The Gifts of the Spirit– Wisdom Is First, Then the Healings

The gifts of the Spirit are the things that the Spirit gives, not to us, but through us to others. For example, a member of the body of Christ performs a miracle. The miracle is done for the recipient, not the worker.  Of course, it is the Spirit inside the member of Christ’s body that is the miracle Worker.

The gifts that the Spirit channels through us are called “the manifestation of the Spirit.”  A “manifestation” is the unveiling of something previously hidden. God is unveiled each time He flows through us to others. God becomes better known to all those around each time one of His gifts is bestowed. We become His witnesses that He is God whenever He passes along through us a spiritual gift.

List of Gifts

The gifts of the Spirit are listed in I Corinthians 12: 7-11. All of us have read them. You hear about some of them in Christian circles–mainly the healing, miracles, and the tongues, which are languages. But although many preachers speak of these gifts, very few, regrettably, ever speak about the first two gifts, the “word of wisdom” and the “word of knowledge.”

People pass right over those two gifts, but they are the first manifestation of the Spirit. Very few professing Christians, let alone their pastors, can scripturally  define wisdom and knowledge, though they are the foundation of all the rest of the gifts from God. In their rush to be zealous, they have missed them–the very gifts that open up all the others. God makes that very clear from the beginning: “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom” (Prov. 4: 7). “And unto man He said, behold, the fear of the LORD (YHWH), that is wisdom…” (Job 28: 28).

Every patriarch, prophet, and apostle appearing on the pages of our Bibles got wisdom before power was given to them to heal and perform other miracles. Wisdom is that state of being in reverential awe of our Creator and Father. Just think of Moses at the burning bush and all the many times Yahweh appeared to our forerunners in the gospel. They were awakened out of slumber and shaken by an encounter of the Holy Spirit. “The word of wisdom” is wisdom’s word to us. Think on that for a moment.

The third gift is faith–His faith residing in us. And then the fourth is healing. Do we honestly think that we could handle the honor and privilege of being used as a channel to heal people that our Father loves, when we have not studied out the first three gifts nor have knowledge of the apostles’ doctrine, which is the doctrine of Christ? Such hubris. Such lightness. Such lack of humility.

How long will He suffer this generation to slumber? Both pulpits and pews will continue and not wake up until calamity strikes. For the people’s ears are heavy and their eyes are shut. So the prophet asked, “O, LORD (Yahweh), how long? And He answered, “Until the cities be wasted without inhabitant…and the land be utterly desolate” (Isa. 6: 9-12).

But there is a remnant out there. They are the elect, those chosen by Yahweh to be the forerunners in our era. They through much grace/favor are being molded and matured into the image of Christ. They are out there. These will hear and see and act upon His word. Remember Christ saying, “He who has ears to hear, let him hear” (Matt. 11: 15). This remnant according to the election of grace are not a “foolish people” with blinded eyes and deafened ears. When the Father reminds them that they should fear Him, that they should be in reverential awe of Him–which is wisdom–they will respond. They will study and seek Him who created the worlds. And after receiving wisdom, they will channel the “word of wisdom” to others. And then the Spirit will fly through them with healing in His wings (Mal. 4: 2; Jer. 5: 21-22, 30-31). To get a glimpse of what we will be doing during the kingdom age, read Isaiah 61.

But before the power to heal like the apostles is channeled through us, we must learn how to cast out the evil spirits.

Kenneth Wayne Hancock

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2 responses to “The Gifts of the Spirit– Wisdom Is First, Then the Healings

  1. Thankyou again Kenneth for sharing the truth.. It is really something to ponder about. We hear too much about healings and not the first three. In Yahshua’s time, people were after the healings but very little about His teachings.

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