The Spiritual Mother of Those “Born from Above”

Our mothers are universally dear to us humans. We Christians are no different. We love and honor our earthly mothers. On the spiritual side, we love our Father who dwells in heaven, and we praise Him. But we rarely have anything to say about our spiritual mother. No one has ever told us that to be “born of the Spirit,” one needs a spiritual mother. Some will say that they have never even heard of a spiritual mother. Their preacher evidently has not heard of her either. Then some will say, “I’ve read something about it, but I didn’t get the revelation.” Then a Catholic might ask, “You mean the Virgin Mary?” No. Definitely not.

Who Is Our Spiritual Mother?

Our spiritual mother is the city of the great King, New Jerusalem. She is foursquare, roughly 1,500 miles wide, tall, and deep. She will come down out of heaven and land on the earth from the Nile to the Euphrates Rivers. She carries herself in stupendous beauty, “the joy of the whole earth.” She will descend out of the heavens, and when she lands, we will know why they have called that spot on earth The Holy Land. Holy because it has always been set aside as the landing zone for New Jerusalem (Rev. 21).

Living in this wonderful “city of the great King” is what “going to heaven” is really all about. Heaven on earth. “But Jerusalem which is above is free, which is the mother of us all [those of the freewoman, the sons and daughters of promise like Isaac]” (Gal. 4: 26).

If I could speak a special mystical word that would ignite a fire of understanding about New Jerusalem and what she means to those walking upon this earth, I would. But I cannot make anyone understand our relationship with our mother New Jerusalem. Only the Father can reveal these secrets to whomsoever He will. But I will endeavor to explain how we came forth out of her.

The Real Meaning of “Born Again”

In order to spark a bit of warmth toward our spiritual mother, we need to visit a worn out Bible verse that all scholars admit was mistranslated, thus introducing much confusion. That verse is, “Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God” (John 3: 3). This is an absolute mainstay for much of Protestant Christianity, and it takes a brave soul to question its use today. My question was spurred by reading the footnote on the words “born again.” It said, “from above.” We have to be “born from above.”

New Jerusalem is from “above.” So here is our first real clue. She is from above, and if we are to be in the number who will live in New Jerusalem with the King, we “must be born from above” (John 3: 7). God has chosen a few to fulfill this; they are on a spiritual trip of a lifetime.

Their origin is a place and time no mortal eye has ever glimpsed. For God’s elect at present reside in houses of clay, destined to melt back into the earth from which they came. But their spiritual destiny is to be housed in an eternal glorious body.

Yet, through the current rough seas of perplexity, His chosen ones have been brought by Him to the peaceful shores of light. They rest there, but their hunger for the bread of understanding yearns within their hearts.

They have been assured that they are “born again,” seldom knowing its true meaning, “born from above.” Or, You must be engendered from on high.

Why did the King James translators say, “born again” when the Greek clearly says “from above”? They must have looked at themselves and said, Yes, we started out in our natural bodies that need saving. Our present existence in them is first. And our spiritual bodies promised by the Savior is the second man. Thus born first naturally and then born again spiritually. But what they did not see was that the first man and the second man are the witness to a heavenly record where dwells our spiritual bodies (I John 5: 7-8).

The standard concept is based on the mistranslation “born again.” It implies that our first birth is the fleshly, earthly one, and then comes the spiritual birth. But “that which is to be”—the spiritual birth—“has already been,” and “there is no new thing under the sun” (Ecc. 3: 15; 1: 9). Our spiritual bodies, at present in the heavenly city, was before we as prodigal sons came physically to the swine pits of earth [more on this later].

“Names Written in Heaven”

Before we were ever born from our earthly mother’s womb, our names were “written in heaven.” The disciples were marveling that the evil spirits were subject to them. Christ told them, Don’t rejoice about that; that comes with the son’s territory. Rather, “Rejoice because your names are written in heaven” (Luke 10: 20). This is before their conversion and salvation. Their names were already written down by God in His book of life! Before they were born here on earth, God already knew their names in a previous heavenly existence! This is proof that they had a pre-existence with Him before their earthly sojourn ever began. They were known by name by their Creator. And so are we.

Jeremiah’s testimony confirms this. Yahweh came to him and said, “Before I formed thee in the belly, I knew you, and before you came forth out of the womb, I sanctified you, and I ordained you a prophet unto the nations” (1: 5). Jeremiah’s name was written in heaven before his earthly birth. He was “born from above.” And so are God’s elect of our generation. We were “born before the wind.”

Since we are “born from above,” let us rejoice in our Father’s will that we attain this knowledge of our spiritual mother. Let us bathe in the light of New Jerusalem’s celestial glory. Let us by faith look for this heavenly city as did Abraham. Let us praise the King for His great mercy in restoring this knowledge—knowledge about our home and our spiritual roots. Let us be grateful to Him for choosing us for so great an honor—to be His sons and daughters, citizens of the Kingdom of God.       Kenneth Wayne Hancock   [To be continued…]

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