Chapter 22 of New Book– “Our Royal Destiny”

{This is Chapter 22 of my new book The Royal Destiny of God’s Elect. It will be out this spring. I want to get this book into as many interested hands as I can, so I am offering it totally free to my readers. The book is free; the shipping is free in the USA. All I need is your prayers and your mailing address.

22   Our Royal Destiny

King David is looking up at the dancing diamond lights in the heavens and writes, “What is man that Thou art mindful of him?” [1]

You, God, who created this vast expanse of stardust, whose beauty causes us to gasp when we take time to look up—how incomprehensible is Your love for us! You, the Master of the Universe, who controls the destinies of a billion stars and their planets, why would You even think about us down here in the clay pits of the earth? And yet, You think about us all the time.

Your mind is full of us; we occupy your thoughts. And You have “crowned us with glory and honor.” Really?

Really? Glory for homo ignoramus? Honor for man who frets and struts his petty little ego around the yard of his mind? God has crowned man with glory and honor? Man, who grasps at vainglory all the days of his life, earnestly desiring to be the center of attention, does not realize that he is the center of God’s attention. But man wants the glory on his own terms and not his Creator’s terms. And therein lies the problem.

For man in his natural state will die, for God has “made him a little lower than the angels” for the suffering of death in hope that man would turn to Him for life, the crown of life.

Some Will Literally Wear a Crown

For those who can believe it, God has crowned us with glory and honor. God speaks here as though things already were fully actualized. A select few will wear a crown placed upon their heads by God Himself! A crown is made for and is only worn by royalty.

And this is no “hollow crown that rounds the mortal temples of a king” [2]. No, these crowns placed upon God’s elect sons will be their immortal reward for their humble service to their King.

For in the Kingdom of God soon to literally come to this earth, no one will “tell sad stories of the death of kings.” For these kings will be immortal, ruling in their “house which is from heaven,” their new spiritual bodies. Immune from death, they will “rule and reign with Christ” for a millennium, and they “will be strong and do exploits in the land.” They will be like the patriarch Joseph in Egypt, their type and shadow. They will be the administrators and judges and rulers filled with the Spirit of God.

These are God’s elect, His chosen ones in this last generation before He returns to earth. They are the 100 fold spiritual fruit bearers, spoken of by the Master in Matthew 13’s “Parable of the Sower.”

They are the “five wise virgins” who had oil in their lamps and knew the times and were prepared for the Master’s return, unlike the five foolish virgins [3]. The ten were Christians all, but only the former group were accepted for the high calling.

The Overcomers Are Coming

“Many are called, but few are chosen” [4]. What distinguishes the elect from Christians who don’t mature? They will have overcome all things and endured all things and will have added to their faith those attributes of the divine nature that the apostle spoke of (II Peter 1: 4-7).

They are coming. Thousands will break through the suffocating conventions of churchianity and armed with the knowledge of their destiny and how to arrive at it, they will overcome all of the roadblocks and purify themselves with the cleansing power of the Spirit.

These overcomers have a stupendous destiny to fulfill. It is a future forged in the fires of Yahweh’s creative energy, fired like fine pottery to make vessels of quality, vessels worthy to contain the fruit of God’s ultimate vintage, His Spirit.

And these elect chosen ones will walk humbly with their God and with mortal men. For God requires the utmost humility, and only a few thousand humans in this age will be counted worthy to “go on to perfection” [5].

These are the elect of God—His princes and the future monarchs of His kingdom. To these God will delegate authority during His 1,000 year reign of peace, for they will have proven themselves worthy of this glory and honor. Just like King David said earlier, they have been crowned “with glory and honor.” For “they were redeemed from among men” [6].

The Plot of a Fantasy Novel

I know that to some, this vision of a destiny of kingship for us seems way out there. To some it reads like the plot of a 1,000 page fantasy novel. It is fantastic if you look at the Bible story with fresh eyes and take it at face literary value.

