Obeying Christ’s New Commandments Answers our Prayers

For instance, we might be praying for Robert. “God, please help him. I am troubled about him. He’s going through a lot right now. Would you help him, Father? Please bless him…”

We want God to answer our prayer. But our perception of where God answers from, and how He answers is askew. We think that our Father is separate from us, that He is apart, like our earthly father is. By our words to God, in our prayer we approach Him as if He is an entity that is away from us. Like we are here standing on earth, and He is far away in the heavens somewhere.

Conversely, when we receive the Spirit of truth within us, we now have our Father inside of us, inside our hearts. The Father “is a Spirit,” and “God is love.” When we obey Christ’s New Commandments, the Father loves through us. Obeying His New Commandments exercises His love, thus manifesting God in human form once again, and thus fulfilling His purpose of reproducing Himself—Agape Love.

How Does This Work?

The answer to our prayer for Robert lies in obeying the New Commandments. The answer to the prayer above is answered in the application of agape love through keeping the New Commandments. Christ commanded us to forgive. Let’s say that Robert has rejected our witness to him in the past. So we now forgive Robert. We don’t judge him. We wipe the slate clean through the power God has given us. Christ commanded us to “give.” So we give to Robert—our time, our acceptance, our help, money. Like the Good Samaritan we offer our assistance to Robert and help him.

The point: Obeying the New Commandments exercises the Spirit within us. It takes agape love to forgive. Many think that receiving the Holy Spirit in their lives is for them to have joy and peace. No. We are to be channels of the Father’s love, conduits of the Spirit’s care and mercy. It is all for Him and others. One of Christ’s commandments is “Pray for them who spitefully use you.”

The Spirit of truth is the answer to all prayers and all our problems. For it is the Spirit within us that obeys Christ’s New Commandments. When they are obeyed, the Spirit within us is doing it. The answer to our prayers is the Spirit inside us. God answers prayer by His Spirit within us forgiving, giving, not judging, believing in the meaning of His name, abiding. This is how agape love is formed within us; this is how God grows inside us unto the “fullness of Christ,” unto the “manifestation of the sons [and daughters] of God.” Kenneth Wayne Hancock

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God bless you and your family, and thank you for taking a stroll with me on Immortality Road.


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