Power Comes from the Authority We Are Given

You just may be one of the remnant out there, the elect, the chosen, the forerunners. They are being molded into the image of Christ. They have “ears to hear” (Matt. 11: 15). They are not foolish with blinded eyes and deafened ears. When the Father shows them the way of the prophets and apostles in being in awe of Him, they will respond. They will study and seek Him. And after receiving wisdom, they will channel the “word of wisdom” to others. And then the Spirit will fly through them with healing in His wings (Mal. 4: 2; Jer. 5: 21-22, 30-31). To get a glimpse of what we will be doing during the kingdom age, read Isaiah 61.

But before the power to heal like the apostles is channeled through us, we must learn how to cast out the evil spirits. To do that takes power from heaven.

How Do We Attain That Power?

Let’s face it. All of us desire more power from God. Sometimes we wish for enough power to just get through the day’s trials. Sometimes we let our zeal rise up, leading us to take on tomorrow’s trials. We can get ahead of ourselves. Christ cautions us to not try to take care of the troubles of tomorrow (Mt. 6: 34) because each day’s trouble is plenty for us to handle. We are to handle tomorrow’s evil tomorrow. Then sometimes a Christian longs for more power in their lives to help others, to “lift the heavy burdens” of their brothers. And some desire more power in their lives to fulfill all of the miraculous things that He said that His elect sons and daughters will do in these last days.

This latter group are the called, chosen, and faithful. They seek power from on high to fulfill prophecy that in the last days, a few will be the first fruits, the early harvest of His Seed-Son Yahshua, the Messiah. For God has proclaimed that the first fruits are the remnant scattered over the whole earth. They are the first of Joel’s army doing “greater works” than even the Messiah did. They are the “manifestation of the sons of God” that the whole world is waiting for (Rom. 8: 17-22). They will be the first who are privy to the secrets and mysteries of the kingdom of God (Mt. 13: 11-17). They will be the first Christians in our era to reveal the power from on high—power that will be a witness to the earthlings that He is God. They will wield 100 fold power like the early apostles did.

But Where Does This Power Come From?

Yes, it comes from God, but how does it come from God? Under what circumstances? What prerequisites must be lived out in order for the power to come? The Son of God promised His followers that they would receive power “after the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and you shall be witnesses unto Me…unto the uttermost part of the earth” (Acts 1:8).

And that promise was the last words before He was taken up to heaven. He made several points in this passage. First, He promised to give them power to be His witnesses after they received the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit (same word in the Greek). Second, this witness was to not only go local, but also worldwide. Third, we read that the early apostles travelled throughout the Roman world but not to the “uttermost part of the world.” Fourth, to spread this apostle power into the uttermost part of the world, we in these latter days will be used in the same way as the early apostles. And to do that we need His power—the same apostle power of Peter, John, and Paul.

We are talking about the power to heal and to perform miracles, just like they did. For these miracles became a powerful witness to the world. The key to understanding “power” is to know that the word “authority” is translated from the same Greek word that “power” is translated from. Power equals authority. The sons and daughters of God have the authority/power; the angels don’t.

Yet, The Question Persists

How does this kind of power come? Does it just materialize one day out of the blue, perhaps a reward from our heavenly Father for faithful service? Some in charismatic circles believe that the power displayed by the early apostles comes from their importunity, a holy insistence, wrapped in incessant shouts of praise during public worship. The early church was established in Christ’s true doctrines or teachings, and then the power came.

To get a clearer picture, we should look at the early rain of the church. How did they receive power? What did they do? “They continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine, and fellowship……..” And in so doing, great power was invested in them by the Father. They cleaved to the word of the Savior. They stayed in His teachings—first and foremost. That was the first step, the foundational step to being trusted by God to be a steward of the Spirit and power and glory of God Himself. In order to stay in Christ’s teachings, which became the early apostles’ doctrine, they got rid of false doctrines about Christ. Staying and abiding in the apostles’ teachings is the first step to receiving the power that we all aspire to.

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Kenneth Wayne Hancock


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3 responses to “Power Comes from the Authority We Are Given

  1. They are the first of Joel’s army doing “greater works” than even the Messiah did.

    How can this be possible ? If Christ is God how can mere mortals be more magnificent ? Seems to challenge sovereignty of God.

    • Christ did say that His followers would do “greater works” than what He did. God’s purpose is to reproduce Himself. He does it through His Son. We are a part of the body of Christ, and someday He will surge through us to do those greater miracles. This would be a challenge to His sovereignty if it were contrary to His will, but it is not against His will, but it fulfills His will. We are now dead and our “life is hid with Christ in God” (Col. 3: 3). We are talking about the “high calling,” not the puny “sinner saved by grace” calling, but rather, did not Christ say, “Ye are gods” calling. The only thing mortal about the elect is that they have “this treasure in earthen vessels.” At present it keeps us very humble knowing that when “we are weak then we are strong” in His Spirit…

      You asked, “If Christ is God how can mere mortals be more magnificent ? We have everlasting life now because it is “Christ in you, the hope of glory.” It will be greater works because like the corn seed the Savior mentions in His teachings so many times–the grain of corn is a miraculous life giving seed, but the harvest of that single grain is perhaps 700 grains of corn. Same identical seed, just more of it after the death, life, and harvest of that solitary grain. It has been multiplied; it has reproduced itself a hundred fold or more. That is how the Master likened it..Hope this helps…kwh

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