Picture it. The Supreme Being in another dimension/world desires to reproduce Himself. But He happens to be an Invisible Spirit/Force of Love. And the greatest love in the universe is laying down your life for another.

But the Supreme Being, this wonderful Force of Love, cannot show His great love because, well, He is invisible, and He is immortal. He can’t be seen, and He can’t die for another.

So He first creates a prototype vessel, composed of Spirit, which looks like what a human being will become, called His Son. He then creates a world, a planet called earth, and He forms Adam’s body out of the dust of this planet. And Adam and His offspring are mortal.

The plan is that these mortal men are to be redeemed by their Creator from a life of bondage to an evil spirit being. This fiendish adversary has seduced these mortals into committing selfish dishonorable acts all their lifetime. And they are mired in a pit of degradation until they are lifted up and saved by their Creator. He does this by incarnating Himself in a body, a son of Adam that can die. The Son then suffers death for their ransom, thus demonstrating the greatest Love—to die for another. He raises from the dead, and He buys them back and delivers them out of the pit of despair, and they remember no more their guilt for past iniquities.

And He cleans them up and trains them in the wise ways of the prophets of old who were placed in the earth to preserve the path that leads from death to everlasting life.

And these redeemed ones apply themselves to the teachings of the apostles and prophets who were sent in earlier ages to light the way to immortality. And they now believe with grateful hearts what their Master has prepared for them, and they grow in this newfound belief.

And they set their sights on this new vision and quest of becoming one of the Master’s princes. They humble themselves and learn the true teach-ings, enrolling in the School of the Prophets, and it transforms them. Old petty thoughts and desires melt away like tired and dirty snowbanks in the afternoon sun.

And that same sunlight begins to shine through their lives, and love and care for those still in the chains of darkness begins to grow until one day they hear a knock on the door. And they ask, Who is it? And the voice says, I am come to speak with you. And they recognize the voice as their Master’s, and they open the door, and their Master comes in, and He breaks bread with them, granting them His ultimate stamp of approval. He grants that they sit with Him on His throne [7].

That’s the destiny of the overcomers. That’s the destiny of the kings of the Kingdom. That is The Royal Destiny of God’s Elect.


How Will We Know?

But one will ask, Who of us will these future kings be? Who will He choose? For we know that “few there be to find this way of truth.” The way to mortal mediocrity is broad and wide and many will enter it [8]. And the path to His immortal throne is narrow and fraught with spiritual sufferings that the masses will choose to not go through. These are the very sufferings that are used by God to burn out the dross in the lives of His chosen ones.

So who will they be? And how does one know that they are chosen? One thing is certain; you can’t work for it and earn it. It is a gift from Him. Christ gives us the answer. “He that has ears to hear, let him hear” [9]. Some will have their ears predisposed to be able to understand this high calling that He is speaking about, and some will not. Those that do, He is telling them to take it in and hear it and do it. For “unto you it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God, but unto them” it is not given.

If all this makes sense to you, then you may be one of those called to His throne. It will take a massive overcoming for us. Part of that overcoming is outlined in the growth levels we are to overcome in the seven church ages. Each of these overcomings are prefaced by this call: “He that has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith to the churches: To him that overcometh…” (Rev. 2 and 3). I would like to think that some of us reading this right now may be these future kings.                                                 1. Psalm 8: 1, 4-6    2.  Shakespeare, Richard II   3. Matt. 25: 1-13Matt. 22: 14         5. Hebr. 6: 1; Rev. 14            6. Rev. 14: 4-7.    Rev. 3: 20-22       8. Matt. 7: 13-14                   9. Mark 4: 9, 11


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11 responses to “Chapter 22 of New Book– “Our Royal Destiny”

