The Cure for a Foggy Day

You get up in the morning, and it is just so foggy that you cannot think clearly. Another  trip to dreamland leaves you unfocused. So you reach for your copy of The Royal Destiny of God’s Elect, and you begin to read about your special destiny that God has chosen you for. You read that you are destined to become one of the Father’s princes and princesses.

And you begin to see the same vision that the Father shared with His apostles and prophets–how Yahweh is reproducing Himself in us, and how Christ has invited the overcomers to sit down with Him–on His throne!

And…Oh, you don’t have your copy yet? Then you need to send for it today. It is free with free shipping. Just send your mailing address if you live in the USA to my email, and I will ship it right out to you. Send it to  Be sure to request it by name. Those living outside the USA will receive a pdf of the book.

If you really desire to walk with God, you need to have His vision. Hint: The churches don’t have it. But you probably knew that. That is why you are reading this blog post.

You need this book. And don’t worry. There are no gimmicks here. It is just me sharing what God has given me. He said to all of us His children, “Freely you have received; freely give.”

The following is Chapter 47 of The Royal Destiny of God’s Elect. It is entitled

“The Vision: God Looking through Our Eyes.”

Vision is not man looking through his own eyes at God executing His will on earth. Nor is it us looking through God’s eyes. But rather vision occurs when God looks through our eyes. When our eyes are but His oculars through which, unclouded by the stains of earthly wisdom’s tainted presumptions, He assays His creation, and broken-heartedly sees the need for justice, love, and mercy. And He sees that from these three pools of water must He now use our hands and hearts to minister moisture to a parched and famine infested land.

For “where there is no vision, the people perish.” Where no man gives his eyes that He may peer our sad present world, then the vision is dim and the people suffer. But after He has made His abode in many, then in the presence of choiring angels He at last will stride forth across the domain of His kingdom here on earth, righting wrongs held seething in hearts for ten thousand years.

But first, those called to surrender now the regal aspirations for their selves, their dreams of their own greatness must be abdicated and thrown on the dung heap, as our brother Paul has admonished. For in comparison to their calling to be one of God’s sons or daughters, seated fittingly on the throne with Christ, their present vainglorious dreams do futilely fade.

For the dreams of mortals are not worthy thoughts for the immortal children of the Immortal King. Surrendered eyes, directed by allegiant hearts bring vision to the earth. For the King will then see through our unencumbered eyes the needs across the land. The need for love and balm and a gentle touch to heal the sores of many nations. And many people will He bring through the unveiling of His offspring. For they are His princes and princesses, full of His Spirit, soon to be immortalized with their “house from heaven,” their spiritual body.

In preparation for that glorious day, these elect of which we speak must educate and consecrate themselves by holding to John Baptist’s adage. They “must decrease, and He must increase.” The Spirit must increase to a point that it would no longer be them that looked out of their own eyes, but the Spirit of Christ.

To be fruitful and attain this heavenly vision, the elect must add attributes to God’s faith within them. Outlined in II Peter 1, these are not spiritual things about God, but rather are integral aspects of His divine nature that when added, He will then feel welcomed to come into us and make His abode with us and look through our eyes…

Christ’s vision and our place in it is the cure for morning fogginess.

Kenneth Wayne Hancock





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