The Hands of God

[This is Chapter 44 of my new book The Apostles’ Doctrine, due out late this fall.]

The elect, the remnant in the last days, repented of their sins. They forsook their selfish ways. And they walked in God’s faith like the patriarchs, prophets, and apostles of old. And the elect for these latter days became particular members of the body of Christ. And they grew to become the hands of God—God’s very own hands—hands that are destined to be laid upon a sick and dying earth.

To fully grasp the depth of this the doctrine of the laying on of hands, we first must see things through God’s eyes, the way He sees them. For He sees it through the lens of His purpose, which He has embedded in the pages of the Scriptures of Truth. Knowledge of His purpose is the key that unlocks every good door that He desires us to open. Believing in His purpose casts light on the incomparable calling of the “hands of God.”

It Is All About the Creator’s Purpose

All spiritual roads lead us back to God’s purpose. For His purpose is the glue that holds the meanderings of men’s feet steadfast on the paths of righteousness. Believing in His purpose gives our lives meaning. And when life goes sideways, as it will do, we can rest in the knowledge that it is all part of the plan to fulfill His purpose.

And this is His eternal purpose: God is reproducing Himself in human beings. He is in the process of multiplying Himself and planting His Spirit of Love throughout the universe. It is the reproduction of agape love, pure and simple. And He will do it through the body of Christ—you and I—if so be that we have surrendered to His plan and purpose. Nothing else can give our lives true meaning. He is Love and His desire to reproduce Himself in and through us is incomprehensible grace. There is really nothing else of any value in heaven or earth to compare to this kind of Love. For God-Love is the seed of all things and the harvest of all things.

And God has poured it all into His Son. It is all there. The Son is our chance to shine as we have given up our desires for vain self- glory and have put on the mind of Christ, who is the Seed-Son. We are created for His pleasure, and it pleases Him to expand His nature of Love using us as the medium. This is the theme of my 2017 book The Royal Destiny of God’s Elect [1]. He is sovereign; He calls the shots. He works all things out according to His plan and purpose.

When we see things through the eyes of His purpose, then we will comprehend how such a grand Spirit of Love needs us His people, as we need Him. He needs us to be the channels of His love to those in need. And we need His agape love flowing down and through us to give our lives fulfillment and meaning. “We love God because He first loved us and gave Himself for us.” God is that Spirit of Love who needs a body of people to love through. And yes, He wants to be loved and appreciated just like we do.

Why He Created an Elect

 Consequently, to fulfill His purpose, He has created and fore-ordained certain individuals, who are predestined to respond fully to the calling and election He has placed on them. He has left nothing to chance. He will make it happen. He cannot fail. If He has called and chosen you, you will respond, even when it looks to natural man’s eyes like you are resisting Him, for your names are written in the Lamb’s book of life. It is a done deal; we just have to be Hit witness through acting on knowledge of His plan.

He calls these people His elect, His chosen ones, His remnant. They are alive today, but dead to themselves, and the new life inside their hearts is the life of Christ reproduced again, a brilliant seedling bursting through the sullen earth, growing and living by the faith of the Son of God (Rom. 8: 18-33; II Cor. 3: 18; Col. 1: 27).

The Creator has given to His chosen ones the heart and ability to see these things of which we speak—to realize that they are His corporate body, His literal torso, legs, arms, and His hands. For He needs hands to show mercy and love to those entering into His Kingdom. He needs hands to bless and guide others out of the pervading darkness. Without hands it is difficult to lay foundations to physical as well as spiritual buildings—skills needed during the reconstruction of this world after Great Tribulation and His return to His throne.

When we begin to see things through God’s eyes, we will see that we, the body of Christ, hold a special place in the King’s heart. For He will choose certain members of His body to be His hands, chosen for a special calling. For He will place His hands upon people to heal them and bless them, much the same way that Christ sent forth His disciples out two by two.

He said to them, “He that believes on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do…” (John 14: 12). How could we ever do anything greater than raising the dead? Their deeds will be greater, for they will be more numerous. Because it is the time of the harvest, thousands of the sons of God will do the same works that Christ did. For at that time their hands will be Christ’s hands. They will do the acts of Christ because Christ’s Spirit will be fully formed in them.

It is through this promise of the “manifestation of the sons of God” that the purpose of God will be fulfilled (Rom. 8: 19). His Life, Love and Essence will be multiplied, for He will have reproduced Himself in His elect for the last days. They will come right on time. That time is now.

Thousands of His elect will lay the “hands of God” on the peoples of this world, and by the Spirit of Christ within them, they will heal the nations as they herald the coming of the Kingdom of God. God will lay His hands on this sick world, and He will heal it on an international level.      Kenneth Wayne Hancock

[1] A trade paperback copy of The Royal Destiny of God’s Elect is available—free with free shipping. Just send your mailing address in the USA to  Please mention the book by name.


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