  1. ralph king

    THANK YOU for sharing the information to be found in Chapter 22 of your new book – THE ROYAL DESTINY…. Let me assure you that my brother-in-law, Les McElrath and I, are receiving great joy through the readings of your first two books. We are growing ‘spiritually’ each and every day. Can you share with me any ‘revelations’ that are ‘specific’ to you, KENNETH WAYNE HANCOCK? Are you experiencing the WONDERFUL ‘GRACE’ OF FATHER YAHWEH as HE allows you to continue to write the books for those of ‘us’ who are privileged to be able to read ‘them’? Prayerfully, I might encourage you to consider writing an ending ‘chapter’ in THE ROYAL DESTINY that allows you to become ‘personal’ with your ‘readers’ – perhaps sharing with so many of ‘us’ who you might never meet in person. ‘WE’ THE READERS ARE VERY GRATEFUL TO YAHWEH FOR ALLOWING YOU TO WRITE THE BOOKS AND BE ABLE TO GRACIOUSLY SEND ‘THEM’ TO EACH OF ‘US’ AS ‘WE’ REQUEST THEM. Ralph King.

    On Mon, Mar 27, 2017 at 11:36 AM, Immortality Road wrote:

    > wayneman posted: “{This is Chapter 22 of my new book The Royal Destiny of > God’s Elect. It will be out this spring. I want to get this book into as > many interested hands as I can, so I am offering it totally free to my > readers. The book is free; the shipping is free in the ” >

  2. Annette

    Dear brother Kenneth, I whole heartedly agree with this writing. I find it is a very lonesome road and feel quite ” alien” here. But I have one question– are the chosen ones only men? I’m not a feminist at all but I thought in the Spititual realm there is neither male or female, since there won’t be any marriages. Can you help me with Scriptures to the contrary?

    • “And He called their name Adam. Male and female are one flesh in His eyes. Now re: who the first fruit manifested sons are, I believe that they will be men (Rev. 7 and 14) along with their wives, for they are one. They will pave the way for all of us in the body. They will be the first to receive immortality.I am working not for me to be accepted in their group, but rather I am working to help our King fulfill His plan and purpose whether I am in the firstfruits or not. We should work to glorify the Father, not receive glory from Him. Annette, continue to work for our Father and all these other things He will add to you and me. Keep loving with that agape love from above flowing through you, and your reward will be unspeakable. kwhancock

  3. SAM mattocks

    My name is SAM MATTOCKS I

  4. Wayne, Matthew Here…I’m Glad to see your health is such that your back writing. Praise Yahweh for His Mercy and Grace! What struck a note in this post was when you said “One day they hear a knock on the door. And they ask, Who is it? And the voice says, I am come to speak with you. And they recognize the voice as their Master’s, and they open the door, and their Master comes in, and He breaks bread with them, granting them His ultimate stamp of approval. He grants that they sit with Him on His throne”
    You couldn’t be more spot on with that Brother! Mine was while i was having Baked Chicken Dinner with my wife.He wrapped His arms around me and told me it was time to start my ministry with Him (Short-end Version). That was back in May of last year it’s been a roller coaster since then.
    Update: He placed me just two months ago in a new Church Body with People of like and Precious Faith, Yahweh has been moving greatly to prepare me and the others for His work. We still need to get together when your available for dinner with you and the wife. I look forward to us meeting again Brother and reading your new book.
    Many Blessings to You and yours Family… Matthew… Redeemed son of Yah

    • Thank you, Matthew.I am doing better each day, stronger physically. I will be starting cardiac rehab in a couple of weeks where the intensity builds the heart muscle. I am working hard each day completing the book. The type is all set, proofreading it now. Should be off to the printers in 2-3 weeks. I will be in touch soon for that dinner date. Yah bless you and yours richly. Wayne

      • I’m so happy things are going well and getting stronger. I will keep you in my daily thoughts and prayers. I am so looking forward to reading your new book, maybe if you feel well enough you can bring a copy of it to me the next time we break bread together. May Yahweh continue to bless you with health and wellness…… Matthew

      • Carrie A Blair

        Please send me a copy of your book. My name and address are :
        Carrie Blair
        22 S Market St
        Smyrna De 19977

        Thankyou for your message it speaks to me on a different level and helps me understand what I got through and why.

      • Your book is on the way. Thank you for your interest, Carrie. God bless you. Wayneman

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