He Is Near

Stop. Please don’t touch that screen. Slow down for just a moment the race car thoughts that rush around and so often crash against the walls of reality. Stay with me a little while, and I promise I will give you thoughts of peace and comfort.

Rest a moment and be assured that your Creator knows precisely who and where you are and loves you anyway. For you are not alone on the world’s racetrack. We are in it, too, for we, like you, are playing the cards that He has dealt us. For make no mistake; He has placed us in the 21st Century and in the country where we reside. Our personal time and place, along with the joys and the sufferings, are ordained by Him for this reason: that we would seek and perhaps find Him.

He made us, after all, in His image and likeness. Therefore, we are His offspring. It is like we are children on a picnic in the park with our dad. We are sitting on the red and white table cloth. We are talking, and we look up and our dad is gone. We take off running around the woods, searching for him. We’ve lost him. Where is he?

We race around and spin and look up at the green arms of the giant trees and then we look down at the brown bed of leaves at our feet. But our dad is not there.

We think that we are lost. But we do not know that he is leaning against a giant red oak, smiling with a four leaf clover hanging in the corner of His mouth. He then sees our distress and hears our cries and walks back around that tree and says, “Hey, guys. I’ve been here the whole time. I’ll never desert you. I’ll never leave you alone.”

That’s our God. “…He is not far from any of us.” He is omnipresent. We live in His Spirit; we move around in His Spirit. Our very existence is derived from Him (Acts 17: 24-28).

So now, if you will, close your eyes a moment, and rest your face in your hands and thank Him for breath and life. And thank Him for being right there where you are. Thank Him for this opportunity today—as you breathe in—to just believe in His magnificence and His creative genius and His merciful love, that He would share His purpose and life and wisdom with us.

And now our thoughts are beginning to walk more slowly. We’ve left the rasping asphalt of  tableted technologies, and now our feet are savoring the crunch of green grass. And now we sit down and look up and down and around, and finally we look inside our chest, and we realize that He is sitting there, smiling, on the throne of our heart. And we smile at Him, knowing that He is very near and that He will always be with us and that He will never leave us. KWH

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