New Book–“The Royal Destiny of God’s Elect” Has Arrived

If you have always thought that there is much more to Christianity and the Bible than what you are being taught… If you have ever wondered just what God had in mind when He created us…If you ever had this question, Why do the innocent suffer while the evil enjoy their millions? If you have ever wondered who “they” are, the ones controlling this present evil world system…If  you, wanting to understand the Bible, have opened it up, and it seems like a closed book to you, like the key is missing that unlocks its treasures of wisdom…

If you have wondered about any of these things, then you need this new book. It relates God’s purpose, which is the reproduction of Himself (Love); for “God is love.” And the book details His plan to carry out His purpose. And you and I are right smack dab in the middle of His heart and desire! How He loves us!

Let me share with you the distillation of forty years of the study of the Holy Scriptures as Sacred Literature. This is a much different approach than listening to the dogma passed down by a denominational hierarchy. Being a literature major and led by the Spirit, I have approached the Bible with no pre-conceived theories or doctrines. Don’t read into it.  Just explain in clear exposition what the words of scripture mean. And back up your findings with the words of the Hebrew patriarchs, prophets, apostles, and, of course, the King Himself, Christ.

This book is written for you, the. It is my gift to the seekers of the deeper things of God. I am giving free promotional copies to all who take a moment and send me an email which includes your mailing address. Send to  Put “new book” on the subject line.

If you are seeking God and want to be like the early apostles who demonstrated great power from on high, then  you need this book. Like in the parable, the Lord is inviting you to a great feast (of knowledge and wisdom). Don’t turn Him down. God bless you, my readers.                         Kenneth Wayne Hancock






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3 responses to “New Book–“The Royal Destiny of God’s Elect” Has Arrived

    • Carl, thank you for commenting. Your book is on the way. If you do desire to donate you may send 7 dollars, which is the cost of the printing plus postage. The book is free to you. Your gift will pay for others’ postage…What a journey you have been on. Re: Paul and the Jews. He was dealing with the only people who even remotely claimed to know the Hebrew God, so he during his “present time” felt he had to battle their misconceptions about Yahweh’s purpose and plan in the earth. He had to straighten that out for his time. We are reading about it 2000 years later. But it serves an an example and type for our day as does what happened to Israel in the OT. Today in Churchianity we have thousands of denominations and congregations who have false concepts about Christ, as the Pharisees, for example, had about what Moses’ teachings were all about. Same thing. This book will help clarify for us just what God’s purpose and plan to carry out that purpose is all about. But then all of the apostles tried to warn us about the apostasy and heresies that would follow the early rain of His Spirit….Getting into the written word. That is what I have endeavored to do, like the Literature major and teacher that I have been now close to 30 years–to not read into the text, analyzing and then distilling the purity of word, religiously correct or not. There is a lot of purging out the old leaven of the Pharisees and Herod…Enjoy and prove all things in this book. You will not read its words in the church houses, just like you would not have heard Jesus’ words in the synagogues. Wayneman

  1. I really appreciate this offer.
    Carl D’Agostino
    204 Village Lane
    Greensboro, NC 27409.

    This has always been a topic of inconclusiveness for me. Earned BA in religious studies 1971 and MA in religious studies 1980. A fourth of my course work was in doctrine and Biblical exegesis but most of the rest was psychology, sociology, cultural anthropology and history . I did not take courses in pastoral ministry. I became a high school his teacher for 33 years.
    With this education though I admit I needed more learning on the spiritual level and was not an active church attender. I have returned toattendance last 3 years at Faith Presbyterian, Greensboro, NC. In 2016 I gave myself an assignment to hand write the entire New Testament. A page or two a day sometimes skipping a few days then perhaps 4 pages and plodded through. I finished writing the New testament in 11 months. It was a form of commitment, perhaps penance and a desire to really know what I am supposed to know with college degrees. I learned more in the endeavor than in college work. The education was valuable but text books do not necessarily bring us closer to Christ. I did this chore hoping I would be closer to Christ. I am.

    One disappointment, however, is that Paul “wastes” (my opinion)much of his writing convincing the Jews Christ was Messiah. Naturally that did not speak to me.

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