The Creator’s Faith–The Second Apostles’ Doctrine

 Our spiritual walk as Christians is about finding our way back home. We began our journey in the Mind of God eons ago. We proceeded forth from a thought in His Mind in the beginning. For the Word-made-flesh told us, “For you have been with Me from the beginning.”

We were then deposited onto this terrestrial plain with no initial recollection of our spiritual origins–for a purpose–His purpose.

Our immersion into sin early on in our earthly life sent us on a quest for peace with our Maker. We needed to be free from the guilt and sor-row that our first life provided. That was God’s purpose in allowing us to wallow in sin for a season–to send us on our search for His redemption. We would not have ever sought His solace without the misery and de-basement that sin brought to us.

So we broke down and got real and humbled ourselves to our Maker, and He answered us in giving us a new life in the form of a new seed beginning that when watered, will grow into the same thing we had with Him before the foundations of the world (John 15: 26-27; Isa. 40: 21). And with this new life, we grew to not only appreciate God and His mercy in delivering us from degradation, but also to just plain loving Him.

It is this love that God, who is Love, is after–for us. His desire is to reproduce His nature of love in human beings, which are the only beings capable of reproducing His spirit of unselfish love. We are, after all, created in His image; we are a vessel to contain and to pour out God onto a thirsty land.

And the seed of this love for God grows from that appreciation we exhibit when we acknowledge God’s love to us. His love toward us is all in the plan to use His Son as the sacrificial Lamb that “takes away the sins of the world.” God’s self-sacrifice at the cross showed us the greatest love. There no greater love than that.

When we believe the testimony of the Seed/Son, we receive a new life in a seed, energized by the Spirit, which erases all our past sins along with the guilt. We are made free, and as the ex-slaves of sin, we exalt our new Master who has delivered us from death. We love Him and appreciate Him. His life now through the resurrection affords us that same life inside us. And His Seed of Love is growing and growing, both in our own hearts and in the hearts of our brothers and sisters—by faith.

Christ is the Seed of a new beginning for us. When we believe (have faith in) His testimony, we receive the seed of faith into our hearts. There is no spiritual growth without the true seed being received into the ground of a fertile heart, a heart that’s honest and receptive and in need.

It is this internalization into our hearts of His resurrection power that generates within us the new life. This comes in our belief that He rose from the dead. Since He rose from the dead, we do now believe that we, too, are “raised to walk in a newness of life.” Our past sins are purged, and we now live by His faith and the presence of His Spirit in our hearts—new hearts.

The Father/Creator/Spirit/Love/Light has poured His complete plan, purpose, essence and life into His Son. Consequently, we cannot thrive in our brief moments here on earth if we do not believe God’s testimony of His Son.

When someone rejects the Son, they reject the Truth of the ages, and in so doing, they lose their own souls. If the doubters do not surrender to God’s plan as seen in His Son’s life, then their brief moment of self-aggrandizement will molder in a forgotten shallow grave. But if we walk in the Light, we shall overcome all things and bask in the glory we had with him in the beginning (Heb. 2: 10; 1 Pet. 1: 7; Rom. 8: 18).

Christ taught His disciples these precepts in seven major teachings. His apostles believed them and wrote about them. They are called the apostles’ doctrine. Faith is the key that unlocks them all. It is His faith, His belief in His own plan that is the key.    Kenneth Wayne Hancock

[An excerpt from my new book, The Apostles’ Doctrine, coming out soon]

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One response to “The Creator’s Faith–The Second Apostles’ Doctrine

  1. Thank you for this excerpt – very good.

    I DO hope that for this book you will consider a PDF, or eBook, or ‘plain text,’ etc. for those of us with very limited space.

    You may know that a “text.docx” converted to a “Personal Book” in Logos Bible Software allows Scripture reference to LINK and open IN Logos. I am just a user, not affiliated.

    I have a book open in left column, ESV (etc) open in right column, and the Scripture is right there with nothing to look up, or pages to turn.

    It is terrific what Father has given us!

    All His Best to you!
    (and your readers)

    Shabbat Shalom!


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