The Light of Love from Above

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Light is that ephemeral miracle we take so much for granted. It physically exposes the dark corners of our rooms, and it also spiritually makes known the hidden recesses of our hearts and minds.

Light is that essence of the divine that heals our blindness and ends our vain gropings to make meaning of the hopeless darkness of our first earthly estate.

Of course, God is Light, and He is Love which casts out the fear of remaining in the dungeon of despair. God’s Son is the way out of that calamitous corridor of personal corruption. Through Christ’s Spirit we no longer inflict collateral damage to all who crossed our path. We now shine the light of love.

We who are called and chosen by the Redeemer to escape this dungeon of darkness have laid hold of His outstretched hand. He has snatched us up out of that selfish march to death that we were on and has shined the truth of His words into our hearts. His thoughts are like the early morning rays of the sun that sharpens our perception of just what our world can be.

Instead of the coarse commonality of our selfish old nature, our Creator has now enlightened our eyes as to His desire to use us to reproduce Himself in us. Astounding as it may seem, He is now shedding more light onto His plan to “bring many sons (and daughters) unto glory.” And this glory is the unearned privilege to sit with Christ on His throne when He returns to set up on earth the 1,000 year reign of His kingdom. He is, after all, the “King of kings” [1].

In a word, His purpose is to reproduce, like a seed, His Love in us. Since God is Love, when we love others with His Spirit of Love, God is reproducing Himself [2].

God has a plan to make all this happen. He has written it down on how to walk in the light of His love. He has left us instructions as to how people will act when God’s Spirit of love is leading them.

These instructions are called in the holy scriptures “the law.” The “testimony” is the witness of one who through God’s Spirit follows the instructions as to what Love looks like walking around in a human being.

Love–agape love–the love from above–this love is God. And this love, when poured into the heart and mind of man, fulfills all the descriptions of what love is. We look to our example, the Son of God. He is Love incarnate. And the Love that He is, now resides in His children’s hearts. And we are growing in His plan and purpose as He grows in us.

This love from above follows the instructions of the law as to our actions. In a nutshell, the ten commandment law requires that we love our neighbor as ourselves. Therefore, the Spirit of Love-from-above-within-us fulfills the law [3].

God’s Love is the Light that now shines into and through our hearts and minds to others.

Christ has left us teachings to help us fulfill His purpose. They are like a treasure map with footsteps leading to a throne room. He has entrusted the map to His apostles. The apostle Peter exhorts us: “We have also a more sure word of prophecy; which you do well to heed, as a light that shines in a dark place, until the day dawns, and the morning star rises in your hearts” [4].

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  2. 2. I John 4: 8-12
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4 responses to “The Light of Love from Above

  1. Annette

    Again a great revelation. Thankyou for sharing with us.

  2. Good Day to you Brother Hancock
    My name is Matthew W Conway I’m a 55 year old Happily Married Father of 4 with Seven Grandchildren and I live in Springfield, Mo, not too very far from you.
    I just Finished your book the Unveiling went over it twice to get the clearer Vision on what it teaches. What impacted me the most was the way the Spirit talked to me when I was reading it and how it aligned with what God had been showing me over the last few years. Part of I’ve know for quite sometime now about who the 144,000 were and that I was part of that group a Manifest Son of God, that would not see death. And that I would be here during the Great Tribulation and I’ve been preparing with His guidance. I was missing a lot of the pieces to the puzzle and this book God had you write gave me confirmation of what the Spirit has been telling me all these years. Also about the Trinity I’ve always know in my heart that Doctrine was created by man and is of the devil. God also never clarified this completely until I read your book.
    He has also just recently revealed His true names Yahshua and Yahweh to me and how important it is for us to call Him by them when we reference and Pray to Him.
    Yahweh has been showing me my true purpose in him for over thirty years now and have many stories of these things He has revealed to me and my many near death experiences. In may of this year I had a visitation from the Lord as I was sitting at home getting ready to sit down for dinner. I had just placed my Chicken dinner plate down on my TV tray when all of the sudden I felt arms wrapping around me. I was was an Awesome feeling I knew in my mind it was God as I felt multiple waves of what I would describe as pure energy going through me, Almost like getting shocked but without the pain just the feeling of pure Love and Joy. I could barley talk my wife who had seen what was happening and looked at me strangely asking me if I was ok, I told Her yes I couldn’t be better and that God had His arms around me. I was crying uncontrollably and talking in Prayer Tongues on and off during the about 2-3 minute brief experience. Then He started to communicate to me in my Mind He told me that it was time for me to start my ministry and that He was almost done preparing me and that I would be completing my training very soon. Two days later while studying by myself in the same room I had another visitation of Two Angels that we’re Blocking a bad Spirit of who I found out though a Spiritual Dream was The Spirit Of Jezebel who had been coming to me in my dreams. Since the visitation from the Angels that certain Spirit has not been seen or bothered me since. A Spiritual Dream I had revealed a battle that had been going on between Jezebel who was in battle with Gabriel and my personal Guardian Angel and they defeated the Jezebel spirit.
    Back in beginning of 2004 I was Anointed by another Confirmed and established Prophet of God who was operating as such in the Assembly of God church in Seymour, MO. Within a few months of my the Anointing, God had me turn away from this Mainline church and said He was pulling His Candlesticks out. I and the other Spiritually led Servants of God left the Congregation and the Church so after Died. Other then some brief visitations to various church’s as the Sprit led me I’ve never sat under any other Ministry or Pastor in 14 years. I know we are in the last days and He will be returning soon I was impressed by the Spirit to write to you.
    I’ve had Many Spiritual dreams of various things and many visions of the future that I would like to share with you if your willing to do so. I would also love to learn more about you and your walk and I would be willing to come out to visit with you or talk on the phone. I’ve been building a Website that I sent you a link to and I would love it if you would view the Recent words that God has given me. I’m also on Facebook and you can contact me anytime.
    May Yahweh bless you and your Ministry Brother Hancock.
    Matthew Wayne Conway

    • It was great to hear from you, Matthew. Thanks so much for sharing some of your experiences. I am gratified that my book has been a blessing for you. That is what it is for; it is dedicated to the future manifested sons of God. I would love to visit with you sometime. I teach 3 hours a day here at the Norwood School. Why don’t we meet at the Seymour MacDonald’s some Saturday or Sunday morning and get to know each other. My email address is Drop me a line and we will set up a time and place. May Yah continue to bless you. kwh

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