The Sovereignty of God and the Addition of the Knowledge of Good and Evil

When we really believe that the Creator of the Universe, our Father, is in complete control of every one of the human beings that He has created, it takes the burden off of us. We have been told that life on earth is a complete train wreck, an Edenic experiment gone terribly wrong. But the scriptures of truth say that “He does all things well.” God did not make a miscalculation in the Garden of Eden. Things went down just like He planned it. When we believe this, we do not feel the need to go out there and take personal responsibility to make sure that every person in the world “gets saved” before it is too late. That is such a heavy burden.

But Christ said that His “burden is light.” When we truly believe that the Father is in control and that everything is going according to His plan and purpose, then the burden becomes much lighter. There was a hit song back in 1957 called, “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands.” It  was #1 on the top 40 songs of the nation. (This shows us how far U.S. culture has slidden toward the pit). It is all in His hands. “He’s got you and me, brother, in His hands. He’s got you and me, sister, in His hands…”

It is not that we do not care about the lost. We, the elect of God, indeed do. But God has not given us a mandate at this time to save every person that we meet. Many “on fire” Christians tear out with evangelistic fervor, literally huffing and puffing, and they burn themselves out. They seek for numbers of souls brought to Christ, thinking that without their effort, the lost will stay lost. “So then it is not of him that wills, nor of him that runs, but of God that shows mercy.” And who gets the mercy from above? It is to whomsoever He chooses to be merciful to. “Therefore, He has mercy on whom he will have mercy, and whom He will He hardens” (Rom. 9: 16-18).

We need to come to grips with this fact, that God, the Hebrew God, is in charge, and that He “rules in the kingdom of men” (Dan. 4: 25; Psm. 103: 19). Vengeance is His but also mercy. We should hold Him in reverential awe, for He can harden our hearts in unbelief, or He can shower mercy upon us to satisfy His good pleasure. He is that much in control. We just think we are.

What Should We Be Doing Then?

We should first give thanks to Him for His mercy in revealing to us His plan and purpose of reproducing Himself, and including us in it. We then need to “study to show ourselves approved unto God,” that we could be conversant with His doctrines, the teachings of the early apostles. We need to add to our faith seven qualities that characterize the “divine nature,” found in II Peter 1. In a word, we need to “wait on our ministering.” Our time as His elect is in the near future when the “manifestation of the sons of God” sweeps the earth.

Right now God is dealing with His remnant. They will be His cadre of sons and daughters that He will use in the retaking of this earth from the clutches of Satan. He is calling and choosing His overcomers for this last generation. They are the first fruits of His harvest. They will be the first to receive immortality upon His return to earth. They will be the first people that He will use to reproduce Himself in.

These who have a position in the “manifestation of the sons of God” are at present awakening to this holy calling and election. They will see that now is a time of preparation for the spiritual battle that is coming. Now is the time to sharpen our spiritual Sword and check our armor to see if it is complete and in order. Right now God is allowing the adversary to be in charge of the kingdoms of men. But after His spiritual army of sons prepare and receive their immortal orders from the King, they will rise up and fulfill their destiny to be that “royal priesthood,” to be kings ministering love and healing to the inhabitants of the earth during the 1,000 year reign of Christ. The point: He is sovereign and is bringing it all to pass, for it is His will.

All of this should be studied in a matrix of faith—His faith—now “once delivered to the saints.” For we now live “by the faith of the Son of God,” not our puny faith in Him. And besides, there is only one faith (Eph. 4: 5). Christ’s faith, now imputed into our spirit, is a faith that believes in the sovereignty of the Father. He talked about it all of the time.

Without a firm grasp of what His sovereignty means, the scriptures will not open to our understanding. We will remain partially blind, our white cane feeling its way along, bumbling and bumping into a brick wall of false doctrines.

God Planned It All Out—Good and Bad

The sovereignty of God means that everything is His baby. The universe and all that is in it are the work of His miraculous hands. He has meticulously planned everything out, and He is executing His plan and purpose in every detail.

This is what we have to believe in order to continue walking on the road to immortality. But there is a sticking point. It is here that many will turn away from the deeper walk. He is the Creator of every “good” thing that happens, and He is the Creator of every “bad” thing that happens. The Spirit said, “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD (Yahweh) do all these things” (Isa. 45: 7).

Everything that we humans deem as “good” emanates from His mind and heart. And everything we humans deem as “bad” or evil, He instigates it—for our perfection/maturity. He administers good and evil into our lives, as it is needed to further His plan and purpose—not ours. Go back into your memories when you were hurt the worst; it is usually a betrayal of some kind. It may seem like a curse to you, but it is an opportunity to forgive the betrayer. This develops agape love within us. This is God love, not our puny human love. For only God can forgive the unforgiveable. That is why Christ said to love your enemies.

But our minds fight this kind of love. This is why we must keep His plan and purpose of reproducing Himself in us –we must keep it foremost in our minds. He is reproducing Himself in a group of people that He calls His elect, or chosen ones. They did not earn this right to be in this first fruit company. It is total grace on His part. You cannot buy a spot in the elect, nor can you earn it. It is all His doing. The elect will be the first group to grow to full maturity in His likeness.

Many of you reading this now have been called to this honor. We all need to make our calling and election sure. You may have an indifferent spouse or other family member who is steeped in the things of the world. They may think you are crazy for following this way; they may withstand you at every turn. Just know that God has placed them in your life. Resistance builds strength and patience, two good qualities of the divine nature that God is putting together in your life. Forgive them and you will be loving them with agape love. He is in control of both you and them.

Finally, believing in His sovereignty is believing that our God is doing what is necessary to effect His purpose. He will use both good and evil to do this. That God uses both good and evil in our lives is essential knowledge to be added to the virtue that He gave us at the beginning of our walk with Him. This knowledge helps us to grow and not sit there spinning, wondering why God allowed all of the “bad” things that happened to us. He does it for our good. This is a big part of the addition of knowledge.        Kenneth Wayne Hancock

[Thanks to Garrison Russel and his book Son-Placing, for clarity on the “knowledge of good and evil.”]


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  1. That is exactly what I have dealt with for 46 years husband that fights me regarding Christ🎯 Carmen

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