to be.  The world will fall under the spell of a charismatic ruler, the Anti-Christ.  For seven years he will hold sway.  But the phony peace, held together by grey duct tape of lies, will fracture because of all the evil selfish egos, and Satan’s kingdom will disintegrate about the time of Christ’s return to set up His kingdom.

He’ll set it all aright here on earth, establishing a 1,000 year reign of peace.  And He will be using His sons and daughters as His administrators and ambassadors sent to the far-flung corners of the globe, spreading His love, hope, and righteousness.     Kenneth Wayne Hancock


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6 responses to “A Kingdom Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand–The Fall of the New World Order

  1. Annnette

    Hallo Wayne,
    I was really wondering about the Gog and Magog war,and that is was not at the time that was always told in the standard churches, but when then? Then I discovered your site. I have read so many of your blogs now, and I,m really in agreement with what you say. It just becomes clearer by the day what we are and for what purpose. Thank you for sharing all you know with us. I am living in a spiritual dessert and I thought , may be I have it all wrong. But now I do have a few questions. I see you think the tribulation period is seven years. Can you give me the reason why? I dont find the Scripture anywhere which states that it will be seven years. I only read about the 1260 days, 31/2 years and 42 months- period, and think they are going to happen all at the same time. Do you think that a third temple will still be built , and then by whom ? Could you write me , explaining how you see the tribulation period, in the sense of how you divide the seven year period. What do you think will start the seven year period off. I wholly agree , we will go through it, and we will come out as refined gold and that the sons and daughters of God will be revealed then, the 144,000. Very exciting times are awaiting us and it has to become very dark before you can see the light very clearly.

    • Annette, I am sorry for the delay in answering your question: Why is the tribulation period 7 years long and not 3 1/2?

      The answer takes time to explain, and I have been waiting for the Spirit to guide my hand in comprehending first and then explaining it intelligibly. For only Yahweh can make it clear.

      The answer to your question emerges from comprehending the number “seventy.” Daniel “understood by books the number ” 70. He gained this grace from God in the first year of Darius the Mede in about 538 B.C. (Dan 9: 2). One of the books he studied was II Chronicles 36, which told of the Babylonian desecration of Jerusalem and its temple and the captivity of its people. This was allowed by God, for they had not repented of their sins against Yahweh (v. 16-20). This fulfilled the word of Yahweh through Jeremiah. “For as long as she lay desolate she kept sabbath, to fulfill threescore and ten years” (v. 21).

      70 years. Important number that God would shed more light on to His prophet Daniel. For the great revelation that Daniel received was not that they would be in captivity for 70 years. That was given in v. 21 above. The revelation that he received from God was the significance placed on the number “70” not just the seventy years.

      For the number 70 represented 70 weeks of years–a total of 490 years that would play a prominent role in establishing several milestones in the completion of the plan of God in bringing His literal kingdom to this earth. This is the “stone kingdom” that Daniel saw earlier (Dan. 2: 44-45).

      There would be seventy “seven-year-periods” or seventy weeks-of-years that would assume supreme importance in God’s plan.
      Gabriel himself came to the seeking prophet Daniel to expound the milestones leading up to His kingdom coming to earth. “Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city” to accomplish several things that Christ accomplished in His first coming (v. 24). This was done using 69 of the 70 seven-year periods (v. 25).

      Then the remaining “one week” is mentioned in verse 27. During the time of the 70th week of years, a “prince…shall come and shall destroy the city and the sanctuary” (v. 26). This wicked ruler “shall confirm the covenant with many for one week” (v. 27). This is the remaining “one week of years” or a seven year period. Of course, the wicked prince is universally believed to be the Anti-Christ or the “man of sin.”

      But the question arises. Which seven year period is it? And when will it take place? The answer is a key point in unlocking the mystery of when Christ sets up His kingdom here on earth and the milieu upon its arrival. “In the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and oblation to cease…and he shall make it desolate” (v. 27). All the key words–sacrifice, oblation to cease, abominations, desolate–point to a specific seven year period in scripture. And all of this happens “even until the consummation.” The word translated “consummation” is translated in other passages as “full end” and “utter end.” Sounds like the “time of the end” to me.

      Christ confirms this time frame by quoting Dan. 9 in Matt. 24: 15. When this desecration, this abomination happens in the rebuilt temple, it will mark the “midst of the week,” the last half of the last of the seven-year-periods of the seventy weeks-of-years spoken of by the prophets.

      It is generally believed by many that the tribulation in the form of the seven trumpets in Rev. 8 comprises the first 3 1/2 years. Much destruction worldwide ensues during this time. But the last half, the seven vials of wrath, is the “great tribulation” spoken of.

      Of course, we have only received a very small ray of light as to what will take place. God is merciful and knows what our fragile hearts and minds can take at this time. Hope this has helped you. God bless you. Kenneth Wayne Hancock

      • Annnette

        Thankyou for your long explanation. But I still have a few questions.
        Why is this whole explanation built on one verse?
        Shouldn’t we have two witnesses( two verses) to confirm?
        I read that the early church fathers saw the ” he” in that verse as Jesus Himself and not antichrist. It was only in the 1500 ,s after n jesuit priest by the name of Ribera came up with this as an counter reformation effort.
        Then in verse Daniel 9:26 — it says ” After” threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off—- why if verse 26 is about our Messiah is suddenly verse 27 antichrist? Messiah confirmed the covenant, He caused the sacrifice and oblation to cease-after 3 1/2 years of ministry on the earth- at the crucifixtion the curtain was torn in two, thus causing the stop, and afterwards 70 AD there was the overspreading abominations He shall make desolate– because they rejected Him.
        I think the last 31/2 ( 42 months, times, time and a half) will all coincide in the great tribulation – Jacob,s trouble— so that at last His people will be united with Him for the millenium reign .
        Thankyou again for your time to explain, but I,m still not convinced.
        Could it be ,like in the days of Elijah and the Baal prophets, where the people of Israel had to choose between which God they would follow, that we will have it again in the Great tribulation, between the two witnesses and the antichrist? The two witnesses in sack cloth and the antichrist in the most shining array. The chose will be between your eyes or your heart. I,m just wondering.

      • Hello, Annette. In Dan. 9: 25-26 we see undoubtedly Christ, “Messiah the Prince.” We see in v. 26 Him cut off. Then we see another “prince”–“the prince that shall come,” whose people “destroy the city and sanctuary.” I see this prince as any ruler empowered throughout history by Satan to achieve this destruction. In vs. 25-26 we see the 69 weeks, 62 and 7 unto the crucifixion. Then the last of the 70 weeks is mentioned with a (flash forward about 2000 years roughly for another “prince” who will “cause the sacrifice and oblation to cease,” with abominations and desolations added thereunto. This is confirmed by Christ in Matt. 24, by Mark in 13: 14, and Luke 21: 20 and Dan. 12: 11. In Rev. we see the seven trumpets as a distinct period of 42 months in what must be concluded to be a severe tribulation of the earth and its inhabitants. Then the vials of wrath come–so many woes coming to the earth. This points to a second half of the last “week” of the seventy weeks.

        Anyway, Annette. As I said last time. I have only been given a little ray of light that shines into that dark end time. A little ray means just that. There is so much more in prophecy to learn. Thank you for your interest and comments. They truly mean a lot to me. For they that are in awe of Yahweh speak often to each other, and He hears them, and records it in a book for them that fear Him and think upon His name (Mal. 3: 16). In the end, that is what counts–pleasing Him.

      • Annnette

        Hallo Wayne,
        Thankyou for your kind reply. I agree as long as we are searching His Word with expecting hearts in His second coming , He will make it clear to us , and will let us know ahead of time, so that we are not caught unawares and will be prepared with enough oil in our lamps to enter the wedding feast.
        One more question , for the “sacirfice and oblation to cease” do you think the third temple must be build?
        Kind regards and blessings. Annette

      • There must be a temple there for the man of sin to stand in and desecrate. kwh

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